Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hoping for the hopeless

There was a jobfair/careerfair/a fair that fresh grads put their hopes and dreams on last weekend. My company opened a booth there for 1. publicity and 2. hoping to recruit some 'potentials'. Do you still remember that recent years there is always this issue where the unemployment rate is so damn high among fresh grads in Malaysia? Well, after this 'fair' i have come to realise why...

So let me begin my barage of views and suggestions for the young hopefuls out there. This is what i noticed during the whole 3 days of the fair.

1. YOU KNOW that you are coming for a jobfair and YOU KNOW that there will be interviews or viewing from your future potential employers, yet you wear... CASUAL! Worse off is that for guys your HAIR is unkept and you are not clean shaven. For girls, you come as if you just 'happen' to drop by from your shopping spree. Hair all one kind, make up like you are going for some punk rock concert. That is already a BIG NO-NO when it comes to first impression. It shows that you are not ready, a sloppy person and a person that is not serious for the task. If we were to hire you the image of the company will be spoiled. We will have to keep reminding you that your clothes need to be ironed or washed. We have to inform you to cut your hair etc etc.


a) There were a handful... wait i take that back. I would say half of the candidates that approaches our booth thinks that this is some sort of funfair or some food fair booth where u can come and laugh and play. There were so many of them that came to our booth thinking of dropping their resume or CV. When we ask them to fill in a form they took the form and laugh, play, joke and not even take it seriously to answer the questions. There was this group that came and took the form and took their own sweet time to answer. And the best part is i saw them sitting nearby joking and playing among each other... HELLO... you are applying for a job le! not filling in some contest form!!!

b) There are some that come to the booth as if they are god sent to save our company. Just because you 'formerly' worked in a BIG corporation that doesnt meant that you are much greater then the people you are applying your job at! Coming here all gaya and all, telling us you work for this big company before bla bla bla yada yada yada... If you are that great how come you are still not working there??!!! and stop using big names to throw on us.

my verdict... attitude reflects your character. Imagine would i want to hire someone who dont even take things seriously and instead take your own sweet time and play around? What if i gave you an important task? die la! Arrogance... if you are so arrogant then if you would have come into our company and instead question the management and your co workers on every single thing. Teamwork will be diminished. And your ability is in doubt coz if you are really that good then how come you are applying a new job at a smaller company rather then your BIG company? maybe you are just not that good after all... Being HUMBLE gets you places. WHY? coz you want a job!

3) Alertness, well when i ask the applicant to fill in the forms, there were several very basic questions being asked. Simple and direct. Such as the name of the company, what do we do etc etc... well for one they cant even answer the first question... the name of the company!!! all just blindly apply coz they see us as a media company and 'glamour' hits their head instantly!!! Without even seeing properly or reading properly... they apply. Making them look silly. For me i think that you are not up to the task. Coz no.1 you are not alert at all! Half the answer is already on the question paper itself and yet they can ask around... sigh. My verdict... you have to be sharp and alert during this events. Read, see and think properly before you apply. Dun apply just because you see it as a glamour job...

4) Knowing your ability before you step into something... Some actually come to our booth and ask for positions such as DJ and Broadcaster when you know you cant even speak smoothly. Some is so confident they are willing to do anything... Now i know why there are so many people every year applying for american idol... Wanting to get famous! there was this guy that came straight to us and started blurting out how he wants to get a job as a speaker coz he loves to talk and talk... bursting to us telling his 'skills' and 'talent'. And when ask him to fill in the form... he have the guts to ask us... What is the name of your company? That is already a big turn off! My verdict... if you dont have such a big head, dont wear such a big hat! think before you act!

5) One of the irritating thing is alot of them never bring their resume with them. All also say can i give you the soft copy? can i send it to you? its always better to bring a hard copy of any documentation... is it that hard to bring 10-20 copy of your resume? And some are trying so hard to impress they actually attach all their certificate along with their resume! wow... thick as a book!! haha. Just the top 3 certs is good enough coz in your resume itself tells your other activities... but its ok coz its better to be safe then sorry. My verdict! always be prepared! bring hard copy documentations just incase!!!

6) Some people actually came to the booth while eating some snacks and ask if they can apply! Mamee to be exact. Bad no no again! you come here with your breath and hands smelling like dry hard noodle crackers with flavouring and filling in forms... another bad first impression. What if we hire you and we need to meet a client? I already have a bad impression on our country's immigration dept when the officer that stamps my passport is eating some oily chilli thingy and took my passport and stamp!!! my pass port can see the oil prints on the cover! That is a definate BIG NO NO!!! unprofessional!! time to eat plz go to the canteen to eat! and time to work please WORK!!! my verdict has been said!!!

