Monday, May 11, 2015


Mother's day has just passed. As usual, my facebook feed is flooded with pictures of my friends mom. Dinner with them, flowers, old pictures and so on. It is also flooded with quotes and wishes. But why? why boast or share with the whole world?

Throughout the years, mother's day has been a day where I would plan all week or month beforehand. I always feel that it is the one of the most important day of the year. But the last few years, I slowly saw the significance dwindling. Somehow Mother's day is not that important any more. Not because I don't adore or love my mother but more on the depth of the day. What does it means? It is the same thing in comparison to going to church on Sundays or going to the mosque on Fridays. Are you not devout to your religion on normal days? same goes with mothers. Do you not love your mother on normal days? Why do you need a specific day to shower your mom with love and flowers?

For me, I feel that mother's day is a redundant if you throw everything down for your mom on that particular day but neglect your mom on other day. For me mother's day is just like any other festival, it is a day where all of us took the opportunity to have a family gathering. But the truth is that everyday for me is mother's day. Everyday the time spent with my mom is as precious as any other days. Because as cliché as as it may sound, if you love your mom, everyday is mother's day. Every meal together everyday is as important as mother's day. You don't need any day to celebrate or recognise what your mom did for you. 

I decided this year not to wish my mom on facebook or any other social media. For what? I would just rather have a nice quiet and happy meal with my mom, god-moms and family. Why? because love does not need to be shared on social media. Love them in real person everyday and have a meal with them is more meaningful than trying to show to the world that you love them. 

Be successful in life and live a good life and ensure that they get lots of love everyday. That is the greatest gift I can give to my mom. 

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