Wednesday, November 29, 2006

its Rayning men!

In a lush green plateau, the sound of the wind blowing gently across the trees. The plateau is framed with a beautiful rocky mountains with snowy peaks by the horizon. A dog barking could be heard by the hilt. A beautiful beagle running across the lush green. "Dragon! Dragon!.." a husky voice could be heard. A tall built man came chasing the dog. The dog ran towards its master and he hugged it. "Little devil... for you know I am going to visit milady, you shouldn't make me wait any longer just by chasing you," he said. His name is Sir Jon Osmond Karl Elliot. As Jon looks up into the skies as he is walking back to his castle he said to Dragon "For everytime I visit milady, the skies will shower us with this tranquilising droplets... perhaps it is to clear the filth on my face and freshen me up,". As he walks down to the stables, Lucard the the white carriage driver speaks "Good day milord, finally visiting Lady Elizebeth milord?". Jon replied "Indeed Lucard, very well lets get on the way as I am missing her as much as the fishes misses the water" he continues "I havent seen her for ages, for now I am very nervous" but Lucard gave words that calms him down as usual "Milord, I am very sure Lady Elizebeth is as anxious as you, milord".

As the rain continues trickling down, the trail along the forest starts to get muddy. After hours travelling across the forest, the 2 tall towers of Castle Ara could be seen as the trees clears. Across the trickling sound of the rain Lucard's voice could be heard "Milord, Castle Ara... your lady awaits". The carriage enters the castle and stops at the courtyard. As Jon alight his carriage the rain gets heavier and the ground gets muddier. This didnt stopped him from heading the tower. As eager as he is, he climbs the spiral stairs of the tower heading to the top of the tower eager to see his lady. As he climbs up the stairs that seems never ending, the thought of her beautiful smile and the smell of her long wavy lavender scented hair drives him faster. Thinking of the smile... the beautiful smile, the smile that strikes the heart like cupids arrow hitting its target drives him up the stairs like wind.

As he reached the wooden door at the top of the tower, he gently knocks the door and called "Lady Elizabeth, my love, for I have come after all this while, please let me in". But after a while there was no answer, somehow it doesnt seem right as he recall the rings in the door handle is not silver but gold. The smell of rotting wood could be smell. "This cant be right, I remember smelling the lovely and beautiful smell of lavender as i ascend the stairs when I came the last time. Could I have been wrong?" he thought. Then Jon shouted again "Lady Elizebeth! milady! answer me for I have arrived as promised" he knocks the handle again. "KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!!", "Milady, I have arrived...", as he speaks the rain starts to sprinkle in from the windows. Then a creak is heard... the door opens and without hesitation Jon ran in and hugged the lady with the wavy hair tightly. Suddenly, the lady screamed! "What are you doing??!!!" he pushed her away and look. It is not Lady Elizebeth! its an old lady... she was the cleaner of the castle!

After a while in the pouring rain a far sound could be heard "...... j...o...n...!", he looks out at the window as that is where the sound seems to be coming from... he puts his head out of the window and the sound came clearer... "JON!!!! what are you doing there??!!!!!!!! I am here!!!!!" He looked it was Elizebeth in the other tower with her mother and her sister. He rushed down the spiraling stairs embarrased but still eager to meet his lady. He ran across the courtyard under the rain and then across Lucard and asked him "Why didnt you told me?" Lucard replied " It was raining milord, I wasnt sure too". Jon rushed up the stairs then when he came to the door of the tower... he could smell the smell he remembered, the lovely smell of lavender. Lady Elizebeth was standing there looking at her knight drenched. She was so happy as he mom and sister was trying not to laugh at the farce that have just happened. She followed him down the stairs and into the carriage. She asked him "How could you forget where I stay?" he answered "It was raining so heavily for I was lost in the middle of this busy shower from the skies..., but i found you have I not?" They both smiled and embraced each other awhile then they kissed as they are riding into the sunset... and they live happily ever after... haha

Monday, November 27, 2006


This will be my 90th post in this blog and when i started blogging... i will never have thought that the 90th post will be the most meaningful one for me. Throughout the past posting... i have been thru so many things and now this 90th post i would love to dedicate it to this one special person.

The person that changed my life. The person that gave me light in the darkness. Her smile... that smile... the crescent of ray that could melt a thousand hearts. Yes this may sound boring already as i have spoken about it countless times in my past few blogs... but i can never stop it melting my heart, and i can never stop saying it. The smile is just so serene and sweet. Its like watching the sunrise from the horizon in a beautiful morning. It showers warmth to the life and break the darkness of the night. I have now found a new source of inspiration. I just cant find the words to describe this feeling i am going thru now and i dont think i can ever find it coz no words is good enough to describe this... I just cant get enough of it... I just cant... waiting to meet her seems like eternity... and when i am with her time flies so fast that i hope it will just stop and let me spend time with her forever. The smell of her hair when i hug her is so addictive as if it is a drug that no rehab can cure. The voice that seems like music to my ears... so melodious. Her enthusiasm is so infectious that it will effect the people around her. She laughs i laugh... she smiles i smile...

