Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Advertising: the religion

I have been told as soon as I stepped in my office. "You have to breath advertising, eat advertising and shit advertising". In that sense i believe we can make it into a religion.

Why? As I noticed my colleagues, especially my senior that was with me for 2 weeks. What she did was obsessive. She actually devoted herself to the company. Why I say so? because when I came in the office early in the morning, she was already in the office and when I leave the office around 8-9 at night she is still there.

Looking at my bosses at how they work. I have to say, they are equivalent to high priests or arch bishops in the advertising line.

Why do I say its like a religion? We have to devote ourselves to find the light. To see the right path. To make sure its all done well. Most of all, to make sure you achieve the highest order. Marketing success. Dont you think its resembling a religion?

We are divided to different sections just like churches. We have the accounts servicing which is like the monks or priests that devote themselves to the advertising line. The creatives are the preachers, practising the religion by writing it on the wall, well for us is on advertising boards. And they are the ones that gives people the bible aka newspaper. Setting what needs to be said and what not.

Without knowing what we do is like not finding your calling. Praying without a cause or reason. All will go down the drain.

Advertising is also like a religion. If you dont look into it you wont know. Just like me. Before I came in here (i was from an engineering background), I thought advertising is all about thinking how to sell and design a product just like how people see Christianity as just ppl praying to a man on a cross called Jesus. But after coming into the line I found out that it is not just sell or design a product but how do we get the message abroad and what we have to do just to get the message across. Precision and great mind have to come into one to create a good advertising campaign. Just like a religion, people often misunderstood what religion really is. How much religion helps. Be it Buddhism, Christianity or Islam. Its a chain of complex structure that needs understanding before judging.

People devote themselves to the religion just like how we devote ourselves to advertising. We pray to our informations and books just like how people pray to the Quran or Bible. All information we need is in there.

So... do you think advertising is a religion? I think so too if I have to succeed in this line

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I cant believe it! till today i still cant believe it! I am not single and with mah babe! Its already one year and i am still so pumped up! i just cant explain this feeling. Her presence still electrifies me! holding her hand doesnt only send shockwaves through me... but now its more on affection and love. ahhh l'amour! I dont know am i boring her out or not but i am sure she entertains me whenever i am bored! by just sitting there and listening to my bragging and nonsense.! hehehe. by just looking at her makes my heart goes whooooeoeeeeeeeee... one year... one year!! oh my gawd!! some couple cant even make it past 1 month heck some cant even past one week! but i have made it through one year without any major hiccup. Ppl say after the first year it is where the relationship will start to be tested. Well... tested? isnt it tested now?! Fuck those who writes off any relationships! You are not in a real/proper relationship doesnt mean u have to be jealous and talk some nonsense to others!!! hehehe... i am who i am! and i dun give a shit whoever wanna compare ke or show of to me! guess wut?!! i dun give a fuck coz this is me and mah babes relationship! and i am damn proud of it and i dont need some dimweeds to show it to me how their life is so nice and stuffs! so if u all wanna show off or wanna compare! u can fuck off! coz i just dun care! i love mah babe so much and she loves me so much that i dun give a fuck what other ppl thinks! my life isnt complete without her. She completes me and she makes me wanna do wonders and guess wut?? i done a few already! so wutcha gonna say about it? WHAT CHA GONNA SAY ABOUT IT?!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

life is short

What are we doing? have we actually sit and think about it? Why do people wanna work? Why bask all the richess when you know that you cant take it all down 6 feet under when you are gone. By the way, what is richess? some say its money, some say its the life that they have lived, some say its the things they have achieved. So what is richess again? No one can tell.

Sometimes I wonder why does all those people struggle so damn hard just to get paid so little? whereas some work so little and get paid so much? Is survival really unfair? I am pretty sure that once a while we have thought about all this. How the rich became so rich? and how some work their ass off and still earn peanuts? Smart? Braind? Luck? I am also wondering about it too.

Like I said in my past blogs...The rich gets richer and the poor remains poor. Then again, whay do we work? To earn a living? The world have became so competitive that everyone is fighting just for a meal to eat. Really, we are practically fighting for a meal to eat. and as u get higher in the pyramid of the heiharchy you find that life is getting more and more complicated. Some complications are due to the people below them, some are the people around them. Office politics, the most dreadful word in any working people mind. Some say, I dont want to be involved in office politics. That is where they lose out. The smooth talker moves up instead the hardworker. So is it worth it? as in working?

My couz asked me that day. "What is our purpose in life?". It suddenly struck a chord in my mind. That question suddenly brings together all the scattered thought into one big picture. My reply was, "yes, what is our purpose in life?" What are we here for? we are just consuming and consuming everything we see in our path. Petrol, food, minerals and every other resources available. 'Indulge' in the richess of the world. but what are we giving back? what are we doing to maintain that? Nothing. we are just so busy earning our hard earned money on things that dont even satisfy us. SATISFY our cravings. This brings me back to my question. What are we doing? after the big circle that I've bring everyone around I am back to this question.

