Tuesday, August 31, 2010


What do we know about being a Malaysian? What do we know about Hari Merdeka? What is the true meaning of it?

When I was young I was like any other naive kid thinking that Merdeka is just a holiday, a day where we hang up the Jalur Gemilang, wake up early in the morning and watch the parade/ marching of different Government agencies on TV. I also remember my family will always trying to watch out for different things, my dad will always try to see which minister is falling asleep, my mom will always lookout on the funny or more like freakshow costume design and my sis will always lookout for the brass band. Why? cos Assunta and Taman Petaling bands always involve in it. For me? I was just enjoying the whole thing. After the whole thing, we will then go have our breakfast and chill out the rest of the day.

That was until I reach the age of reason. I am not blowing my horn about how patriotic I am but I am just really annoyed on how come some people complains so much on almost everything about the country but never once I see them put in the effort to do some changes. And NO! Twitter or Facebook status doesnt count!

Then again some claim that they are patriotic by decorating their cars or house with flags and banners. But patriotism is not about the outside but more on the inside in each Malaysian. No point shouting and waving the flag when we dont even know the whole meaning of Merdeka or being a Malaysian.

My ideology of being a true Malaysian is when you learn and respect each other. Not only Malaysians but all human beings. Why? We as in people of all races and religion, have lived in harmony way back before our independence day. Everyone played their part in making and lifting our country to where it is. No one is superior than anyone else but its more or less a shared responsibility among the citizens.

I would not say putting aside differences will make it better. Why? because our differences is crucial to make things happen. It is our differences that made the difference! It is our difference that makes us stronger. So instead of condemning or criticize others, we should learn, respect and understand each others differences.

In my generation, we are almost in fusion. Why I say so? We dont really emphasize about race difference, religion difference and the cultural difference anymore. Coz the new generation basically have more things in common compared to the generations before. Therefore the gap has been brought closer. We enjoy our wonderful blend of food. Sometimes the food has been fused so much that you cant even tell is it a pure Chinese, Indian or Malay dish anymore. But more like Malaysian dish, and we love it. How come? Why? its because we are Malaysian. Not only have our culture became in fusion but our mind and soul. We are reaching equilibrium.

I knew a few friends that went overseas to study and most of them, and I really mean MOST of them miss our country so much. Some miss the food, some the company of their friends, some miss the lifestyle, some just miss the country. It is because in our country we are, like I said above, fused together. There is no more pure Chinese, Indian, Malay, Kadazan, Iban, Punjabi or Portugese anymore. I can be 100% sure that I am not fully Chinese anymore. I cant speak Mandarin well, in fact I speak better Bahasa than Mandarin, I dont practice the culture 100%, and my fav food is not even Chinese food. This is what I call the Malaysian effect. My family is so called Chinese, my girlfriend is Kadazan, my best friends are so called Indian and in my work place, most of my colleagues are so called Malay, I love Arabian food and I studied in a Catholic school. Not Malaysian enough?

I am pretty sure all those born here will find it difficult to move back to the "supposedly" Motherland. I am sure I wont be able to live in China. I am pretty sure my Indian friends wont be able to live in India and so on... this is because we are Malaysianized. This because we are Malaysians, we are born and bred here. I remember my cousin once told me, "Chinese are from?... China rite? Indian are from? India rite? you dont see a Taiwanese saying they are Chinese. You dont see Sri Lankan calling themselves Indian rite? Then why should we be called Chinese then? Since we are born and bred in Malaysia, aren't we Malaysian" It was a totally awesome quote! It actually hit the right chord! I have to say it was almost perfect!

Then again there are always one or two people that loves wrecking this up. Making sure the great divide is still there. They are the fence keeper or fence setter. This flers still have that stupid old skool mentality that each race should be divided as each race. In conjunction to a united country where we celebrate our diverse cultures, this flers should be taken to the KLCC skybridge and hanged not on the neck but the balls for trying to divide somethings that our forefathers fought and painstakingly put together for so long ! SO STOP WRECKING OUR BELOVED COUNTRY!

This country is made by the people and its definitely for the people!

Today is our country's independence day. We should celebrate it not only because we are free from colonial ruling, or because we are "patriotic" but by celebrating the unity of our diversed culture, celebrate what our forefathers fought for and to celebrate our freedom as ONE RACE, ONE VOICE... as a MALAYSIAN!


