Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Keh Bee Bee Wan experience

We are 'One', we think and work as 'One'.... Is that right??! I would like to give a huge laugh when I hear that now. Its bee one year since I left my old company.... so finally i let out what I've kept in for a long long time... he it it all started

Job application all around and when there is one opportunity it all start to crack. Life was slow and stationary before the application. The first application was almost successful but somehow there was a conflict of interest. An opportunity let off, but thankfully a kind soul took the initiative to forward the resume to other smaller companies.... Then after a few weeks a ring was on the phone. An interview was called upon. Attended the interview and notice that there was alot to learn as my the knowledge about this line is so little. Barely scratch the surface. Didn't know that it is just the tip of the ice berg. .

I remember when I just came to the office, I was suppose to be the understudy of this girl named Shen. Then as I started for 3 days then I realised that she is actually Superwomen! No joke! I come in office at 830am and she is there, when I leave office at 9pm she is STILL THERE! I feel so bad to go back! but then I asked her what time she came in she said 6am! and what time she went back?? 12am!! WTF? no need to sleep ar? but I realised that she is very very commited to what she is doing and very very passionate and very very CRAZY!!!! I thought to myself how am I going to do that?! wake up at 5 and be in office at 6!!! It was until then when my boss told me that she got alot to do since the fella I took over left. But this is not bad yet... on that same week,my 5th day at work... she told me she was actually leaving the end of the next week! WTF?!!! I was stunned! very stunned and very scared! Why am I scared? I have to fill up the BIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG gap she left behind! Pressure like shit! not only I have to fill up an experienced person's post but a SUPERWOMEN! die lo die lo... Then my boss told me to learn as much from her as possible! wow easy to say!

So as the weeks goes by the amount of shit I kena from my boss, the expectation and the dissapointment... I cracked, I finally ask my boss "what do you expect from me?... I feel I cant fill in Shen's role..." and she told me "Dont be overwhelmed by this thing... dont let me or what other boss say overwhelm you.." . I was like wtf?!!! then you expect me to challenge you? question you? I did it before but I was instantly brushed away... but I bit the bullet and go on...

The thing I just cant help it is that my manager didnt took the initiative to sit and talk to us. She distant herself from us and somehow I just lost the drive to work for her. My creative director instead was a live wire! very passionate and enthusiastic! a real dynamite to work with. He sat with us and drank with us and actually had meals with us. I was closer to him then I was with my own manager. Its a loss I didnt get to work under him. But do not step on his tail... he will snap more fiercer than an angry dragon! I saw how he snapped at my colleague... all I can say to myself is... WAHLAO EH! so brutal! but its all because of his passion on the things he do.... understandable. A small stature of a man but a man with a huge heart! and a man with lots of experience and knowledge. I heard that he actually started from stratch! all the way from the bottom till up! Respect!

Then there is my other boss... Big Boss to be exact.. the owner of the company. He is a nice person to work with. A man of elegance and a pinch of humor. He is nice to talk to, like a father actually, his advices and his knowledge on how to manage ppl or deal with ppl really helped me alot. And when he let go he is a really really funny and enthusiastic person. He will be so excited like a kid with a new toy! he and my creative director will talk and joke and laugh! manage to work under him for a project for a month. What he does is he is more linient and he let me express myself! Which what I realise now is something that is important coz we start to explore areas that is suitable to our self. He gave me freedom to work it my way and not my manager's way. It was one of the most happiest month in my time at my former company.

Well as I said earlier my manage is NOT easy to handle especially if you have no experience whatsoever. Or you can say you need to learn how to overcome the boss to worker's barrier. Learn to respect the boss is something of the past. Why? coz now bosses sometimes dont deserve it. Well not that they act childishly but its just sometimes they say one thing and do another. When things goes slightly awry they will shift the weight on the workers. When you actually informed them that the last time the boss says like that then they (the boss) will say that no, thats not what they meant. "You have to be alert! be smart!". Well, how the hell can you be any smarter when you say one thing and mean another?

For example...

Boss : Hey, you written here that xxxxx is a function but its not said here in the flier"

... the worker shows the boss the page where it is written that xxxxx is a function.

Boss : It's written here that its a technology. So now its a function or a technology??!

worker: This whole thing is a technology but this technology is the function of the product.

Boss : No, its the technology of the product

Worker : (grins) but you asked me is it a technology or a function... this technology is one of the function.

Boss : So why did you put it under function here? should put it as a technology!

Worker : ... hmm ok
(in his mind... @$%##&**!!! you win lo.. cover backside until so well...)

For example 2,

Boss 1: hey, this cheque should pass to me one copy

... then the cheque is passed to the boss

BUT later..