And yet we humans still fight on something that dont even belong to us. Well maybe its our competitive nature that we need to fight to survive. thats all... no other purpose in life. Just survival.Acheive king status, but we are still human. We still die, we cant acheive immortality. So what is all this richess all for? when you die, you get buried like any other one else. Yes bigger and nicer tomb and coffin but... we cant even feel or enjoy it and even see it! so whats the big hoo haa then? Everyone dies, and yet some want to be so greedy and earn as much as they can. Get rich or die trying? what about be happy and die happy?

Sometimes I am so sick of what our community is now. What have became of us. Everyone want to move in an office and work in the corporate life. So what about all those farmers and fabricators? aint they important too? they are the one that gives us corporate f*cks our jobs. Example, without farmers the markets and supermarkets and hypermarkets cant even have their 'fresh' vege's to sell. Heck we wont even have a decent vege to eat! Without fabricators, we cant even have our metal steels that build our homes or our high rise buildings. Aint they all important too? and why do they get paid peanuts where people like us get paid a huge sum?

What is wrong with the corporations and goverments? raising prices on everything and yet we are here earning our so called 'hard earned' money which is not even enough. If we have not enough to spend then what about the farmers and fabricators? Isnt life unfair? its like totally tilted one side.

So whats our purpose in life? confusing? I believe so coz its just life. So complicated and confusing that no one can come out with an answer. Here I am sitting in my office writing this blog that I believe that one one will ever read and understand. I am waiting for my dreaded working life to continue. Facing my 'nice' yet extremely fussy and pushy boss, and worse of all the 'nice' but freaking nasty client. Continuing my no purpose working life. A life where I cant make any difference. So please who ever that reads this that can make a difference please do your part and make that difference!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Clouded depression

I am here in my office thinking about what my life would have become if I were to do other things. My mind is clouded with so many aspirations and dreams. That sometimes I sit and wonder did I make the right choice. I talked to my boss about me thinking to switching professionalism. Not to other line but different department. What my boss told me is that I don't have the skills and ability to go in as others have their degrees and experience in the line and I will have to move a mountain just to move in. But all my life I always loved doing artistic stuffs. I wouldn't mind moving mountains just to make it happen. Honestly I am not happy with what I am doing now. HONESTLY, I am not happy. All I am doing now is just doing the best in what I am in now. Trying to love what I am doing. I just don't have the interest in the things I am doing.

I am in an advertising firm. I told this to my friend and they said that I should be happy as I am in the line that I love best. WRONG! I am in the line but not the department. I am in client servicing which is totally not my area of interest. First of all ever since young I hated doing sales and servicing. HATED it! But now I am doing what I hate. I am not a very cunning or suave person. I am not an articulate person who can twist and turn words. I am as dumb as a lamp post when comes to this area. This is the reason why I didn't go into business.

I was contemplating between graphic design, engineering and business. I opt for engineering coz graphic design is expensive and of course I am so dumb that I didn't found out about PTPTN till I entered college and I didn't make my stand and just think about everyone welfare ahead of mine. I didn't chose business coz I just don't like it. Not interested. But it was an option coz I needed an assurance in life. So I thought engineering was my best option.

In fact when I came into interview at G2 ad firm I applied to be a junior designer. But I just don't have the technical ability. Now I am searching and searching for a place that offers a part time course for Graphic Design or Just plain photoshop and illustrator courses. When I look at my colleagues in the creative department, I am just so plain envy. I would love to get my hands into what they are doing. Even back in high school I am always the guy that does the ticket designs, banners, tickets, magazines and mural designs. That's why all my friends say 99/100 of them question me when I entered engineering. Stating that I have wasted my talents on the wrong field.

Bottom line is, I hate my job now. Its not hard, its not 'that' stressful but it is an heartache looking at other ppl doing what I like everyday and cant even get near it. The creative director seems to scold one of our new guy about balance, feel, and arrangements. I sitting here actually knows all about it and don't get to do it. ARGH! I am trapped in something that I am trying to get out.

Lemme give you a brief view on my daily job. Come in at 8.45am, check my schedule, call a few suppliers to get some updates, THINK of what is my next step in solving the problems that is 'about' to happen. Just too many red tapes. I just not interested. And when the creative does something wrong I will get the fire from my boss coz I never help them to see it and even worse! If it is sent to the client, I will get it from the client. So practically I am the middle person getting all the shits. I get fucked front back left and right not to mention up and down. I am just not in a position to move. I work from 8.45 am till late in da nite.

I know my boss means well when she nags me about all the things around me. But the problem is, she keeps on saying that I am lazy, not taking the initiative and never think fast. Hell... she will bring up some topic few weeks back and question me about it and gives me a 1 hr lecture about it. I know she meant well but I need space to learn and move. I was put straight into the firing line without even knowing how to aim my gun. I know she is trying to push me to be like my senior of 2 weeks. Yes she left 2 weeks after I enter. I got no one to refer to. My colleague in the same department is also a new guy. Coming in 1 week after me. Yea we are suppose to replace my senior where she already established herself as a superwomen. Doing multiple tasks at a same time and not fucked up 95% of it.

