Monday, December 15, 2008

One more year closer to the promised land

I do not know whether to celebrate or to feel sad as i have reach another year closer to the promised land. How does it feel? nothing much. Looking at the clock ticking away. Hahaha. Just a blink of an eye I have already reached a milestone! hahaha.

For me its just another day. I dont feel any difference. Its just numbers. Most importantly I celebrated with my loved ones. Babe! thanks for everything! I am not the celebrating kind especially when its for myself. I just dont like it. Not my type. The reason i give in is to make the people that wants it to happen happy. And I hope that you all feel swell!

I am grateful for everyone that celebrated with me and am thankful for all the wishes.

Thank you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

plastic nation!

This is the 3rd part of my plastic rant!!! you can check the others out pt 1 here ad pt 2 here


Have you notice that when you look at some pictures of people and you notice that the pose is exactly like the last picture and the last one and wait a minute... its all the same? the only different is the people around them and the location.

What the hell! I really cant imagine how is it like to be them!

"hey lets take a photo"... "wait! i've gotta be on my good side.." Tilts their head down 29 degrees and to the left 42 degrees. aaaaaannnnnnndddd smile! *click*

Its like that photo template you get with some programs in the camera (and phone too...) . Just select the frame template... ok i think i am gonna take this cool looking girl. Snap Snap Snap...

What the fuck man!!! ahhahaha. Be goofy, be different! How fucking plastic can they be!!! I get bored when i see this set of pictures... the first few is ok then when you get to picture 10 or 11... and you started to notice that the pose of this particular person looks exactly the same in every picture she/he is in... its starts to get booooooring. Why? coz every god damn people uses that same pose. Tilts their head down 29 degrees and to the left 42 degrees. aaaaaannnnnnndddd smile!.....

boring boring boring!!! damn dumb plastics!!!! hahaha. In this new age where everyone wants customized items... i am damn sure this is not the one! haha. If you wanna pick a friend from a photo pick the one with the collection of whackiest photo! coz from there u know they are different! especially those that are really natural.....
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