"We must be the change we want to see..." -Mahatma Ghandhi-

"Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it" -George Bernard Shaw-

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Was kinda reluctant to go watch this movie. Coz i know the storyline gonna be the same... someone got beat down and he use dancing to stand up... rite?? nahhh... Basically I went to watch it with an open mind. Its a movie screening anyway from Advertlets all thanks to Shereen.

Basically this movie is a sequel to the first two movie. Step Up and Step Up 2. I saw the first one... well, I was bored and my sis was watching it so just tag along. Who wouldnt like a good dance move? I love a good dance move! Anyway, I was kinda disappointed when i got into the cinema... coz it states that its Step Up 3D but where are my glasses?! I want to see them swing their legs towards the screen and looks like almost hit my face!!! Hehe. Anyway, I felt that this movie have an almost similar storyline to Stomp The Yard. Generally the storyline has got nothing to shout about... cmon its a dance flick... its like asking pure beautiful literature from an all brute action movie. (hint hint The Expendables...). Acting wasnt really great, I felt some part was abit stiff especially the lead character, Rick Malambri. (he is a model btw)

But I have to say that the dance move was really impressive! It makes you wanna go *boom*boom*spin*spin*flip*flip*!! They have the same choreographer from Stomp The Yard, StepUp 2 and You Got Served. No wonder la (again.. dun ask how i know it... ). The protagonist group is called the Pirates but when they said it, only one thing kept on playing in my mind....

The Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece... ahahah

Sigh... I love to dance but I am a closet dancer and due to my fragile back... I dun do it.. ahahha *excuses*

Well, its not a bad movie... rather entertaining! Great soundtrack! definitely gonna get it by hook or by crook....

btw check out this move which i feel is damn impressive!

People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move, can make you believe like there's something more. One move, can set a whole generation free.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Been so tangled up with stuff lately that everyone basically watched all the latest movie without me. Shereen Dulau went to previews with Advertlets, Rhasta Synn went with his cousins and me left watching my work and traffic jams all day.

So one fine day I got fed up of the jam going to and back from work and i took the liberty to switch on my lap top in my car and switch on movies that I have not watched yet instead of looking in amazement at the fella in the car next to mine busy digging his nose in the stalled traffic.

So I manage to watch a few movies and series over the past few months in my car while stuck in the jam. So let me write some review about the movies that I saw... hehehe

Of course let me start off with the best. Everytime I keep hearing people kept on saying that the Goodfellas was "one of its best" or "You haven't watched it yet?" . Got kinda annoyed at people saying that to me and of course to fulfil my never ending curiosity I took the initiative to copy it from a friend and watch it.

This movie was directed by Martin Scorsese, if you dont know who is he you should knock your head with a sledge hammer covered in finely smashed glass. Ok, this movie stars one of my favourite actor Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci. If you dont know who they are then you ought to, as the saying in Godfather "should sleep with the fishes". Yea basically this show came out 20 years ago and now I only finally saw it!

This movie is basically based on a real story about the life of 3 mafia from the 50s to the 80s. The story circles around Henry Hill a Irish-Italian that started off at the lowest ranking job all the way to the right hand man of the Don. This movie basically display lots of realism as it was based on a non fiction novel on the real Henry Hill. All of the actors did their research about the real person and to the extend talked to the real person itself to get deeper info.

I have to say this movie somehow makes you wanna talk with the Brooklyn Accent. Talk with a little Italian slang like "Ferget aboutit! " ... "wutcha luukin at"... "get outtah heere". Did you know that in this movie the word "Fuck" was used almost 300 times! There was lots of intense moments and most mafia actually say it follows very closely to what they do daily!
This is once clip you all should see... freaking intense

I think i should learn how to corner people like this... sorry yea video abit crappy... the good ones I cant post here!

Well the next movie was basically De Niro's movie after Goodfellas. He wanted to get out of the Mafia stereotype so he basically took up this movie and I have to say its quite a good movie. Definitely beat Gerard Butler's Bounty Hunter by a hundred times.
This movie is called Midnight Run. Yea this movie came out almost 20 years ago also and now only finally watch it!