I don't know. Everyday when I go to work it feels dreaded. I have to drag myself to work. When my boss calls, it sends shivers straight to my spine. To the extend sometimes I just lost confidence in myself. I feel like every step I make is a mistake. Even when there is nothing to do in the office I still feel the anxiety of work to do. I feel guilty sitting there and doing nothing. How am I to overcome this? I sometimes felt useless and demotivated. I tried to pick myself up by telling myself to look at my big boss. To look at him, how he achieve what he did. To take him as my motivation to strife and move on.

I do noticed that I have became more uptight and organised over the past 3 months working here but I am still searching for the light. Even though I am not as stressed and getting constant panic attack as I was when i first started but somehow I cant get past this feeling. I feel like I cant perform and disappointing everyone. I am trying... so hard... Its just that mistake after another. I sometimes think that I should just stop working in this job. I learned but somehow I still make mistakes. I've learned to let go but somehow some part of me cant. I am so locked up now. Maybe sitting at home bumming for so long has taken its toll on me.

Sometimes I also think that I am still immature. Still a spoiled kid hoping that everything will spoon fed to me. Maybe, maybe, maybe... Could it be that due to my bz weekends too? Coz honestly I haven't have a decent slow weekend since the first weekend after I started work. Its always filled with activities, family, gf or friends. I don't have time for myself. So far I never have a full day for myself. Morning till nite, from the time I wake up till the time I sleep. there is surely something that happened. Work, errands, relatives visiting, and shopping. Is it due to all this? Or is it me thinking that the whole world depends on me? Or am I just to nice to everyone that I agree on multiple tasks even if it is at the almost same time? is my time management bad? is my organisation bad? hey its a weekend! Been so bz throughout the weekday that I don't even have a decent weekend to just slow down.

Bottom line is, I am lost. Totally lost. I cant focus on my life. I don't even know what I am doing now. I am clouded with all this shits and giggles. I need my life back. I need to take a few days to sit and think of how can I get my life back on track and pull myself back together again. I cant just try to focus on my work and hope I can find my way out of it but I have to think and make my way out of it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I wish...

I wish the world is clear
I wish the world is good
I wish the world will be a safer place
i wish the world will love one another

How i wish all the above can happen...

The world is corrupted
There is left with so little good
that we are now all not in the mood
Makes us all machines of work
That have no more love
All we seek is lust
And greed and power we trust

All you need is love
That is what John Lennon says
but end of the day
He got shot dead

How are we to love
When no one know it anymore
All we know about love
Is nothing more then a heart
only for couples too hug

If we can apply love to all
Then human kind wont fall
Even the greatest hate of all
Wont even get a chance at all
If we apply love to all

I am just writing this without even thinking. But from the deep thoughts in my head we need to learn to live in harmony and united.
I couldnt agree more on rasta that freedom is the most coveted prize i want now. i am stuck in this rut where we call working life. I am working in the line that i like but not the department i love. it is due to my incapacity to 'draw' wit certain programs. i talked to my boss the other day regarding on my interest. Well i was blown down saying that i am not up to it. My drawings are amateurish and i got no strength in drawing. I dont know whether to agree or to disagree. I love drawings. I love to potray what my mind tells me. I am not unfocused just that i am diverted. There are so many things in my life that was diverted and now it came back and bite me in d ass really really hard. What can i say. Am i the victim of my own doings? or am i just plain stupid? I want to be free. Free to express my feelings and views. Free to do what i love best. creating a drawing... a piece of art... unfocused... i am unfocused coz i am not doing wut i wan and i am still looking over the fence on the thing i want. naive? all i want is freedom. Like i said it and i said it again. we are controlled by money. Money makes the world goes round. I dun really agree entirely. So many times money couldnt solve the problem. Money cant buy freedom. money just traps you even further.

"What do I want most in life? Freedom. Freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want ..... Another day towards the horizon not knowing whether to expect clear skies or storm clouds. Lets wait and see."

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

9 months 15 days and 17 hours... thats the time she had said yes. Going to 10 months already... whoa. Its really lucky to have her. I am thankful that she came into my life. I just imagine sometimes... what will happen if i just didnt ask. Will my life be the same?

Well we are going through a very interesting stage of our relationship now. Working stage! sometimes i dont even have the chance to meet her. Its only the weekends where it all happens. Well consoling each other... she life me up when i was down and i try to lift her up when she is down. its good its all good...

Meeting even just for an hour or so actually is sufficient to fill my day. but not meeting her a day seems like i havent complete my day, but a phone call at least is good enough before i venture into my slumber. Just to listen to her voice makes me smile.

