Thursday, February 05, 2009

Its hard being nice

It is hard being a nice person. This is a follow up from my previous blog... I've notice that in the modern world there isnt much honest and nice person anymore. Even kids are being rather nasty. What is wrong with this world?

Being nice and people take you for granted. It wont happen overnight. First they will take it as a good gesture and slowly without them knowing it they will take it for granted and instead expect something from the person. When you turn off the niceness a while and they will crucify you as if you are a wicked witch! No body sees the big picture! you may have done 1,000 good deeds but 1 not so good deed kills you!!! wtf la!!! Freaking hell. Some even use this to take advantage! knowing the person will find it hard to turn down a "FRIEND"!!!

Alot of girls said that there isnt any gentlemen out there anymore. Chivalry is dead bla bla bla yada yada yada. Well chivalry is not dead, its just hidden. Why? coz people aren't nice anymore, most girls 'expect' the guy to do or act a certain way or treat them certain way. Expecting it without showing any appreciation at all is not right!! Guys also need to be pampered sometimes, need to be 'sayang' awhile, need to switch off their macho-ness awhile. Who else can they switch off to other then you? the closest person to them!

On the other hand, some guys do not know how to treat their lady properly! Too much testosterone flowing around! too much ego and alpha-ness flowing in their blood. Who you think you are la? Balls so damn big u cannot show some kind love to ur lady izzit??!! Loving your lady and respecting them is one of the important points in a relationship. Appreciate what she have done for you!!!

Well my final say is that... acknowledge and appreciate nice people around you. Respect, appreciate and repay their kindness with kindness is one of the first step. Look at the big picture coz everyone have their on and off days! count your blessings and like i always say...

"When in time of darkness, be the light... and hope that it will brighten the life of the ones around you"

"one A.R.K. - one Act of Random Kindness , will change the world" -God (Morgan Freeman) in Evan Almighty-
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Have you ever felt so shitty for disappointing someone or hurting someone's feelings? Well what I can tell you is that it really felt freaking bad. It feels like there is a huge truck carrying concrete crushing your heart! Felt so bad that you cant sleep. I do not know is it me or what? But I just cant get over the fact that sometimes we keep on stepping wrong steps unintentionally. But sometimes its inevitable. Something we cant avoid. Sometimes we have to make decisions that will hurt someone more than anyone else.

You know what is the worse!!! is when you meant for good but then it ended up as a big boo-boo. Worst! this is the worst!!! Coz all you meant is for the better and it ended as the worst! Sometimes it is out of good gesture or from a simple kindness but ended up as a massive let down or disaster! and the shittiest thing is when the person you want to shower your kindness and goodwill think you are a jerk or an asshole! wahhhh.... this really makes me want to cry!

Well I can say that the best feeling in the world is to see someone smile and you know that you are the one that make them smile. Your heart opens up and knowing that you have done some good. but that is always not the case.... ain't it?

"There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -oscar wilde-

Did you notice you either say "thanks" or "thanks a million" it can only be one of the two you can't just be like "thanks 236" -composed catastrophe-
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