Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well today will mark my 5 years since I started blogging! 5 years has been such a long time! I've been looking at my old postings and well I have to say improved slightly. At least now I have more people reading my blog compared to then.

At first I entered the 'blog-sphere' coz my sis started blogging. Then blogspot was still not so user friendly! I was caught between making this blog my personal journal or a platform for me to keep the crazy thoughts that keep seeping out from my head! As the years goes by, I slowly started to write what ever I think and not trying to be anyone else!

For those who is following me all this while thank you and for those who just started to read this blog... thank you too!

just compiled a few of my personal fav posts... enjoy! if u have time ya...

1. Time Flies
2. Bug Man
3. Blabber
4. Women's Fashion
5. The Perfect Being
6. Haunted Hunt
7. Job Hunt
8. Driving in Spore
9. Living the High life
10.No On reads this shieat anymore
11.Advertising; the religion
12. Party like old mens
13. Proton's Saga
14. Remember this?
15. Plastic Nation
16. Hard Being NICE
17. Chilvary is not dead
18. Malaysian football not dead yet
19. Sales vs Marketing



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