Well now i know why there are so many unemployed fresh grad out there! i didnt want to admit when i read it... but with what i come through and what I noticed with my own eyes! there is a huge hole that needs to be mend and improved. I am also happy to see there are also quite a number of people with really good attitude that came and apply! Not to left them aside! just that with all the 6 problems i state above... it is what i noticed! so freshies! BUCK up or F*CK off!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


have you all watched American idol? I am currently watching American Idol season7 marathon (still watching...) I am just really baffled how idiotic some people can be! The desperation to get famous is somehow irritating!!!! worse off is that some people just dont know how or when to stop!! They sound really really really irritating and yet they still think that they are god given talent!! Please la.... STOP!!! hahaha. Some people know when to grip reality and stop but some people just never give up! even they know in the next million years its will still be the same!!! unless u lip sync!!! hahahaha!!! I really respect the judges on how they can actually stand listening to all this crap every single year! every single week!!! hahahah sad... real sad... all i can say is SHUT UP and STOP DREAMING to be famous!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

2008 squeak squeak bang bang!

Well 2008 passed really really fast. So lets see what i've done in the past one year!


Been so bz with work that i remember i was working till late on new years eve. Rushing to complete the campaign for Olivenol. The new organic olive juice supplements. So new that we need to think how to launch this 'wonderful' product. The whole month was working my ass off everyday monday to sunday just to make sure things goes as planned. I remember by end of January i was so exhausted and stressed up. But work is work, we need to strive on! Masterskill officially went solo and didnt renew our contract. Those arrogant buggers. but hey... this is the norm in advertising world... acceptance and rejection.


CNY!!! was a really short Chinese new year for me. Was working till CNY eve's eve... should be working at CNY eve but we think we all needed a break. Coz Olivenol just launched and lotsa follow up work to be done. Hectic like hell... it was then we realised that one of our colleague decided to resign and gawd damn... the thread thin moral of our team got even thinner. In quantity and in mentally. But life goes on again. People come and people go... its the part of life. This was the most important time of a couple's relationship too... Valentine's day. Made a photo box for my babe... I always believe the most expensive gift to give to the person u love most is to give something from the heart. So expensive its priceless... HAPPY VALENTINEs MUCHACHA! Took babe to on top of the world for valentine's lunch!!! a meal in the heavens! wuahahhaha!! u go figure! Oh yes... babe can drive already! wuahahahha... now i dont need to drive...! Started off my new blog... a more responsible and mature one! for the mature crowd... yea rite! oh yes been helping Dr Tee Ah Sian, our Malaysia's candidate for the post of Regional Director for the western Pacific region for the WHO nomination campaign. nice lady tho!


Been working for 3 months straight. Besides the CNY break and the occasional off on Sundays... its all work!! I finally realised i am really really exhausted coz of my constant migrains and mood swings. I went to see the doctor and he told me i got a really minor depression, hypertension, and over stressed. Actually gave me 3 days MC and the best part... the doc told me to go chill. Go relax at the beach, shopping... what ever that can take ur mind of work and wont stress my body. ahh sounds interesting. I tender my resignation from my work. Not because i am stressed. But i am planning to move on and experience different working environment! This was the month of Sunburst too! wah went there early wit babe and had a blast! met Jasdev too! my bro from Coll. Oh ya... Election!!! our country's general election caused a massive upset to the ruling party as the opposition manage to coup a huge chunk of the cake! This was when i also applied for my new job!

April fools... somehow this doesnt have its kick anymore! Finally saw i am legend and this reminded me of the song that i havent been listening for a really long time! Three little birds from Bob Marley! cool song! Finally went to the famous food foundry at section 17... nice place for a reasonable priced good meal! better then thet skanky Williams at KJ. Went to d'Kampung (now defunct) for dinner and shisha! man I love their shisha! The infamous return of Prashant! Went to Velvet Underground and thaaaaani! woooo had a blast wit mah babe and mah bros! been drinking for almost every week! hahaha real drunkard!


I finally stop working for KBB. Really thankful for all my bosses and colleagues... we are like a family... well Now officially a bummer... prashant;s bday too! thaani thaani ina kuddi karans! had a typical red neck party... BBQ and tons and tons of booz! Went to Maisons after tat and its slooooow. Weird crowd... some dancing like puppets! weird.... but it was then we realised we are not into this clubbing thing anymore... coz can see all of us lost our zest. Not so energetic anymore... we just sat there and drink! maybe its work... Been helping babe wit her idiotic Maxis Broadband! this is where i realised that Malaysia is not ready for wireless broadband yet! slow and sometimes unavailable! This was where i first tasted real pain from paintball! and it was a good pain! PAIN IS GOOD!!! IT SHOWS THAT YOU ARE ALIVE!! hahahaha. babe stopped her job at UOB and moved to CIMB so we had KFC to celebrate the NJ (new job) hahaha. Iron man came out!


