Monday, September 26, 2011

Malaysian Movies - Nasi Lemak 2.0, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Belukar,& Setem

I have to say that the past few years I have watch a few really good local movies. Of course there are also a fair share of the not so good and also the really bad ones. But this article is dedicated to some of the good ones that I have watched the past few years. I have to say that they have adapted quite well in terms of story line, direction and of course acting. Some of the lines are very original and its really good to see we move into that direction! 

First stop is a Khabir Bhatia film, Setem. Its by far one of the funniest local movie I've seen recently. In funny I mean smart funny and not slapstick funny. The whole story line is very very similiar to Guy Ritchie's Snatch but with a good dash of local flavor in it. Its no surprise that the director is a huge fan of Guy Ritchies work,. hence the creation of the script and added with good acting and a good cast, makes the movie a well worth trip to the cinema.


I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie as it takes us a journey of a typical Malaysian lifestyle and culture and the jokes are really good and original. The flow of the story is done in a way that there was never a boring moment. At times I was laughing my ass off along with my other friends. Funny thing is that most of the other viewers did not get the joke. I actually watched it 3-4 times with different people and I still find it funny! a definite keeper! great stuffs!

Next stop is Belukar. This show was introduced to me by my colleague. At first, when I looked at the poster, I really thought it was some horror movie or some thriller added with the title. I really thought it was some pontianak that was hiding a bush movie. Then when I read about it properly, it is actually an indie movie set in Sabah. So bear with it, the language might be slightly hard to understand.

 It revolves about how a massive insurance conmen (or women!) Eve, where she have raked in more than 100 million ringgit from insurance companies and she was being investigated by Nik which.... falls for her and found out who she really is. The twist is not too bad and the style that was made was interesting. A lil' twist here and there. The movie was made even better as the beautiful Daphne Iking was the lead cast. 

Next up is the epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa or as it is marketed overseas, The Malay Chronicles : Bloodlines. I was quite skeptical when I was the whole thing about the production cost and being the most successful movie ever made. I was still wondering what happened to the late P. Ramlee movies. I dont think they should even compare as last time not everyone can afford to go to the cinemas to watch a movie! That was what I thought before I watched it.

Well, the first thing I noticed is that most of the main cast are not even locally based. Not too bad! Ok so the story is about Merong Mahawangsa, a Malay legend and supposedly the founder of Langkasuka empire which then turned into day Thailand and Kedah. After watching it then glimpses of my old memory of Sejarah lesson came flashing by. 

Well, the mood of the movie had some Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. But I have to say its quite amazed with the production in this movie. The story is not too bad but the fight scene was slightly Bollywood where there was no contact or not hard enough contact to make people fly that far. But the story was interesting! not so accurate history lesson anybody? Not too bad graphics in the movie too. 

Overall I have to say its not too bad of a movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! 

Then most recent one was Nasi Lemak 2.0, done by the famous / infamous Namewee. He is no stranger to controvesy but its all because he believed in what he believe in! Being a Malaysian! The show has an all star cast. Although the story and scripting could be stronger but I have to say its a really really impressive and awesome job for a first time director.

The whole message and element of  being a Malaysian was successfully brought across to the audience. The message was direct yet very meaningful. There was several spoofs and lots of elements of Namewee in it especially from his previous music videos which makes his movie even more interesting in terms of pushing the limit. 

This movie definitely open a whole new door for movie making style in our country! Job well done! I really enjoyed this movie even there were one or two characters that were really annoying! 

Its really good to see that our movie industry have evolved and improved, so I am calling all Malaysians to give our local movies the support that they thoroughly deserve. Support the local scene and lets hope this will open more opportunities and more quality movies to come!

 A few more old movies that I have to give recognition is the evergreen P Ramlee's movies which is so difficult to get nowadays, Puteri Gunung Ledang and XX Ray 1 and 2. Awesome stuffs! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sony Walkman W-Series Launch

When I first told my friends that Sony has launched their new Walkman, most of them gave me the same response, "They still produce that??! As in the ones with the cassette?!". My,my, how outdated have they been?! Sony has came a long way since then, even though they maintained the "Walkman" brand but they have kept up with the time and yea this time this walkman has really took the "walk" to the next level. 

Sumandak & The City with the white little walkie
The new W series impresses me quite a bit. Talk about portability and mobility, this series definitely has all of those. Usually when it comes to a MP3 player there is usually a body and the wire that links to the headphones. Quite a hassle when you want to move around. Especially when you are running or walking or perhaps doing some physical activities that requires bending and turning and pumping! You know, those that  makes you sweat. The wires will stick to your face la, wires get tangled up la or the worst part, your sweat seeps into the device and after a while... you can say bye bye to your device. 