Although we seem to be like a boring couple... no trips to some exotic island or a 'every weekend must go somewhere interesting' trip... somehow we still enjoy each other's presence. Just laze at home... catch a movie... have a nice banana leaf meal or a nice western meal... boring? for me the most important is to spend time talking and enjoying each other's presence... that is the most interesting thing for me! you dont need some whacky plan to some fancy place to be interesting. We are our own judge of being interesting or not.

For this i think life will be interesting

Monday, July 02, 2007


In the morning waking up is a dreaded thing. Your whole body feels heavy and lifeless... u have to drag your body off the bed and move on to get ready for... WORK! Its like every day is a test. Back in studying days waking up early is irritating coz u know u hev to go class and listen to boring lectures or tons of homework.. but working its different.. the feeling is like going for exams everyday. If u get a slow n easy day its like a bonus! For instance after a really bz week and suddenly on a Friday the whole day seems free and easy... it felt kinda weird coz... its like as if something is not done yet... OMG... shieat! but reality is... there is nothing to do but to check and find something to do.

Well working life dont contain any poniee or butterflies but just snakes n wolves all around, self protection and everyman for themselves. What potrays in the movies are either an exaggerated or just plain bull crap. Especially working in Malaysia or asia. Everyday is so intense and so high octane. Going home early is like a crime... makes u feel guilty and inefficient. But the thing in europe is... going back late shows inefficiency. But not here... going back at normal time is counted early. Going back around 8-9 is hardworking. Sigh.

Looking at the 70's and 80's even the early 90's. Work seems not so complicated. Lunch is at 1-2pm and at 5-530pm its off work. But not now... the world has been so competitive that everyone have to work double time just to make sure they are up to the market. And to do that... the working ppl suffers. It is true that nowadays more and more ppl suffer from work depression or work related illness.. yea healthy living... why does this come about recently? coz of the shieat we are going thru at work that we need a healty life to balance it back. Recently a news article on some Singaporean gal died after working for 8 hrs straight on her pc... over stress? she also blogged and claim that her job is draining her life... well it became a reality!

So why are we working so hard for? to build an empire to conquer the world... maybe... or perhaps to have a fair share of the worlds economy! we all need to eat... but some wan to eat more! some wanna keep more so can eat later and some just wanna take more and show off to others! well, this is the world we are livign in now. No one is spared or given a breathing space. Its all a rat race to the promised land!

Work hard live hard... it depends on what u are doing. As i keep on saying before in my past articles our world is controlled by lotsa things that dominates us without us knowing. Party so hard till u cant even go home? is that life? spend on a expensive item just to 'pamper' yourself? Worth it? or would u rather have a normal nice lifestyle without all the massive crazy party and super high tech gadgets? Yea having one of two high tech gadgets like a sony psp or a nokia n-series or perhaps a nice home teather system. But you dont get the proper chance to use it as u are working too damn hard and no time to spend time wit it. whereas u got ur significant other to spend time on... so is it worth it again? besides significant other... your family le? your friends?

I am thankful i've been given a chance to work in the line i am working now. My friends told me that the workload in my line gonna be super hectic. I tot i can take it... but to think of the load i am gonna get, really didnt hit me till i am in it. Now that i am in it.. i look at it... kinda scary although i am just doing a small fraction of it! As i am doing it... it keeps hitting me inside and i frequently ask this question to myself... "what have i put myself into...".. dun get me wrong i do love the line i am in but just dun like some of the things i am suppose to do. Well in life we cant get everything rite?... so i have to bite the bullet and walk on...

Weekends seems forever to reach but when it is weekend... it ended so damn fast! Its like there isnt enough time for anything. On friday i was so happy tat its weekend... but just a flash i am now sitting here writing this blog in my office on a Monday morning!! Yea i am working... and taking short 2 mins break every now and then to write this blog hehe. ITS NEVER ENOUGH! heehehe.. i think thats what alot of ppl complain about weekends. Sunday nites is like so gloomy and depressed... moody and sad... why? coz we know about the shieats we have to walk thru throughout the whole week! But maybe i am new... coz as i look at my dad, aunt and sis... they just move on normally... no complains no comments... just off to work.

Well i think i have to end my bragging now. Been crapping too much here. Start to sound like a little fool bitching around. off to WORK! zoooooomm.... splat....!

My father always told me, "Find a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.
-Jim Fox: Quotes about Work-

Monday, April 23, 2007


OH MY... 6 months and counting already... i cant believe it.. Missing her everyday now. She became part of life itself. Just like rice to the asian community. It is a joy to see her. Just staring at her is a past time. The voice in the morning is like a breath of fresh air to the day. aihs... amor... so beautiful. THE ADDICTION TO THE SMELL OF THE HAIR IS STILL SO SENSATIONAL! OUH.... the smile... the touch of the fingers... the natural reaction to protect her from harm and making sure everything is comfortable is like a urge and a norm in life! 6 months... so many ups and so little downs... just beautiful. its like a fairy tale at first... and now... its an epic event in epic proportions. Just like watching the supernova in the skies or like a massive volcanic eruption... huge rumble that scares the living souls but to some... it is just a beautiful natural phenomenon. An art form. The feeling of supremacy and care is such a nice feeling...


