Saturday, November 26, 2005


in just 2 weeks the world have seen two great heroes in sporting arena passed on. last monday 14th nov one of WWE wrestling icon EDDIE GUERRERO passed on due to heart failure. well he is one funny man n a great entertainer. thanks for the memories eddie.... "lie, cheat n steal..." "mamasita.... latino heat..." RIP.


footballing world will forever miss one of the greatest... or the greatest football player ever. George Best passed on due to my complications to his organs due to alcholism. Manchester United legend he will forever be. and will forever be in our hearts. thanks for the memories George...

"Man Utd. glorious history has been created by people like George Best" -sir bobby charlton-


f*cking hell... i was wit my frens havin a drink that day and suddenly we started tokkin about our skool dayz... well every lasallian n their surrounding skool surely heard of the SPICE BOYS?? man they are disgusting.... oh u havent heard of it? well lemme disgust u wit it. ok it all started when i was in form 4. suddenly there were this 3 so called boys... first i tot it was just a normal joke gig during teachers day where 3 of them started to perform to spice girls songs. dressed up a lil feminine. well as u know... we are from boy skool so sometimes some guys tends to...well... erm... ok...aaay... back to the story. so that was the first time they made their mark. ok so i tot it was a one time thingy. then came another skool event... and guess wut... they made their appearence again. and the worse thing is the teachers actually requested for them. then, i was a prefect doing my gate duty at my skool hall.. and they appeared in front of me... man i was in a state of shock ... and anger and i dunno how to explain thet feeling... felt like punching them and i dunno man... almost puke white foam. and guess wut they were wearing... thin white singlets.... arrgh... *vomit*vomit* .Well they continue to haunts us lasallians for years to come. and as i heard from my couz... samad skool actually invited them to perform for their canteen day... and it seems that gals actually like them... no not like love thingy... like them as their own sistahood thingy... kekeke. man... till now they are still haunting me. i saw them once at mid valley bowling... i so wanted to swing my bowling ball at them... but restrained.. hhehe. and the worst part...i saw them wit a few others from bb skool and a few more others...i guess they manage to recruit or perhaps spread their kind to other skools... cmon la... wut have this world turnin into... recently at the star newspaper... i bet u all saw... two malaysian guys married... well one have officially turned into a female.... but the thought of it.... ewwww... urrghhh... cannot ler... cannot...[no offence gays n lesbos] sorri ppl... sorri for pulling u all into this state wit my nonsense again. hehe.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


woohooo... just came bek from Thailand.. well its not exactly wut i potrayed in my mind... well let me just giv u a brief description wut i pictured... almost all the gals there are not gals... hehe* and erm... more like a gettho.. siamese ppl wit flowerry hawaiian clothes... hehe* i tell u tv has corrupted me too much. gave me wrong pictures...!

well well.. lemme start... it all begins in a gloomy thursday morning... well the sky is gloomy i mean. woke up at 5am! coz this is a family trip ma... so have to book my washroom early. hhehe. then the airport limo came at 7am. and off we go to klia. whhhooooooosh**. lets zoom past the airport stuff. ok we reached there around 1130 thai time. The queue for the customs is bloody long. i tell u... i was standing there for almost 45 mins or more waiting to get my passport stamped!!! it gave me a bad first impression. but its ok.. coz i am in a jolly good ol mood. after the stamping went to get a cab to go to our hotel. had a lil quarrel wit the lady in charge... she was saying bit by bit... and not the whole thing. first she said 1000 baht for a van. then after thet she said need to plus this.. then plus that. nvm. but we ended up taking the van. then we reached our hotel.the security was damn tight. the van number was taken down by hotel security n mirrors were put below van to check for bombs! but as we got down the hotel bellboy n all their staffs was soooo friendly... made my day already.checked in... man, thailand's gals... i mean ori girls are not bad looking. no wonder those perverted local mens... always head up there to find u know wut.... the receptionist is damn nice n good looking. then we checked in... we headed up to our rooms.