W-Series Walkman Range
Somehow it looks cooler on this mannequin
Talk about convenience, this W-Series has quite a fair bit of convenience. It comes only with a flexi wire that connects both the headphones... and.... thats it. With the size of a bluetooth headset , its simple and easy to maneuver without all the hassle of wiring dangling from your head to your body. Best of all, its water proof! yes, water proof. This series is created specifically for those who loves the outdoor activities and with the weather of our beloved country, rain comes a plenty. If you were to use a normal MP3 player, you would most probably run for cover if it pours. But with this series, run all the way to your destination with awesome tracks playing! This will allow you to play "Chariot of Fire" while you run in slow mo in the rain with your drenched see through singlet exposing your layers of healthy lumps or bumps wobbling and vibrating to the finish line! 

Waterproof wei!
Having a 2GB storage space, you can do your run for a way longer time with your favourite cool kick ass tracks! With the 3 minutes "Quick Charge" feature, you can have your Walkman cranking up your favourite tunes up to 60 minutes per charge. Uploading is easy as they have a water tight USB socket. Plug and load from your pc and off you go! 

The bright colours are definitely made for those outgoing or sports enthusiasts! Dont worry, those that wants to have that cool look, they also have it in classy black! Not too bad for a small device like this! 

The price of one of this sporty babes comes only at RM299! Ok bah for a waterproof, mobile, sporty and convenient device! 

The only thing is to make sure you get the right ear piece. For me, I prefer a bigger one so that I can fill up my hole... I mean ear hole. Why? when I wore the display model, it could not fill up and kept on falling off. Big wealthy ear is like that one la.... 

All in all, the Sony Walkman W Series is quite an interesting device. For a person who loves his music and constant luck getting drenched in the rain... I think I can use this device! wait... dammit, my other devices are not waterproof! dammit!

The Sporty, Classy, Cool and Awesome ppl?
L-R: Shereen, Vernon, Rebecca & Kelly

Monday, September 19, 2011


In this life there is reality and there is fantasy, but sometimes fantasy can be a reality too! Well that is what most guys think. With the influence of magazines and internet and of course the well chiseled image from the PR companies. Normal girls can be turned into the hot girl next door or a sex goddess.

So the question that is asked around most is who do you choose? Choices can be made but in reality who do we really wanna choose? I am sure most guys always has a list of wants and needs. That is of course the "ideal" list. You can walk down the road and ask any guy and make a list of who they wish they can date and what they look for in a girl, then compare all of their list and I can tell you the list will be 80-90% similar. If you look at the list it is near perfect. This eyes, that lips, that boobs, that body, can cook, can clean, can love, can take care of self, can cuddle and the list goes on and on and on. So who is that fantasy girl again? its in your head! its always in your head! That girl will never exist. Its made up by mags to sell you that fantasy so you can fantasize about the things you can do to her or the live you want to live with her.

But truth be told, once you come across a real girl with a decent looking looks. That whole list is thrown out the window! And if she is good looking, you would just do anything to get her. When your friends ask you, she is not exactly what you said you are looking for also. Then you would just say she is! Am I right? then comes the "that is last time...". Why? coz fantasy girls is what you think you want but what do you really want is a girl to be with.

When reality strikes, you know that list you made up is too much. Then you make amendments. Cut down 80% if what you set. Why? because this girl makes you go head over hills for her. So what is the real girl then? 20% of your dream girl? Not exactly again. Its just a natural way of life for us to pick the girl with the most similarities to the women we grow up adoring or the women that made the most positive influence in your life. It could be your mother, sister, grandma, aunt of that cute neighbour. If you dont believe me, look at your friends or brother where you know their life well. You will see alot of similarities between their mom, sis or grandma with their girlfriend or wife.

It could be the in the physical aspect, character or the personality. Believe it or not? Those that broke up is because that hidden sub conscious criteria is not exactly fulfilled. Some of us knows that list some dont.

But some cant grasp the reality and they still expects Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox or Lin Chilin to wash your clothes, cook a nice "wu thao khao yuk" or that mean rendang daging like how your mom use to make and also to make sure your shirts are fresh and nicely pressed, take full care of your baby, and make sure the house is clean and look flawlessly good while you sit there and watch tv or play games. DREAM ON MAN!!! This is when they get a girl, they will demand them to dress up, make up etc etc to try to look as much as their dream girl. Then when they get frustrated, they...... abuse... dump or cheat on another girl that is similiar to his dream girl. Its a sad sad society, and how much the media have corrupt some minds to the level of no return. I feel sorry for this girls.