I guess no one is interested in reading nonsensical blogs anymore. The daily life struggles and shieat is the one tat interest ppl. I wonder why? Kepo? maybe hehehe. For me... i just write to express the shieat that is goin on in my head... just to let it out... couldnt be bothered with who is reading it or is there anyone reading it. But after reading all my friends blogs... be it, if it is talking about korean star getting married and you getting sad, life struggles.. stress.. happy.. sad... lonely...angry.. etc etc... , function or event reports... poems... or even reviews... i think some ppl are running out of ideas or are actually challenging themselves to create the most interesting of articles produced! not bad... friends i didnt think can write is creating interesting blogs now.. and those i expect to write interesting blogs just ceased writing... why? is it getting boring? well... for me all i want is to see what are the people's reaction on the article i wrote.

YES! YOU... READING THIS NOW!! haha... i see you!!! o_o

But wut i dont get it is wit all those weird... if u dun send this u will die or send this to 20 ppl or u will get bad luck... wut a load of rubbish! if like tat we are already getting a world catastrophe of ppl suddenly dying coz some freaky zombie looking gal will come and find u while u are in ur bed and kill u! or everyone is getting all the love they wan... why? coz some loser cant get enuff love so he/she created some email or message or bulletin or blog just to scare the shit out of ppl? hahaha... if u send this to 20 ppl ur love of your life will call you in 20 mins.... i am still waiting to see this dying gal tat got no money for surgery, is she cured... or not. Maybe she is a millionaire now coz we donated alittle too much for her... i actually saw the same email ppl send to save this gal in the range of 2 years! really! i was like wtf??? again? shieat!

bwahhahahaha... so i guess no one gonna read this pathetic article of mine anyway... ehehe. yeap yeap... just wannna express myself. oh ya... if u dun read this article or send the link to other ppl... spiderman in dracula suit will come and bite the shieat out of u... no? not interesting? oh... ok... aihs... i am so sad... my life is f*cked up.. i just duno where to go.. interesting? nah... ehhehe who cares!!! okok send this to 5863 ppl 491 of them must be a man older than 40 years, 627 of it must be gals below 21 and the rest goes to the left overs... then the love of your life will come and bitch slap you! ehehhe

ahh damn... i am out...

Friday, April 06, 2007


How weird is it when this happens to me everytime?!!!!

For instance today... now.. i am bored like hell... and i got nothing to do when everyone else got something to do... and when i am occupied... everyone seems to ask me out for a drink!!! why oh why?!!!! this goes for phone calls too! when i am sitting doing nothing.... no calls at all! when i get one call... my other phones will start to ring... or the phone will ring when i am in the middle of someting! sigh!! BIG SIGH!!! hehehe. Why does this happens to me? not once... but almost everytime!! almost!!! so weird... its like as if there is a conspiracy! ...

When i am in a rush! the traffic somehow gets worse! and bastard drivers will start to appear in front of me... slow dimweeds la... super slow motorbikes on the fast lane la... irritating bastards tat cant wait in line and have to cut line and when cant enter he blocks the entire lane la... big bus stop to let ppl down la.. hwo come ar? really... ppl used to tell me tat it is because i am in a rush tats why i see it like tat... but i made a research... well more like i try to notice... when i am free... the road is really better! no buses stopping... no slow bikes... lower rate of bastard drivers... hmmm....

This goes wit bumping into friends too! when u hope u get to bum a friend somewhere...u dont! but when u least expected it... u bum into not one... but a few!!! for instance... i was walking at the Curve wit my gal tat day... then first i bum into my old friend... tat i didnt see since high skool... then after a while i bum into another friend i met in camp... then i bum into my coll friend.. then...yes... then another high skool friend!!! oh my... what a day!!!

this goes for shisha also! when i ask ppl for shisha... no one wanna go... but when i wanna just go wit my gal... i will bum into everyone... and they will ask... wah neva ask me go shisha la... or my friend will call... 'wanna shisha??'...sigh...