our hotel is called pathuwam princess hotel. next to this ganas shopping center well as the thais called it " the daddy of shopping center" mah bun kwang shopping complex. its nice... almost got thet sungei wang feel but this is more brighter n cleaner la. and lots of "ang mohs". well it was off wit a bang... me n my sis head straight up to the food court as they said the food there is not bad. and have our first dose of tom yam kung.. wooooo.... ganas.. i had my fried basil chicken, fired "oh chien" aka oyster wit eggs. n durian wit pulut. ganaaas. oooo... then we continue shopping and shopping... and shopping... and shopping.... and shopping... well this is wut happen when u go wit a bunch of gals. well my sis, mom, aunts and granma... haha wut u all think??!. thailand is gals shopping haven man!!!

the next day we headed to the floating market... wat arum (temple of dawn) ... grand palace n emerald buddha temple n honey pollun factory. well thank god my aunt managed to get a budget tour guide. we went to all this place accept the factory via the river taxi... nice le... damn nice... well the palace is practically made of gold emerald n all the precioussss stuffs!!! took photo wit the king rama's statue also... all in one day... woohoo not bad man.... not bad at all!!
well all i know is i was sweating like hell... its damn warm n humid ler... not hot but very stuffy there in bangkok. oh ya... i tried this coconut water... there are 2 kinds... one sour ones n the sweet ones.. damn nice n refreshing. after thet we visited the "four faced buddha" at erawan shrine... according to the tour guide... famous hong kong stars always visit there all together. all the siamese there knows cantonese... tahts damn weird.

i tried their McD's... samurai pork burger!!! yum yum... i ate damn alot la in thailand... its all foood galore!

i went to patpong thet night it self tho... aka "tiger show street" it was kinda erm... good experience... saw lotsa weird stuff...chicks dancing on bars in skimpy bikini;s but because i was wit my mom , sis , aunts n granma... was restricted... hhe,. if i were wit my frens.... surely i will be heading in to see some disgusting... candle blowing n ping pong shootingt n other stuffs. ewww

the next day headed to jatuchak or chatuchak or "u have to walk damn alot, but its damn cheap" market!! i tot it was like petaling street-esque looks... but i tot wrong... it is damn bloody big!!! size of 18 football fields wei!!! but it doesnt look that big... but when i started to walk.... and walk.... and walk.... and walk.... it was like never ending!!! i was there for almost a whole day! but i only managed to walk half of it! but over there.... u must learn the bargaining skills... as my sis told me... u have to me a lil mean...! haha* well i did... its easy to convert... 100 bath is 10 ringgit... so i was like slashing like mad... hehe. but thet place is damn bloody hot.... there are even a few 'angmoh's' guy walking topless... i was hoping its the gals la... but sadly none lor... bought alot of stuff there... well more nonsense. got two shirts... and a few craps... got back... my feet n calf hurts like mad.... can barely stand!!!

the last day didnt do much... headed back to MBK shopping complex to do finals clearing.. hehe. end of my trip.... then it was the customs!!! irritating part of the trip... waited again for around 45-50 mins to get my passport stamped! well this trip i got sunburned and sore feet and lotsa extra weights.... baggage weights la... not my weights... coz i think i burn while walking as much as i fill in as much i eat.

as a post mortem of my trip.... i have concluded a few do n donts when u go visit thailand. well it is almost the same as my sis;
1. bring proper shoes or sandals... to avoid sore feet.
2. bring comfortable clothings... coz its gonna be damn hot
3. if go wit family(esp wit older ppls... eg granma) get ready to wait ... and wait... and wait. and food must be careful coz older ppl cant take the food.
4. get ready for sweet dishes.. as thais love their sugar! n get ready for spicy i mean real spicy food as thais also loves their chilli n lemon n basil n lemongrass!
5. learn to bargain!
6. learn to say no!
7. ask someone that go b4 for some advice on transportation!
8. for budget... guest house is kinda cheap here... but i didnt stay. but i heard thet they dun allow locals to enter the guest house so it is safE!!