The other sad part is those that comment on a certain celebs fan page on facebook or twitter. Its quite pathetic when you see some of the comments. For example, one celeb that I wont mention name like Hannah Tan. Once she posted that she was not feeling well and I just got curious what people posted since there was like 100+ comments. Most of it was get well soon... thats normal. But for those that went... let me try to quote "oh poor thing, need my help? drink more herbal soup and take good care of your self yea?".... HELLO?!! Do you ever in your right state of mind think she will say "yes, please get me some herbal soup. Its freezing in Japan and I really need some unknown guy to come over to my place and take care of me"..... get real!

Truth is, there is no such thing a fantasy girl. The fantasy girl is just a figment of your imagination and it only exist in your mind. Fantasy girl is for you to fantasize when you are sitting there alone in your house with nothing to do the whole day and lets not get there.... then again, your fantasy girls or celebrities that you know actually just fills up a few requirements on the list, most notably... on their hot physical attributes! oh yea... but she could be the bitch and a half! right? but its ok coz she is hot... right?

End of the day the real girl can be your fantasy girl if you think she is! appreciate her, understand her, under-stand for her longer, and of course love her and hope that she loves you back! Throw that list away because when the right girl comes, the list is irrelevant and when that happens... you will look back at your list and laugh because the one you got is much better... I hope! Besides, I like my girl original and real!! not those fake ones because I dont want to suddenly see your nose drop off or your boobs burst in the middle of our flight to somewhere or trying to give me a stiff botox faced smile.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

WUUUUAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! pt 2. (I am sure this cant be a proper title)

Yes I have gone officially insane. The flu fucked me up pretty bad! Its raining now and this reminds me of something that I havent done for a really long time! walk in the rain... do you realise that people are all worried now about getting wet in the rain or falling sick and stuffs.

But do you realise we never really fall sick when we were kids after walking in the rain? I dont know about you, but I dont. I was like superman last time. I never fall sick... the only time i fall sick is because i dont want to go to school! Walking in the rain or sitting in the rain was a tranquilising thing to do. You all should try sometime! Let the water trickle down your skin... WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! nowadays we cannot do that! why? we are scared that our little electronic devices like our precious phones, tabs, charger, pager or laptop get soaked. Ahhh no wonder we dont get wet anymore. Well I noticed that! I too am afraid to walk in the rain esp with all this super expensive devices we carry in our pockets.

Then again... no wonder all these kids nowadays are all weak little fucks! No rain, no pain, no shieat! Everytime I pass the schools when it rains I see parents all holding umbrellas covering their kids and they themselves get wet. Precious little items... or when they get whack by teachers they scold the teachers back! amboooi... manjanye.... Back then when I told my mom my teacher whack me... my mom will whack me another round and say "Serve you right! naughty again la! *whack*"

Its sad that we have became weak little people. Having depending on supplements, special treatments or classes or the weird lifestyles we live today. Coz we are all too protected. We are all pampered with convenience. and we became inpatient. A weak and inpatient society.

You dont see kids running around getting dirty anymore. You seldom see kids playing those games like galah panjang, kunda kundi or whatsover on the field anymore. Where you go you see PSP, iPhones, Nintendo etc... its a sad sad place we live in. And it reflects in the music too! yes, I am going to continue with more bitching!

Look at the music the new bands or musicians are producing nowadays? its such a shame that there arent lots of real rockers out there anymore. Its all so diluted with techno, wussy rock, faggy lead singers and "one beat for all bands" band! The music industry actually able to tell us how have our society have evolved into. Weak plastic whimpy kids! Then again... it sells! its all about the money! So those of you that have kids or going to have kids, please dont let them get drowned into this shieat!

I guess thats enough of ranting here so I guess I am going to go back to my headbanging.... over and out!

WUAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! (is this even a title?)

I suddenly have the urge to break something. Call it teenage anger or what ever but wait! I aint no teenager or am I? I woke up feeling a little more energetic today maybe due to me recovering from my bad flu and cough due to the stupid fucked up haze. But today was one of those days where all the energy kept while i was sick for the past few days trying to burst out.

To tell you the truth... I felt good! I feel like I really wanna break some stuffs! I feel like just living the life and do something stupid like what we do when we are at our teens or early adulthood. Second childhood? I dont know, the sudden urge to start headbanging and jumping all around the house! I dont know do you all have those urge or not, but then again who gives a fuck?!

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