Boss 2 : Why did u pass the cheque to him/her? Should photostat one copy and pass to her and the ori pass it to me!

so few weeks later... the worker did what he was told but now Boss 1 instead...

Boss 1 : Why pass to Boss 2 the ori? pass the ori and photostat copy to me. I'll pass it to boss 2 later.

worker comes out...

Boss 2 : Where is the cheque?

worker : I passed it to Boss 1

Boss 2 : I thought I told you that the ori pass to me and the photostat pass to Boss 1. Why she need the ori for? You know why I need the ori rite? so that I can process and proceed to payment. Why can't you follow simple orders?!

worker : But Boss 1 ask for the whole thing.

Boss 2 : Boss 1, don't need to ori as I said!

worker : hmm... ok
(... in his mind... @#$%^&@#**!!)

So how about it? confusing? its like what my ex colleague said... "we are swimming in the sea at night... its pitch black and suddenly someone shine their torch light and say here here.... then suddenly on the other side someone shine their light here here... and we are stuck in the middle..." nicely put my dear friend...

Well although there are many up and downs but there are many things I missed at my old company. Although there are 3 bosses but somehow there is an efficiency and there is a sense of togetherness... although I didnt get to be close to my manager. Talked to her but she somehow distancing from us. I tried to start a conversation but ended up with only one word as a reply or a whole lot of lecturing and complains instead of advising. Abit sad here.

Well enough of the bosses. During my time there, have learnt how nasty a client can be. Well I am sure some is not as nasty as others but mine is on the middle upper part. He is a CEO of a certain Nursing College. Very very fussy and busy and sometimes sacarstic. He thinks he knows everything and never once he is appreciative to us. Just order us like dogs actually. But what to do... he paid ma... ask alot and complain alot! That is the CEO.... and his side mens, his senior manager and his Marketing Manager... kings of tai chi! when shit going their side he can push everything back to us or name drop... saying CEO say like that... not my fault! omg! Irritating! the reason I usually go back at 12am is bcoz of this asshole! he is nice when there is no problem or off work! but during work! he is an assssssshole!

But there are nice clients too. The one I worked under my Big Boss. There is this client a Big Shot in Ministry of Health. Nice lady, very accomodating! One of the nicest client I've dealt with. So straight forward. So sweet lady.

Well I do enjoy the time I spent with my colleague! Especially my partner Weng Chuan. Both of us are fresh grads and we both understand fully what I've said on top. I actually wont survive so long if it wasnt for him. We eat, drink and play together. Sometimes we have to stay in office late and we kept each other company... joking and laughing away! Its been a real pleasure to work with him...

Then there is Eddy. Our creative head. Tempremental but a funny fella too. A techies himself he will always introduce to us all the funky new gadgets. He is our own mat biker too! weird fella but funny fella...

And our Junior designer, Justin. Younger then us but the first to get married! Creative but slightly blur. Nice fella to mix with... and a perverted guy! always looking out for chicks! his famous line when we went to this cheap mix rice place... "wah so syok, get cheap food and a good view summore" well his good view means alot of chicks! hahaha. He actually eats so little so that he can save money for his wedding! impressive!

Then there was our intern, Zingi and Sek Yan. Zingi was a dynamite herself! although only worked with her for a week. Didnt get to know her better. But in that one week it was fun coz we are in sync when it comes to certain topic. At least i got someone to talk to! Then there is Sekyan! worked with him for 3 months and already gotten close to him! a nice fella! good looking chap too! can take him for modelling! hahaha. He is cool and humourous! but its a sad thing that he left us after 3 months! office was quiet without him.

But after working in Radio24 for a year already I realised that what ever I learned from my previous company, actually helps. It helped me develop my thinking style compared to others. I am more organised, I am more efficient, and best of all I know my stuffs! always on the ball!

Somehow I kinda miss what I went through... kinda weird actually. If it wasnt for the fussy lady boss, ambience and the working environment, it is actually a fun place to work at! the people and the area is cool. Why? coz its near my place! 10 mins drive if no jam la... compared to where I am working now.....

Thank you KbbOne! for giving me the chance to learn all the things that i;ve learnt! Even it is only one year! but the knowledge I got is invaluable! Thank you Boon, Kay and Eric! and thank you Weng Chuan, Justin, Eddy and Sek Yan for that wonderful experience!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

1 hour earlier from a near death experience

Ramadan is suppose to be the holiest month in the Muslim community. Yet it is also a month people take it for granted and take advantage out of it. Crime rate is sky rocketing! I really think if you are to cause harm to anyone or to do any crime, why puasa then? Is puasa the only time u can stuff yourselves with food and money? is that all it is?