I still find it weird... when it doesnt happen nothing happens... when it wants to happen it all happened at one go! weird... really weird!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


with just a blink of an eye... its already almost 5 months... half a year already... is it that fast???!!! oh my... time really flies by so damn fast! Sometimes when i sit around and daze... i still cant believe i am with her! really... has it been 5 months??!!! wow... its just like last month i popped the questions... and yet it still feels as fresh as ever... maybe coz we are really compromising couple... sometimes its interesting to keep it fresh... just like giving her a morning sms... and when ever the message tone goes off... i know its her and that makes me smile... or the afternoon call and the sms before we sleep.... till today... i cant believe it i still smile when i read the first sms from her in the morning... i never thought it would be so magical. What i experience in the last 5 months i wouldn't want to exchange it wit anything in the world.. its just priceless... My heart still pounds faster when i reach her home, while waiting for her in the car... the sight of her at her front door brings a smile to my face knowing that i get to spend another few priceless moment with her. The look on her face when i present her the box of hand made roses during valentine;s eve is priceless... this is the moment i have been always looking forward all my life... its that smile and suprised and happy face that i cant let go... it is this that kept me going on... it is this that motivates me to create the unexpected... do the unthinkable... although we faced several low moments... mid moments and high moments... but it is this moments that amplifies our time together and it is this moments that brings us closer together... 136 days and going...on and on and on and on.. till the end of time...

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twist of Fate

Sometimes I wonder, all the things happened, happened for a reason. I wonder, if i were not to accept my friend Matthew, i wouldnt have met June, and if I hadnt met June I wouldnt have gone to the UTAR Prom, and if i hadnt gone to the prom i wouldnt have met Shereen! Really! one simple twist can cause so many things to happen. Its like a chain reaction. For being a nice guy actually paid off sometimes...

My friend Matthew is kinda talkative sometimes... and suprisingly his group of coursemates find tat weird, and actually brush him aside from all their outings. To the extend they actually can tell him that the car is full and ask him to go have his own lunch. U call that a friend??? Bunch of dimweeds! Coz he was in my course but different group, so in da first year i barely mixed with him. After witnessing wut happened i just invited him to join me for lunch. Not due to compassion but just as a friend. From then on we became kinda like buddies. He for one is a person with a genuine heart. He is the type where when u ask him for help... he will put himself on da line to help, for which i really appreciate it.... alot! But then his friends from other group used to ask me...(well, i pretty know everyone in my course coz i talk alot and treat everyone equally...) 'U still mix with Matthew ar?? hahahha.... eeyer...". There is when I started to realise that this bunch of dimweeds are shallow. They mix with ppl based on their appreance. OK, back to the story, there is where I started to know about June, his friend from the Student Welfare Committee. He talked alot about her... and the told her alot about me too. That is how i got to know June.

June instead, I know her as in I only know her name during my first year coz i was in my Material Engineering Society Nite committee and she was in it too. I didnt get to see her at first tho, coz the committee had some issues with the person in charge (so he claims...) so i didnt manage to met her. Then 2 years later she added me in friendster and knowing me... i cant let things lie down easily... well, all the person in my friendster list i must at least know them and talk to them! So i just send my regards... then she was saying that she is a PJ-gal etc etc. So I decided to meet her.. the fabled June (as told by Matthew...). After a while, found out she is a kaki shisha... so we shisha alot. Then came the month of june last year... the prom. June asked me to be her prom date as a favour... i agreed coz i never actually went to a college or uni function.. (yea i didnt go to my coll's orientation nite... didnt get enough stamp during orientation... wait... i didnt go for tat too! hahaa). Thet is when she intro me to her uni friends.... FangFang, Shirlene n Laurence and of course... Shereen!... so this is how i met my other half... Shereen... but then she was still with her ex. 2 months later Shereen sms everyone that she broke up... So June n I decided to help her to get over it. Took her out... for a drink... and a drink... and a puff... and mroe drink and more puffs (shisha la...) then after 2 months later... i fell for her... asked her...

And now i am with Shereen... a twist of niceness... rewarded me with the best present ever. Well being nice is kinda interesting eh... from being a nice fella and accepting a friend to being a friend and to help a friend... just imagine if i were to be a bastard for a second... all this wouldn't fall into place... and i wouldn't be here now writing how happy am I to have her as my other half! then of course this chain reaction do goes back way far behind summore... but i wouldnt wanna elaborate coz it will go back till the stone age... hehe.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

of all Clubbings and Partyings

Of all the clubbing and partying i think i have come to the stage of mellowing down. This doesnt really interest me anymore! Oh my! As one of my fren used to tell me! 'Oi dun la say like tat! as if u are that old only~!'... Am I?? I used to be the first one to jump into the car when going clubbing or dancing or drinking is mentioned. Now i am just sitting there lazing around and contemplating should I go or not! I had a drink wit my frens tat day and we all said that we are not interested in this anymore... i totally agree! now i prefer to just have a nice meal, a cup of my fav drink and the company of my friends in a nice ambience place. Cool, quiet and relaxing. Maybe I have come to the age where I find that I rather spend my money on more appropriate places where i can sit and enjoy the company of my friends where i can talk and drink rather then spend a bomb on some place where some retard starts trying his dance moves on the next table and knocking my back or something or music beat that throws your heart out of ur chest! then feel like shieat afterwards!! I kinda envy those that can actually still have the enthusiasm to continue the partying lifestyle. I just couldn't find that enthusiasm anymore. Maybe i did party too much last time... or maybe i just grew up in this aspect... or maybe I have been under the 'been thet done tat' category. And clubs are charging so expensive nowadays.. can easily burn the wallet!! hehehe...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beeeeep beep toot toot

