Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Its August and so far this year I managed to somehow squeeze my super packed schedule to watch at least a movie a week. This is to do two things, first I get to chill and kick back and secondly I get to spend time with mah babe. And funnily enough, I manage to do what I cant in recent years and that is to watch a movie each week! thank you time management!

This year was the year of the remake and the sequels...So lets get started with the movies that I have seen this year... warning! this is a long ass article...


Well at first I didnt know what the heck was this movie all about. It was a choice of this or Ghost Rider (or some other crappy movie I think) if I am not mistaken. I saw one or two of their billboard along the highway but nothing else much. I knew the title sounded like the board game I used to play... then when I started to watch it, IT WAS BASED ON THE BOARD GAME I USED TO PLAY! The movie is practically a popcorn movie featuring Liam Neeson , Taylor Kitsch (aka Gambit in Wolverine movie) and Rihanna in first movie role. Storyline is very predictable but for a military machinery junkie like me, its fun to see the ships doing all funky manoeuvres. I wouldn't say it was bad but I wont say it was good either. Go without any expectation I would say

Saw the promo, thought it was about war but thought wrong. It is actually an awesome animated movie, cool graphics and it makes you wanna be Scottish and live in the highlands! Its an awesome movie for Mothers Day too! Best to catch it with kids!


This was my buffer before Avengers. I thought it was a horror movie, turns out it was not only a horror but also a thriller, action and some sci fi too. Its quite an interesting movie. Somehow reminds me of Red State, cleverly and interestingly done. A refreshing feel to it. 


One of the most anticipated movie of the year, Christopher Nolan's masterpiece comes to an end. Well, compared to the first two, especially the second one, this is somehow of a let down. Its good, dont get me wrong, its an epic movie but it lacks the details of the second and first movie. But this is a definite must watch. Good ending and it makes you think whether is it a dream at the end or not.


Its been 10 years since the last one came out. The feel is still the same but one thing for sure is that Tommy Lee Jones has aged significantly. A feel good movie and a good explaination on why Jay is treated this way. All in all its quite a good flowing movie.  Kudos too to Josh Brolin who did an excellent young Tommy Lee Jones portrayal.


Some may say that this is not that good bla bla bla etc etc. For me, its quite a good movie considering they managed to click together all the characters who previously had a main role and own movie themselves as the characters they portray. Exciting and did not disappoint. The epicness of this movie is very satisfying. But the ending somehow reminds me of Transformers 3...  and also the best Hulk so far!


 When they casted Andrew Garfield, many was very sceptical about it. Can he pull it off? Can he fill the shoes of Tobey Maguire? Is it too soon to reboot this franchise? Well lets just say it a whole different spidey altogether. The acting is very much better than the Tobey Maguire's Spidey. But again you cant compare as this Spidey is focusing more on the human and darker side of spidey whereas the Tobey's Spidey is more comical. But this explains alot of things about spidey and they stayed slightly more truer to the original comics. Good show, good show! The only disappointment was the Lizard tho... where is the snout? 


I dont want to recall! The trailer made it looked promising but somehow I am not satisfied. Too many loose ends in this movie. It doesnt give me that kick (literary and metaphorically) that the Arnie's version gave. Kate Beckinsale was at her Underworld best, tight fitting clothings and all jumping and all crazy, whereas Jessica Biel was ... Jessica Biel... If you ask me should you watch it? I would say.... only if you got no other choice or you wanna see Kate and Jessica... well there wasnt much to see anyway!


I was very curious about this when I first read about it on one of those previews. I came to the movie with mixed feelings, not sure was it good but somehow excited to see how it came out. I have to say its an interesting insight to something no one thought of. Who actually can think that Abe is a vampire hunter?! I heard about the book and the good reviews about it but the movie didnt disappoint either. Worth watching!


Some call it the prequel to the Aliens franchise or call it a solo movie, I still see it as a prequel to the Aliens franchise. It shows how life started on earth and how some say claim that the gods are actually extraterrestrial beings. Makes you think how we came about. The movie got a few loose ends but I think it is ok. Nothing to shout about.


Chris Hemsworth's third movie this year. Mah babe forced me to watch this coz "THOR" is in it and I have to say I was glad that happened as it was quite a good movie. It totally fucks up your Disney version of Snow White. *SPOILER ALERT* Funny enough, I saw Charlize Theron died in within a week. Once in Prometheus and once here! (told you spoiler already ma!) This one is definitely darker and more realistic than the Disney's version. Kristen Steward tho was her Twilight self. No difference. But kudos to Charlize Theron, psychotic at its peak! nice...


Kate Beckinsale is back in her tight leather outfit! Kate clearly aged slightly since the first movie but she still looks really really awesome in those tight outfit! The ending was kinda disappointing tho but it was all round violence and gore that this francise was famous for! A must watch if you follow the previous franchise.


