Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well I think by now most of you already know how I get inspired to write a blog article... its usually triggered from recent events that really ticks me off. So yea now its the time again! Just only today I was invited to give a presentation on behalf of my boss and my company at this association that I shall not name coz they are gonna be my new client.

So yea, so there I was at this "association" 's meeting. They are suppose to be a respectable association but to be honest... what happened today somehow altered my perception towards them. I was suppose to be the second speaker behind their VIP guest speaker. So when came my turn I set up my laptop to the projector and I as a guest have to set up the screen, load the projector and find my own extension wire. The committee just ask me do I need help or not?! WHAT THE FUCK?! As a host dont you think you should help without even asking? So called entrepreneur association. Basic business ethics also fail already... how to succeed la in big business?! FINE! So after setting up I started giving my presentation. As I was giving my speech, most of the members was either busy eating or talking to each other. To the extend the organiser have to ask them to pay attention.

They have already starting to get on my nerves. But from what I learned, as a good presenter you must be able to capture attention. So i started some jokes and to get them to participate in my presentation. I did get their attention but after a while they started to talk again as if I am not there. Then came the most FUCKED UP part! As I was presenting, suddenly their VIP guest have to go off. I am ok coz normal la... big business people got lots of appointment. Its ok they go... but the worst part was, the entire members including the committee all stood up and talked to each other, taking photos and shaking hands as if the meeting was adjourned. I was still doing my presentation during then, it wasn't even in between slides. I was just shocked at what had just happened. Then as the VIP was leaving some members follow suit! Their exco members can happily laugh as I was standing there and told me sorry and wait a while.

WHAT THE HECK WEI>? I was totally annoyed and at that very moment I just wanted to walk off, pack my things and leave. Coz there wasn't any respect at all to your "normal guest". Then my boss told me to hold on and cool down. If it wasn't for my boss, I would have walked away. Coz I know he wanted to close this deal. So in respect to him, I bit the bullet and continued. The whole wait lasted almost 10-15 minutes. Then when they settled down half of what was the members was gone already. So IF YOU DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO ME IN THE FIRST PLACE... THEN WHY THE HECK YOU ASK ME TO COME AND PRESENT? But i told myself, the show must go on. I just briefly do the presentation without giving any extra information and finish the presentation as fast as I can coz I don't give TWO FUCKING SHIT ANYMORE whether you can follow or not! Why? coz I felt that I was insulted by them.

I took this as a lesson learnt and I really hope one day I can tell this story to people as a joke or as a been there done that area.

If you cant learn to have good ethics and manners no one will respect you!
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