Past 2 years

In just a blink of an eye, we have almost completed another cycle around the sun. Weirdly I just had a back-to-back chat with my friend then my colleague and coincidently both conversations led to how time flies and what did we did the past 2 years.   My colleague was telling me how quiet and bland the last 2 years were and how these 2 years flew by just like that. And like I mentioned, coincidentally my friend was saying the same thing in another chat. How he planned for a trip at the start of last year only to be canceled due to the pandemic.  At first, I agree with them that how much these 2 years flew by, then suddenly like a bolt of lightning my mind reflected the last 2 years. I did not have a quiet 2 years. In fact, my past 2 years were rather filled with different levels of emotions. Happiness to fear, to sadness to anger.  In fact, I think the events and lessons I learned in the past 2 years really thought me something. How much we have to love and know ourselves. Why? First,

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