ITS BABES BIRTHDAY! planned a suprise party at Cititel for her! well! she was sooo happy! glad that she was! Well there was many celebration! took her to Swensens later for a massive ice cream session! EARTHQUAKE!!!!! eaaaaaat!!! hahaha. Then had another dinner with babe;s family at Seo Gung! korean food! really good! should go and try! This was the month my heart fell as my favourite comedian George Carlin Passed away! RIP Georgie! This was also the month i watched the 11th hour and decided to start my own environment movement! i decided to walk more instead of drive! and when i drive i try my best to conserve more petrol by not accelerating too much! oh ya babe finally found a obsession on how to irritate me by playing Patapon in the car! ''....pata pata pata pon...." was cute at first until it was repeatedly repeat for so many times! Well as my next present for my babe, i took her for a west coast road trip! KL to ipoh to penang and back! had a blast! ate and ate and ate! woooohooo! got free media screeing for Doomsday! borrring! babe headed back to Sabah for one whole full week! well the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder... its true...


Got a call from BERNAMA... they are offering me a job! to work in their radio station!! at first i was kinda reluctant coz i am going into Brand and marketing! and its almost the same thing i did at my former job! but after some thinking i decided to take the challenge and go for the interview! and to my suprise the interviewer was non other then the former GM of Bernama Dato Syed Jamil! siot gile! hahaha. Tension ler... but to my suprise he was impressed by my honesty and directness! To be honest i wasnt even ready for the interview! but i nailed it! haha painted my house during this month. tiring but rewarding! haha. Help babe to paint her front door too! also a really rewarding situation as it create a bond between us! Went to watch Malaysia vs Chelsea! wow... not tat bad! we lost but we gave a challenge! i was there to support Malaysia all the way! sadly i was sitting beside all chelsea fans! including prashant and my couz! this was the month the ruling govt and the opposition party started their childish banter! "u bodoh!"... "no u bodoh!!!" sigh!... grow up wei...! Babe finally got her new car! the brand new VIVA named Snowy! awwww.... celeb mah bro aaron's bday! at itallianies! haha Just saw one of the best movie ever! Dark Knight! awww man it was cool! Mohana's dad passed away! RIP Kanakasupiah

Another of my fav comedian passed away.. RIP Bernie Mac! Started my new job at Bernama Radio24! had a real Blast in my first month! went to Luna Bar for the first time! it was really great! the environment and ambience was spot on. Only thing missing is the clear skies! went to watch a dismal performance by my hometown team Selangor at the Malaysia Cup finals! damn the defence suck balls!! haha finally went to eye on malaysia! before they pack up and run to melaka!


Sis bday and dads bday! hehehe it was fun!!! had great meals with them! happy birthday!!! Puasa month!!! omg... foods galore! been attending so many buka puasa partys! went to putrajaya for the fireworks competition! not bad! really interesting! Finally met Bernama Editor in chief mr yong!


its our 2nd anniversary! cant believe its been two years!!! happy anniversary babe!!!!! hari Raya! had a open house at office! really fantastic! Fuel price drop again!!! yesss!!! been travelling around eating and feasting at open houses. This is the month i witness office politics at its peak! cant believe how rotten and poisonous it is! This was the month we witness the magnificient Malaysia lost to the bus parking infront goal Vietnam in the finals of Merdeka cup!


its a slow month. been working and working and working. Mohana's bday adn we ate at this new steamboat place me and mah babe discovered. not bad.... just heard that US dollar gonna collapse! well the recession around the world is worrying but life goes on and we have to work harder as its not easy to find jobs elsewhere! started to be the main organising committee for my radio's seminar! matthew another of my bro from coll joined me at office! babe cut her hair short!!!!! arrrgh! now its almost the same length as mine!


Its my birthday! yippidi! been working really hard... weekends also turun padang! till i almost forgotten about my birthday! babe organised a suprise party for me! went to Apartment at KLCC!!! was really really really really very very very happy!!! thanks babe!!! well the seminar went well! not all attended but the turn out was good. We got the clients and we got the awareness! hahaha. even manage to meet the new GM of bernama! hehe. our CEO personally came to me and congratulate me for the job well done! i am actually stunned! Xmas!!! finally got my break! slept off the whole xmas! hehe. didnt really celebrate tho. Didnt have time to rest also!!! been sleeping at 1-2am and waking up at 6am for almost a month! physically and mentally drained! went to melaka wit babe for one nite... had so much fun. Ate almost everything edible there! hahah satay celup, ikan bakar, chicken rice ball, cendol, nyonya laksa, nyonya curry laksa, muachi and gula ketuk!!! hahaha thanks to angelina for taking the effort to take us out the whole day! walked till my leg almost break!!! hahaha oh ya... this was the month my buddy since std 1 got married! congrats jee onn. and you owe me one big time! hhahaha

2008 has definately been one year to remember!
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