I said it and i am gonna say it again and again and again... the past one and a half month 42 days to be exact... have been one of the most magical time in my life, the temperature seems to maintain at the hot level... raised a little, drop a little but it still maintains its perfect temperature. I would like to say THANK YOU for coming into my life! Lady Shereen Simon Dulau. the princess to my heart...

Monday, November 20, 2006


5 weeks.... 5 weeks! That is one month one week! Some may not even pass it and i passed it with so much magic and passion. They say after the hot period is over everything goes back to normal! Things settles down... But not for me... I feel that everything will never ever be back to normal again coz this I hope this will last forever! Till today every sms and call still elevates the heart to another level and dimension and it makes you smile. When she is around it feels like there are nothing else matters but us. The skies seems brighter and blue-er when this happens. There is still so many things to talk even there is nothing to talk. While embracing, the world stops and hope that it will never end! ever...! Holding her hands still softens every heart and creates a static. Every single thing that comes in the mind be it a mind boggling event or a happy thought, her image calms everything down and lightens every situation. The smile still melts the heart. and her presence still creates that euphoria and serenity! Just sitting there looking at her quietly is so much enjoyment. For some it is a bore for just looking at someone... for some... it is admiring the most beautiful view ever. The song dont want to miss a thing from aerosmith makes more sense now after being together. Before that it is just nice lyrics... now it is describing how i feel!

It so happens that everytime we come together the sky will shower us with tranquilising drops. A gift from the big guy perhaps. Showering us with eternal bond. Just like how they say u can never break the flow of a river. The tranquilising rain drops reminds me of that saying. Even if it is a storm or just a drizzle... it all starts from a single drop and ends up with a river. No rock, wall or even barrier can stop the flow of this river. It will only make it more rapid and rough but the river still flows.

l'amour... amor... love... oh so beautiful...

*FLASH !!!!*.... *THUNDER !!!*....*RAYNE !!!!!*

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A relationship after one month.... well 3 weeks 2 days and 19 hrs... The feeling that the bond is getting really close. Although there are times of mistakes but a relationships is all about trials and errors... forgive and forget.. of course the errors are small ones. This is such a wonderful feeling. before this there has always been the feeling of emptiness and lonesome. There is no target or focus. Even there is a target or focus, they are dead or just stationary such as items or goals. But when it comes to a relationship the target and focus has been added with colors and life. It gives a new meaning of achieving your goals. It gives you even more incentive and purpose. It motivates you further more. Allowing you to reach a level you never thought tat u can reach before this. For some who dont understand this... well you can take religion as an example. Why pray? so that your mind will be focused... you have one aim and one focus... In a relationship is the same... it helps you focus, just tat this one talks back! hehe. and it is not written in the books. It is more of affection and love that gives you that special strength to move that extra mile... reach the unreachable... think the unthinkable and do the impossible...

Why? in my article BEEP i have explained all the special elements that makes this feat happens. It makes you wan to protect something that is so dear to you and not hurt it. Tat is the thing that makes you achieve the unachievable. And that my friends... is a wonderful feeling
Ever heard of house sitting?? yea yea... it is similiar to babysitting just tat u have to sit in da house and tek care of the house! damn its boring doing that. It not boring in a way... with all the entertainment in the house... big tv, astro, radio.... just tat i somehow feel i have the freedom to do anything in the house yet i feel confined! It is a weird feeling. I just sit there the whole nite like a fool watching astro, and the worse part is tat i dun feel really comfortable at all. Coz i cant sleep. Every one hour i will automatically wake up to check the place.... damn i feel more like a security guard rather then just an occupant of the house. I dun even feel comfortable to sleep in da room and ended up sleeping on the couch. I just dont know what to do. i am kinda blur. I have to sit there the whole day! and when i leave the house i feel worried coz its my responsibility and that feeling just sucks! Luckily shereen manage to lighten me up with a few sms-es and it made my nite sitting there alone.

Somehow now i understand why ppl feel homesick when they go overseas or outstation. I miss my home. This is just different than going to camp or vacation... or just staying in a rented room... this is like going to work! haha. just tat my job is just to sit there and stone in front of the tv the whole time~! well tonite is my last nite as the owner of the house is coming back tomolo. When i was in tat house wit my fren (owner's son) it is different. And being there alone its another different feeling.

2 sleepless nite is just weird.... and when i got home just now b4 i go to gym... i lie on my bed and it is such a comfortable feeling... i feel secure... lol. Maybe its just me or i am just taught not to be a free loader.... maybe... maybe... maybe....
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