My neighbour got robbed right in front of his house which is next to mine, two days ago. The first morning of Ramadan at 3am Saturday morning by four person that speaks very well local Bahasa Malaysia. I am not saying any races here. But not only they took his money and almost took his car, they practically whacked him like he killed their whole family. A near death beating. Amazingly my neighbour managed fight back and threw his wallet at them and told them to take and go... but by then his head was cracked and nose broken. Blood pouring out causing the road outside my house to be stained with blood marks and my other neighbours car splattered with blood. He (my neighbour) managed to get into the house to ask his parents to send him to the hosp.

I visited him yesterday and this is what he told me "Bro, this is one experience you dont ever want to experiece your entire life bro..." and he also said that when he was in the hospital the doctor that was stitching him up told the other doctor "Memang nasib baik, dapat kecederaan macam ni dan masih hidup". It was then my neighbour only knew how serious it was. The blood loss and the injury sustain! he said "Luckily I play sport and pray alot bro, Maybe that why i am ok..." . He also said that he usually when he comes home that time after work... he will sit in the car and check the surroundings first and he said that there is no one to be seen. When he got out of the car and lock... they appeared. So most probably they have been eyeing on him already. Scary... then we heard that right after that moment another women got robbed also in my area... her hands was badly injured...

Then after visiting him and I realised that I actually came back 1 hour before him...... it could have been me... Somehow that very moment I just sat at my sofa and thought... I might not have survive this coz knowing my nature I will fight back and most probably they will just whack me to death coz I got not cash with me!

What is going on with our country!!! its not safe anymore! not safe at all!!!!

The only thing now I am thankful now is to be alive.... its nice to be alive!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I AM NOT SUPERMAN..... anymore

I know this will be a little late, silly and naive to say but I realised that I am not immortal nor am I immune to anything anymore. When I was younger I usually will just take on anything and have the most highest believe that I can change the world. I always aim so big trying to offer anyone a helping hand, an ear to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. More extreme is... I will offer my big huggable body a big hug. I would try my best to make sure everyone around me is happy and in hope that everyone to live in harmony. Been trying too hard I guess... You may call me silly but I always believe that in this world where there is so many crap that is happening, cheating, violence, ego-ism and just cruelty, that I could be the light the champion of everything that is right and peace. I guess wrong. I think I just added this huge weight on my self that now my pillars of strength is starting to crumble and crash.

I lost hope in the world... Everyone fighting among each other. Brothers killing each other. Racism is at a high and worse off man have lost its decency. The world have became so competive that everyone is practically in a gladiator arena. We are thrown into the arena and expected to fight for our lives. Have you actually realised that some bosses are actually a useless nut that know half the things you do yet they get all the credit. Some actually uses some dirty trick and end of the day you get fired and they get promoted. It is just not fair. Colonisation! or more or less like cronynisation. I am just so tired of what we have became.

I just felt powerless to help the people around me. I just feel as if I never achieve enough! How la? Its that time when you see the people around you getting problems and you just cant do anything! I just feel powerless....

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ranting and Braggin

Its the weekend again.... and again... and again.... and again. Sometimes it annoys me that weekend comes and goes so damn bloody fast! Its just seems like few days ago i had a fun time weekend then now its the weekend again and its one week ago or one month ago...

I guess my mom is right that time really flies when you start working! with a blink of an eye I have already worked in Radio24 for almost a year already. 2 more days to my one month anniversary! woohooo... yea rite. Cant even get myself confirm yet, all thanks to my so called underachieved target! Man have they actually look at themselves before they even talk ar? hahaha Well life goes on. I love the station and the people there... so I am not gonna give up on them..... yet... !!!

Well after working i realise that i barely live a productive personal life anymore. Before I started work, oh how productive i was! I did alot of reading, drawing and of course exercise! but work drag me off... I somehow felt lazy during the weekends, hoping to do something productive to the society but eeeeehhh.... somehow fell asleep. Weekend seems like a battery charging two days for me. How la? I think I need to somehow find a solution to this crap! Gonna set a regime for myself to work on the path to happiness! for me and of course for the ones beside me! especially mah babe, mah family and of course the ppl beside me.

Then again talking about all the people around me. I just realise how bad this freaking economic crisis has hit us. Be it direct or indirect. I realise that recently alot of shitty things started to creep in quietly and started to consume us one by one. Is it just me or is it really that bad that people start to treat each other badly? Is it really that bad that you have to talk and treat people like they are nothing compared to you? Is it really neccessary to start robbing or stealing? or are they just looking for an area that they can exploit and vent their negative craps?!

Oh save me! hahaha by the way I use to write alot too... dang. Now so slow.... anyway let me let you have a peek at my life.....chillin wit mah babe...

my drawing of me n my gang

watching mah fav team...

Well more to come... stay tuned... dont go away! hahaha
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