"u cannot have everything, i mean, where can u put it?"
"i can resist everything except temptations"

Thursday, November 17, 2005


finally after 2 years... the linkin park photos are out!!! finally my fren prashant manage to buy the cable to load it out from his hp to his pc!!! oh ya... this is taken oct 2002 thet is me wit my long hairs!! damn i miss em... n on the right is mohana. man it was fun but extremely tiring! right b4 the concert started, we are sitting on the field in stadium merdeka. yeah damn tired n hot after cramming wit ppl at the entrance for almost 2 hrs... yeap... standing out in the hot sun packed wit ppl shoulder to shoulder for 2 freaking hours. well on the way in i saw a guy got slapped by a girl. ham sap la thet fella. messed wit the wrong gal tho. during the concert damn alot of freaky things happened... it was hellishly hot and stuffy... luckily i am tall, manage to breath a lil more air... and guess wut the guards did... they splashed water at us during the concert to cool us down. Man i was drenched. then tiba tiba this gal in front of me started to lean on me, i was trying to push her off la... coz her fren or bf is beside her... but i think she is fainting... so just let it be la.. kkekeke. but not long after the song "faint".. i couldnt stand it... my legs were aching...from jumping for an hour or so n i was damn thirsty as our water bottles are confiscated at the entrance. so had to move towards the back of the stadium wit prashant to re-hydrate my self. but around 20 mins later we left... well it was a really fun nite... mosh pitting... watching perverted assholes get slap after molesting some gal... n the waiting.... sigh maddness i tell u...madness!

"there is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot"

"there is so much comedy on television, does that cause comedy on the streets?"
-quote on violence on the street caused by tv-
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Friday, November 04, 2005


i am so irritated by stopid motorcyclists... in main roads!!! firstly... they take up the middle or fast lane... while going 40-50kmh. nvm... sometimes u horn them... they show u the finger... yes n this is in federal highway!!! WTF man... cmon la... use common sense abit la. and sometimes they over take u in the corners where u wanna actually accelerate! then they giv ya a shock!!! causing accidents to normal car drivers instead...(nope this never happened to me...... yet). TRAFFIC LIGHTS is the worse! they will hog the entire front line... and when it turns green... they speed off is ok... but those that slowly glide their way along is the worse! esp those traffic lights that have a short green! and those wit the timers!!! worse! some dun even stop... esp the one at jalan gasing... got once i was coming down from the gasing heights road heading jln gasing.... the lights turn green... i so i drove la... when i was about to cross i can see this motorbike speed from a far... and i tot he will stop... so i cont going la... he cut in front of me making as if he is in the right and swerve his bike abit and showed me the finger... i wanted to just chase him n knock him down... but nvm la eh.. i was in a good mood... n my mom was in the car... dowan to scare her. n another incident... this one at pj newtown (state) obviously it was a one was street... i was driving normally... suddenly this bike from the junction u turned and banged my car. luckily it banged at my tyres... so no massive damage done. then the biker gave tat .."y u didnt see me coming izzit" look... till i got out of my car... along wit my other same sized fren... to see my car... obviously he was in the wrong... but when he saw us... he changed his look n asked am i ok... i was sure i am preety ok n my car got no damage. but his bike's front tyre is surely gone... so i tot tat was bad enuff for him coz he need to carry the front of the bike to move it... so i told him to its ok n i left...

well in the end... after my long and confusing article in this blog... the conclusion is.... motorcyclist.... u all need to learn some rules or at least take care of urself la... the ad kept on telling us to "jaga orang motorsikal" and s#its... where they dun take of themselves at all!


yup i am entering the twilight years of my life.... nice pic eh? Posted by Picasa


recently found out that life is not all bout me or about taking the challenges. its about how i am going to take the challenges. i just found out i am not as strong as a cow. i just het wut happen to me recently in this few months. or better years. during my childhood i used to think i am on top of the world. taking on anything using my physical strength. i always try to outwit n outstrength anyone. but in this few years... first... my back start to give way... now it is a permanent damage cant fully recover... and due to that i have to cut down on all my physical activities. yeah i have to cut down on my basketball-ing, footballing, badminton n many other more stuff that can hurt my back. damn man... like i said in the blog b4... i dowan to go thru it again. now i found out i am reaching my mid 20's n i need to take care on wut i eat n drink... WTF is this man... need to take precautions coz family got background for high blood pressure. so now have to cut down coz i just found out i have slight high blood pressure. dammit man. so now i have to tackle things from a different angle izzit? aiyo... have to start to think wut i have to do during my free time all over again??!?! shit man... hehe. so swimming n cycling anyone?

"truth hurts, maybe not as much as jumping on a bicycle without a seat, but it hurts"
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