I was very very sceptical when they casted Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as the lead cast. Can they replace the legendary Johnny Depp? Well apparently they do. Its more comical and funnier than the series but they manage to maintain the essence. For once Channing Tatum is really funny, he tried to be kinda funny in GI Joe but failed miserably! But this is really funny. I will say, give it a go and prepare for some interesting cameos!


I was telling my friends that Jeremy Renner looks like a good bet for this movie and I was right. But one thing about the movie, it was quite dry in the first 20 minutes. To be honest I almost fell asleep at the start of the movie. Things started to get exciting and you can see the whole identity of the Bourne installment coming in. But somehow the movie fell back to it starting pace at the ending. I felt like I was watching a Harry Potter movie, no bang, no climax, its like so much foreplay but no orgasm. Overall, I was not convinced. Dont blame the actors, blame the writer! 


Well some people might say that this is a no brainer and not worth watching, but my testosterone driven body and my urge to watch all childhood action heroes are all going overdrive to push me to watch this! When I saw the trailer seeing all the veteran action heroes in one movie just gives me the chills! The first was awesome! now I home this second is awesomer! (damn, I'm sure that was caused by just looking at the poster). 


If you loved the Lord Of The Rings, then you will definitely be waiting for this! Who wouldn't? Another anticipated movie in the waiting! 

Well, like I mentioned earlier, its only August, lets just hope that this year will be a really memorable one in terms of movie. So far it have not disappoint! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh No! How old are you again?!

Well the graph above is something I came up while observing my family, friends and associates. I have no idea why I did that but let me give you an analysis on my silly graph. Think about it, if you noticed that when you are a kid you are always constantly looking to grow up. Why? think about it, when we were in primary school, we look up to the secondary school kids thinking what they do are cool. More allowance to do what they like, independent, and most of all freedom comes gushing in. As a kid our parents tend to be more restrictive in what we do. 

Once we reach the teenage age, we started to notice... well changes to our body. Certain parts gotten bigger and certain parts more erm... furrier. And all of a suddenly that special urges appear. The insatiable urge to..... drive a car. We see our older siblings driving, going out with friends and all we are left with is public transport or our very good friend, the bicycle. Then came the the golden age, 18 years old. Suddenly that sense of freedom, no more mundane school life with its daily classes, lining up and that pathetic clothings that we call school uniform. This is the first taste of adulthood. Its the legal age to drive and going after girls and the legal age to well in the words on Sheldon of Big Bang Theory, achieve coitus! Then came the age of 21, the prime time! College student, legal age to vote and also to enter the casino. We are an adult! well almost... some are still depending on parents to pay your stuffs.

Looking at the graph, yes, it actually goes downhill from there. Going into the working world looks interesting and promising but as you go older things start to get shittier. I am sure most of us when we reach our mid 20s we started to have talks like, "hey remember back then in school when we... etc etc bla bla bla" then someone will suddenly pop that line "Dude, do you realized we that was 10 years ago?!" (well technically I was always that dude that pop the line, haha) and the sudden reality hits us. We are full fledged adults. Struggling with our jobs, lowest ranking in the company, getting shitty treatments and of course low paying salary with a shit load of payments we need to pay. Something we don't face when we were in our younger days. 

Then came the big 30! by this time we are at our lowest point. We are no longer in our youth. The big 3-0 is here! Its not exciting anymore. Work have became a daily routine but career has started to stabilize, income is not too bad, mid or junior management jobs, marriage and kids. 30s starts to be comfortable and interesting. 

Suddenly you are now reaching the big 4-0! This is where you start to think back, what the fuck did I do in my life?! Fuck I am 40 and I got nothing yet! I miss my flamboyant life... mid life crisis kicks in... spending and doing things that you have not normally do or doing things that you dreamt of but somehow it is not filling your satisfaction! You start to reflect your life, I have reached to the peak of my working life, I am able to buy and do the things that I love but one big things is in your way, or well a few things that is in your way. One of them, your eye sights are starting to go, you need to raise your glasses or lower it to read something small, coming home with a sore back or knee or shoulder after everytime you play a sport and of course the amount of pills you have to start to take! Cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, glucosamine etc etc

But by the time you reach 50 things are starting to look pleasant, your kids are able to handle themselves, your work is reaching its twilight but you are on top of the organization in rank or in experience. Retirement is around the corner, your second freedom approaches! You reach the retirement age! you are now free of the working world that you are immersed in for the last 30 years! freedom! now you can kick back and enjoy life. Go travelling, pursue your long backlogged hobby etc etc. But then you realized that you miss the working world, the daily activites and that daily banter with that young girl or guy. Then it hits you again, what if I live up to a 100 years old? I got 40 years more of doing nothing! Aiyo! how la? Some will take on some activities to fill up their daily life, some take some some consultancy job to get back into the working world, some use that to focus on their grandchild and some just sit there and wait... and wait... and wait... and wait for the time to end... but yet it is a scary wait...but who knows what is beyond my graph... does it go up again after that? well only we alone will know when the time comes! 

Interesting thought eh?
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