This movie is about a bounty hunter called Jack Walsh played by De Niro, trying to catch this accountant that embezzled millions of dollar from a mob. Basically Walsh was hired by the Bail Bondsmen of the accountant. This is because the accountant didnt pay him back after being bailed.

It was suppose to be a simple task as the target was just an accountant. But things got out of control as the mob also started to track him down. Walsh instead have to help the accountant to escape as Walsh wants to get his bounty.

Basically its one of De Niro's funniest movie! I think you should watch it!

Check out the video!

Ok finally, one more... 3rd Rock from the Sun. An old sitcom that ran from 1996 to 2001. One of my favourite sitcoms and it never fail to make me laugh like a freaking maniac! Its just so hilarious! Well basically this was making me laugh all the way to work and home!

Well basically this sitcom is about a group of aliens coming to Earth to research on human and their behavior! here is just one scene from one of their episode...

I know this sounds weird but what do you expect me to do in the car when my beloved radio has KOed on me! this is my only source of entertainment! and also a good way to catch up with movies that i have not watched!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Expendable Story...

I gotta relate this story to all who would listen. I was watching the Expendables with friends. During the opening credits, I chuckled when I saw "a Sylvester Stallone film" as it could only mean a disaster (hey, we all saw Driven didn't we?). Then came written by Stallone, produced by Stallone and finally directed by Stallone. Which led my friend M2k to say, hey the music was by Stallone. I chuckled once again. Only this time, it was violent and uncontrollable. I laughed for a good three minutes and it was disturbing my friend A-Mat, as my laughter was disrupting his concentration and not allowing him to enjoy key plot points which I was clearing missing due to my outburst. So he told me to shut the fuck up. Which leads me to say this: A-Mat was missing key-plot points of a movie that was directed by Sylvester Sallone and was of the genre action/adventure, a movie also written by the aforementioned Rambo (known for his leave your brains at the door writing, he ain't no Tarantino, that's for sure.). If you do not laugh at the what was written in the previous sentence, please read it a couple of times more until you get it. Or visit a samurai who specializes is hara-kiri. Either way, the outcome should be interesting. Big ups to M2k for stating the joke of the day. heheheehe. rhasta out.

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been seeing their name almost everywhere but I didnt manage to listen to this band, Wolfmother. So that day when I was just ruffling through my own mental hard disk and to fulfill my curiosity, I went on to YouTube and Wikipedia and started "inputing" data to my hunger for more information.

Listened to their first and second album and suddenly i was addicted to their music! The band from Australia has just captured my mind! Think AC/DC, The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Radiohead, The White Stripes and Kings of Leon all added together! Or more like strongly influenced this band! And what you get? good rock music!

This is definitely not a wannabe band! Kudos, and I thought the new age "Rockers" have lost their balls to play good old rock music! Some claimed that they are bringing back the Glam rock genre I just say they brought back some kickass in rock music!

Let me introduce the band a lil'. The initial band comprises of Vocalist/Guitarist Andrew Stockdale, their bassist/ keyboardist Chris Ross and Drummer Myles Haskett. But after their first self titled album -Wolfmother, Chris Ross and Myles Haskett left the band due to irreconcilable personal and musical differences. After a brief hiatus, Wolfmother returned with a new line up comprising bassist and keyboardist Ian Peres, rhythm guitarist Aidan Nemeth and drummer Dave Atkins to team up with Stockdale. But Atkins left after their second album - Cosmic Egg, came out.

gonna pick my fav from one each of their two album. Enjoy!

1. Woman from their first album Wolfmother

2. New Moon Rising from their second album Cosmic Egg

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Malaysian Drivers... You Fucking Asshole

After reading Jun Sern's post, I too had the inspiration to write my loooong overdue article on Malaysian Drivers. Like he said, they are 99% retarded. Sure, there are a few shinning stars out there who are courteous and have the decency to understand that he or she is not the only driver out there, but the rest of you motherfuckers can't drive, shouldn't drive and should be strapped onto a satellite and shot into orbit. Here's my top 10 worst things to expect while driving on a Malaysian road:

1. The Glider. The glider is a term I've given to those assholes who drive in the middle of two fucking lanes. Let me give you fuckers some advice... Pick a lane and stick to it. These people are driving lallalalla without checking their mirrors, without realizing they're taking up two lanes, just going about like they fucking own the road. You know what I do, I drive real fast until I'm right next to them and I blast my horn at full blast! And the effect is always the same, they will veer off to one side of the road, as if someone woke them up from the stupor that is their feeble little rodent like minds and they almost always lose their control of the car for a few seconds as you see the car skid before they get back to reality and take control, but still not realizing what douchebags they've been. I hate fucking gliders. But I'm into thinking positive and hoping that you fuckers will learn your lesson and stop gliding. Think positive is all I can hope besides hoping that positive is what your AIDS result is. Now bite a bullet and leave the rest of us alone stupid.

