Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advertising: the religion

I have been told as soon as I stepped in my office. "You have to breath advertising, eat advertising and shit advertising". In that sense i believe we can make it into a religion.

Why? As I noticed my colleagues, especially my senior that was with me for 2 weeks. What she did was obsessive. She actually devoted herself to the company. Why I say so? because when I came in the office early in the morning, she was already in the office and when I leave the office around 8-9 at night she is still there.

Looking at my bosses at how they work. I have to say, they are equivalent to high priests or arch bishops in the advertising line.

Why do I say its like a religion? We have to devote ourselves to find the light. To see the right path. To make sure its all done well. Most of all, to make sure you achieve the highest order. Marketing success. Dont you think its resembling a religion?

We are divided to different sections just like churches. We have the accounts servicing which is like the monks or priests that devote themselves to the advertising line. The creatives are the preachers, practising the religion by writing it on the wall, well for us is on advertising boards. And they are the ones that gives people the bible aka newspaper. Setting what needs to be said and what not.

Without knowing what we do is like not finding your calling. Praying without a cause or reason. All will go down the drain.

Advertising is also like a religion. If you dont look into it you wont know. Just like me. Before I came in here (i was from an engineering background), I thought advertising is all about thinking how to sell and design a product just like how people see Christianity as just ppl praying to a man on a cross called Jesus. But after coming into the line I found out that it is not just sell or design a product but how do we get the message abroad and what we have to do just to get the message across. Precision and great mind have to come into one to create a good advertising campaign. Just like a religion, people often misunderstood what religion really is. How much religion helps. Be it Buddhism, Christianity or Islam. Its a chain of complex structure that needs understanding before judging.

People devote themselves to the religion just like how we devote ourselves to advertising. We pray to our informations and books just like how people pray to the Quran or Bible. All information we need is in there.

So... do you think advertising is a religion? I think so too if I have to succeed in this line
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