Its reaching confirmation point very very soon. It is just like last week i popped the question and now the probation period is over. 3 months! whoa that was fast! Looking back at my articles about how i felt and all brings back lotsa memories in this 3 months! Till today I still smile when i meet her. She stills elevates me when she sms and call me! Just that now i am more addicted to her then ever. She have already blended in into my life. A day without a call or sms from her is unnatural. Right at this moment i still cant believe i have her as my gal. Maybe that is the beauty of it coz it is so condensed with feelings that it stills fresh! By this rate we are going i dont see why we cant go on and on and on! ... Now that she is the one that is motivating me to move with my life. I found out that in this 3 months i have seen things from a different angle again. I learned to be even more responsible. Everytime i meet her i have to give her a nice hug. the smell of her hair is still so nice... still so addictive... the last time i say holding her hand sends static now if i never hold her hand... my hand feels empty and hollow. I need that static feeling now... i would never thought that my 24th birthday will be celebrated with her. The most beautiful, nicest and wonderful birthday and christmas present i have ever gotten! singing a song to someone u love is so much better then singing to the soap or microphone or the comb! so much more meaningful... the beautiful... oh the ever beautiful smile... she melts the heart before i could even harden it. but it is worth to effort hardening it. hehe. after 88 days and 2 hrs and 6 minutes! wait... 88 beautiful days 2 wonderful hr and 3 wholesome minutes... it is so so fulfilling... the good and bad times we went thru made the bond stronger. Till now... thank you for being my light in the darkness babe! i hope i manage to shine light in your life too! luv ya babe!

Living the high life

Are we living the high life or are we not? When I was young we used to watch tv and see career guys n gals dining in expensive restaurants drinking wine and having a nice steak for dinner or lunch and having a nice cup of coffee at the cafeteria. Are we heading to that lifestyle? Well I recently notice that we are!

We are starting to head to classy places for a drink. Starting to enjoy a cafe meals. Buying designer clothings and stuffs. So we are heading to the high life. My generation.. the 70's n 80's babies. We are becomeing what we saw on tv. We head to clubs and cafe's and buying things that are not practical to our parents era.

We trade our local coffee shops and mamaks to coffee house and francise drinks places for a cup of tea or coffee. We trade our daily 'kopi o' to cafe latte, Teh tarik to hot english tea. Dont get me wrong, we do still head to mamak stalls and kopi tiams but our parents generation, going to cafe is like a rare occasion. They head to cafe only...ONLY once in a blue moon. On the other hand, we instead head to these places at least twice a month or perhaps almost everyweek! are we pampered? or are we just learning to take the advantage of wut is thrown to us. Just look at the amount of cafe's and tea places sprouting around the country. One reason this is occured is tat coz this places is much more comfortable compared to the hot and congested kopi tiams. How is this possible? we cant tahan la... so hot how to drink? before drink also sweat like crazy, this is the excuse given. But truth is we are sleeping in air cond rooms and air cond cars nowadays. Our body cant take the heat and humidity.

Designer clothings... do we actually need it? You spend tons of cash for something that only last a year. Worth it? Some of you may say that 'I can afford it and I work for it why not?' ... why not????! aiyo... think more practical la. I know i got no right to say all this coz i also dunno what is it like in this world... i am just a naive person when comes to this. But i was thought by my parents to appreciate for what i have and be humble. Pamper myself? i rather pamper myself on my vacation or food. Clothings for me is, as long as it looks nice and feel comfortable and can wear for any season is enough for me. Not that i am not fashion conscious or anything but i just dont feel like following what the mags tells me to wear.

Sigh... well here ends another of my unfruitful bitchings again... thanks for viewing! go ahead... kill me wit ur comments... coz i dun care!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


here goes.... my yearly report...

Finally realise wut i wanted actually... to work in da media line. Now learned to take thing easier abit. Other then tat nothing much happened this month. Just chill around and exams...Hoping for the best... Send the package together wit d gang. went on a cycling spree and took alot of pictures. Followed mom to some Estee Lauder staff thingy... and manage to came up wit faces of women on da go... shopping that is! haha... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! woohooo.. more traditional dishes and new clothes and ANG PAU!!!!!!!!! $$ k*ching!!

Another slow month... continuation of chinese new year... looking at the premiership table makes me sick! but then again... we'll keep on fighting!!! warrrghhh!!!! MU is out of the Champions League... so my football season has ended... wait... oh ya... The Carling League Cup. Made a trip wit my frens to highland towers Ampang... and bukit tunku... just to check out the eerie creepy ruins and abandon houses... after tet listened to some freaky spiritual real stories from my fren tat actually kinda freaky...

