Monday, April 23, 2007


OH MY... 6 months and counting already... i cant believe it.. Missing her everyday now. She became part of life itself. Just like rice to the asian community. It is a joy to see her. Just staring at her is a past time. The voice in the morning is like a breath of fresh air to the day. aihs... amor... so beautiful. THE ADDICTION TO THE SMELL OF THE HAIR IS STILL SO SENSATIONAL! OUH.... the smile... the touch of the fingers... the natural reaction to protect her from harm and making sure everything is comfortable is like a urge and a norm in life! 6 months... so many ups and so little downs... just beautiful. its like a fairy tale at first... and now... its an epic event in epic proportions. Just like watching the supernova in the skies or like a massive volcanic eruption... huge rumble that scares the living souls but to some... it is just a beautiful natural phenomenon. An art form. The feeling of supremacy and care is such a nice feeling...


I guess no one is interested in reading nonsensical blogs anymore. The daily life struggles and shieat is the one tat interest ppl. I wonder why? Kepo? maybe hehehe. For me... i just write to express the shieat that is goin on in my head... just to let it out... couldnt be bothered with who is reading it or is there anyone reading it. But after reading all my friends blogs... be it, if it is talking about korean star getting married and you getting sad, life struggles.. stress.. happy.. sad... lonely...angry.. etc etc... , function or event reports... poems... or even reviews... i think some ppl are running out of ideas or are actually challenging themselves to create the most interesting of articles produced! not bad... friends i didnt think can write is creating interesting blogs now.. and those i expect to write interesting blogs just ceased writing... why? is it getting boring? well... for me all i want is to see what are the people's reaction on the article i wrote.

YES! YOU... READING THIS NOW!! haha... i see you!!! o_o

But wut i dont get it is wit all those weird... if u dun send this u will die or send this to 20 ppl or u will get bad luck... wut a load of rubbish! if like tat we are already getting a world catastrophe of ppl suddenly dying coz some freaky zombie looking gal will come and find u while u are in ur bed and kill u! or everyone is getting all the love they wan... why? coz some loser cant get enuff love so he/she created some email or message or bulletin or blog just to scare the shit out of ppl? hahaha... if u send this to 20 ppl ur love of your life will call you in 20 mins.... i am still waiting to see this dying gal tat got no money for surgery, is she cured... or not. Maybe she is a millionaire now coz we donated alittle too much for her... i actually saw the same email ppl send to save this gal in the range of 2 years! really! i was like wtf??? again? shieat!

bwahhahahaha... so i guess no one gonna read this pathetic article of mine anyway... ehehe. yeap yeap... just wannna express myself. oh ya... if u dun read this article or send the link to other ppl... spiderman in dracula suit will come and bite the shieat out of u... no? not interesting? oh... ok... aihs... i am so sad... my life is f*cked up.. i just duno where to go.. interesting? nah... ehhehe who cares!!! okok send this to 5863 ppl 491 of them must be a man older than 40 years, 627 of it must be gals below 21 and the rest goes to the left overs... then the love of your life will come and bitch slap you! ehehhe

ahh damn... i am out...

Friday, April 06, 2007


How weird is it when this happens to me everytime?!!!!

For instance today... now.. i am bored like hell... and i got nothing to do when everyone else got something to do... and when i am occupied... everyone seems to ask me out for a drink!!! why oh why?!!!! this goes for phone calls too! when i am sitting doing nothing.... no calls at all! when i get one call... my other phones will start to ring... or the phone will ring when i am in the middle of someting! sigh!! BIG SIGH!!! hehehe. Why does this happens to me? not once... but almost everytime!! almost!!! so weird... its like as if there is a conspiracy! ...

When i am in a rush! the traffic somehow gets worse! and bastard drivers will start to appear in front of me... slow dimweeds la... super slow motorbikes on the fast lane la... irritating bastards tat cant wait in line and have to cut line and when cant enter he blocks the entire lane la... big bus stop to let ppl down la.. hwo come ar? really... ppl used to tell me tat it is because i am in a rush tats why i see it like tat... but i made a research... well more like i try to notice... when i am free... the road is really better! no buses stopping... no slow bikes... lower rate of bastard drivers... hmmm....

This goes wit bumping into friends too! when u hope u get to bum a friend somewhere...u dont! but when u least expected it... u bum into not one... but a few!!! for instance... i was walking at the Curve wit my gal tat day... then first i bum into my old friend... tat i didnt see since high skool... then after a while i bum into another friend i met in camp... then i bum into my coll friend.. then...yes... then another high skool friend!!! oh my... what a day!!!

this goes for shisha also! when i ask ppl for shisha... no one wanna go... but when i wanna just go wit my gal... i will bum into everyone... and they will ask... wah neva ask me go shisha la... or my friend will call... 'wanna shisha??'...sigh...

I still find it weird... when it doesnt happen nothing happens... when it wants to happen it all happened at one go! weird... really weird!!!
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