Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Too Lazy To Party

I just came back from the Borneo Jazz Festival. It was fun and great but I realised one thing that was bugging me... and that was my lost of enthusiasm for partying. Zoom back 10 years ago, I would jump at the chance to go for a drinking session or a party... 10 years on... I would rather sit down and just chill. Having a great time is no longer loud music and booze but more of a good meal and good company.

I lost my interest in drinking booze also. The idea of intoxicating myself and losing control over myself seems wrong. I just dont like the idea of being drunk or high anymore. I dont know am I being boring or anti social but I have also starting to avoid going out to "have a drink". Maybe I just don't see the benefit of paying over the top for something I don't enjoy anymore or just plain worrying about my health, somehow, I just stopped.

I now start to understand what my parents meant when they commented about loud music and it being annoying. Not that I have lost my love for loud music but I just can't stand music that are too loud (those in clubs).

Does that makes me an old man? or have I out grown these kind of lifestyles?

Maybe... maybe not...

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