Shisha shisha and more shisha! commonwealth games... malaysian excels in non physical contact sports... well not really excels but did okla... got more irritated wit motorbikes in the country... one of my fav movie of all time came out... V for Vendetta!!! Remember remember...... saw poseidon... omg i tell you.... it sucks...! Joel's bday!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! nah... this trick is really old already... no more fun. Bird flu getting irritating. but its nothing much. Chelsea lost to barcelona... tsk tsk... Chelsea ran away in the premier league but MU almost caught up! nvm... next season more challenge! scary movie 4 and ice age2 came out! exams again! Lucky Number S7evin...good show! inside man too!!

Prashant's farewell n bday... went down to melaka and party! suppose to go to the beach for BBQ but it started to rain... well to some is sea sprinkle... ahem. i warn u all its rain but noooo.... we were drenched but still had fun at Navin's place... manage to witness the drunk everyone. Ananda, Mohana, Prashant and... ME! hahaha. Then not enough we party again a week before prashant left and then .... he left... the day b4 X-men 3 came out... the show is so badly done! My-team Vs Malaysia! and my god... malaysia sucks! kena beaten by an amateur team! went to KL motor show! Saw many cool cars and cool chicks!! hahaha Arsenal went to Champs league final and lost to Barca! ahha! Chelsea won the league again but MU came back and gave a good challenge!

PROM! one of the small things that is the catalyst of one of the biggest thing yet to come! It was a fun time at UTAR prom! started help to coach the U-15 gals. and started to get involved wit LFAM! Ladies Football Association Of Malaysia! intesting... help abit in the US Malaysia Exchange program too... at Bukit Jalil! D-X is back in WWE!!! woohooo!!!! slow slow month! mom's bday!! makan makan makan! WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast n fulious.... tokyo drift month!

world cup month!! so tis kinda slow moving... sleep late... football... sleep late... football!!! Bought FHM and spot the sexiest women. got the spore version n msia version... and found out that there are more local in spore version and malaysian version alot of foreigners... so is singaporeans more patriotic or is their gals just tat good. dunno... Head down to spore to meet my couz and frens... short visit but fruitful ones! but their nasi lemak really needs improvement! italy is the winner of the WORLD CUP!! Kevin's Bday! woohooo... My fren Jeremy is one of the Cleo's most eligible bachelor... went to KLCC to see their parade! ahha. Pirates of the Carribean 2!! new movie....! cool!!!

Played slow basketball... but still not competitive... but its okla... life goes on! Chun Yik came bek and lepak lepak abit... Makan dinner. Chill out. very slow month. Wai Hoe's bday! chantal's bday!... slow slow month... nothing happened... just yum cha n shisha all month long! watch abit movie... tats all... oh ya! MERDEKA!!!

Sista's dad's and sis's bf's bday... makan at KL Hilton... damn expensive but luckily aunt got voucher so we had a ganas meal!! yeahhh.... the return of aaron...I met one of the most important figure that is gonna change the future of my life! the start of a new beginning was about to begin! it was the deep breath before the plunge! yea... a new surge of shisha session started... help heal a friend... went to passion and minum! HAZE HAZE HAZE... bad haze... till the sun was like orange....

One of the most important month in this year... nono... my lifetime... the big thing have arrived! I met my other half..... Shereen! Went to my Aunt's wedding.... went to Recharge Revelation Rave wit Shereen n june. My first outstation outing wit shereen. One of the most beautiful month in the year! the start of a new beginning... b.e.a.uuuu tiful... deepavali whoooo.... curry curry curry

GYM GYM GYM... manage to go consistently and can feel the difference! Mohana's birthday!!! nice!!! my official unveiling to my frens and first official dinner wit my sister and shereen! it was a interesting month as it is more of relationship building. Celebrated our 1 month anniversary!

Jolin Concert! got VIP tickets and went wit shereen! Granma's Birthday at genting highland... and OH ya My Birthday! went to zouk wit shereen n my friends and had a blast!!! then after that went to Kepong for crab wit my sister! Went steamboat wit my family and OMG... so much food! oh ya more shisha! n shisha! i went for interview...welll not mine but accompany shereen for interview... My couz sis admitted to hospital wit stomach problem... for 2 weeks i was worried sick... and it was one of the most hectic month of my year!! been rushing n rushing and moving around!! omg... was so tired... but it was well worth it!! have to balance everything at one month! the return of prashant!! and XMAS celebration!!! went to peter's place and chill!! its more like a gathering! Best xmas eve n new years eve... as i celeb it wit special someone for the first time!!!

2006 toot toot boob booob...bye

Its been an eventful year as so many good and bad things happened... yet another meaningful year. yea yea.. lemme brag about it again... as u can see wut happened to my last year's new year blog... kinda depressing.... so my new years... celebrated at prashant's place... there were tons of food... enough to feed a whole village.. but there was only 10 person there which consist of 7 guys and 3 gals... which one of the gals is vegetarian... omg... so much food and liquor... anyway.. we had a blast... so coming up next is my new years report....hehe..
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