2. The 100 pound girl in the 1 ton SUV. Now we all know women can't drive. But if you go to Bangsar at around 10am, the time when the Stepford Wives of Bangsar arise from their slumber to drive around the place while carrying out their meaningless lives, you can see this phenomenon. Its always the same bloody type of person. The woman who married rich and now doesn't work or has somekind of shitty NGO or teaching job just to validate their meaningless existence as a non contributing member of society while siphoning their husband/boyfriend/ baby daddy/sugar daddy's money buying shit they don't need while sipping their lattes. Fucking your lattes you primordial self absorbed cunt-bitches. Get a smaller car!!! Its obvious you can't fucking control that monster SUV your booboo bought you. The way they drive, nearly killing children and all people as they veer their monstrosities like rampaging bulls across the street, I hope you get Hostel'd by a goblin-midget from outerspace.

3. Masters of Reality. These deluded bunch of assholes buy cheap Protons or Peroduas, then modify it into some atrocity to both the eye and ear, sore to look at and even worse to hear as they drive these pieces of shit cars with no silencers, idiotic paintjob plus decals and other assortment of modified parts. You're not a formula one driver, you're not some sort of Fast and Furious actor, you're a zero who lives with his mother. The only reason you do this is cuz your primordial reptilian minds have been warped so far away from reality that you think this is gonna get you laid. And I hope you get laid. I hope you get drunk and some tranny clown comes and shoves a rubber animal in your ass. And who are these people who are masters of reality? its always the same people. guys. cuz no girl will ever do something like this. guys who have a limited vocabulary of 100 or so words with the brainpower of a decaying sloth. i hope the she-clown visits you tonight.

4. Motorcyclists. I hope a supervirus comes out and kills all you fuckers dead. None of you know how to fucking ride your bikes. These bunch of savages... Well, no need for me to explain what they do, you've all seen it. I can tell what some of these zero, waste of sperm do. Drive too fast, hit your car, then fuck off without stopping. fuck you. drive too slow in front of you, preventing you from getting to your destination on time cuz they are jealous that you're in a car and they're on a bike. should have studied harder at school stupid. fuck you. and as an Indian guy, I can honestly say this... For me, these fuckers are always 99% Indian. You've all heard of the Indian crab mentality. Well this is it hard at work. the loser, sees an Indian person behind the wheel and deliberately slows down thinking in his small puny mind that he's showing me. well i tell you what, how bout i show you the finger and where your wife's clitoris is, cuz its obvious you have never sexually stimulated her to point of orgasm and that's why she's cheating on you with a tranny clown. fuck you. then there's what i call the lalallalala biker who rides around looking at everything but the road. i hope you don't see that truck in front of you and go flying like a rocket into the river down below as you're crossing a bridge and i hope that mutated crocodile piranhas are waiting for you. fuck you.

5. Dreamers. These assholes are the worst. When the light turns green, you have one second to get moving. Don't fucking take forever to fucking get your ass moving. Daydreaming, changing he cd, texting, tweeting, putting on lipstick, shaving their pubic hair, god knows what these idiots do when the light is red. i tell you what they're not doing. looking at the light. it always amazes me that when i'm the first car at a red light, and it turns green, i'm gone so fast, that i'm a good hundred feet away before any other car has even moved. wake up people. if you are this slow mentally when it comes to a fucking light, how are you gonna survive an apocalypse? you won't and thank god cuz the human race will be spared your fucking genes. your mother should have swallowed instead of letting your father spill is retard seed in her cun----

alright before i get a stroke, ill stop here. stay tune for the next five types of asshole drivers in my next post, including the P-Driver, the Trucker, The Jakun, the Jukebox and Hershey Highwaymen. Rhasta out...
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