Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tell me, why is TM sponsoring Man Utd again?

If you all have noticed, our very own Telekom Malaysia or now re branded TM are the sponsors of my beloved Manchester United. Besides getting global recognition, I dont see whats the purpose for TM to advertise overseas.

Why I say so? I know that we get MUTV on the IPTV but that is easily buyable. Why do we waste thousands or millions of ringgit sponsoring a global brand when your services only applies locally? Are we expanding overseas... for??! to show people of the world how bad the services of TM, is it? or are they gonna pull a Proton and give foreigners a better price and service compared to locals?

In terms of service, why cant they spend more of that money in building better infrastructure or give proper training in terms of customer servicing and performance efficiency instead of spending millions on promoting something that is not even good yet. "Connections makes everything possible" ? yea, from no stress to full of stress.

So again, are we again going for the Malaysian mentality of glamour first then service second? I remember calling the call center and asked for help, they ask the same freaking questions when I tell them the problem. You can read that article here. Even those technicians or service crews, some are really good but some just do it for the sake of doing it and they really suck in terms of communication. Ask them why, they say there spoil and not say more.

One more thing, have you guys ever been to that Menara TM ? the sharks fin, knife looking building by the Federal Highway? Actually the building is designed "based on renowned Malaysian sculptor and artist Latiff Mohidin's award-winning masterpiece, the Pucuk Rebung, which depicts a young bamboo shoot with strong foundations at its root and few leaves sprouting. Good eh? Wow... now.. have you guys been there again? how was the parking?! Everytime I go there its always impossible to find a parking and I have to resort to park at some dingy run down parking space next to the building where you have to walk quite a distance just to get to the office. Hmmm... fantastic! great infrastructure yea?!

Back to the question, why are we sponsoring MU again? coz we can? maybe yea coz we boleh! yay! great shell... but what lies inside... lets just not go there... coz I am tired of talking about it. All I can say is... good show... good show...

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