Saturday, July 23, 2005

haha...more pics of me buddies Posted by Picasa

me and my couz Posted by Picasa

my english society committee Posted by Picasa

me, mr tong and waihoe... yea that was long time ago. Posted by Picasa

my coll gang Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

this is badly needed for our national football team. one thing i think they lack of is mentality... not the tactical side.. its the dicipline part and the determination... the winning mentality. just not there... they can just zap their concentration off suddenly...then suddenly it comes back... then off again... just how can they improve? i had no more ideas... they wanna go step 3 before starting step 1... how!!!?!?!?! they need to change the system. its not the coach that is the problem... i dun see the old days of soh chinaun or mokhtar dahari having this problem... they used local coaches. and they still can do wonders. Posted by Picasa

how about that... my own autobiography cover. i got so bored some time ago... took this pic and play abit wit my photoshop... and wah la.... this is wut i got... haha. Posted by Picasa

more pics of bali beach Posted by Picasa

damn this is the pic my sis took at bali... looks damn good... now i wanna go bali or any beach that looks like this... damn i wanna go to a beach now.... waaaa Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 18, 2005

me and my mom.. hahaha. woohoo!! Posted by Picasa

dammit... two days ago when i went to this mamak, nathan's corner... as the waiter was counting wut we ate... a huge bug flew and landed at his hat. it was crawling all over his head... and he still can ask us without any reaction..."makan apa? minum apa?" my cousin was like trying not to laugh... and as he ask me... i was about to burst into laughter.. but i have to tell him... i went like... "naa...naaa... *faking cough* *cough cough* nasi lemak kopi ais" i said it very fast as i was also about to burst out laughing...and the bug was still crawling all over his head... he went on calculating... when he went off wit our payments... both us burst out laughing... i dunno why is it so funny... i felt bad after thet for not tellin him about the bug... but the thought of it crawled all over his head and no reaction yet he still can ask us stuffs... just kills me... i laughed till i almost peed onto my pants...!! My cousin and I laughed and laughed all the way home... dammit... i cant remember when was the last time i actually laugh so hard... tat i cant stop and almost pee!!!  Posted by Picasa
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