Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well today will mark my 5 years since I started blogging! 5 years has been such a long time! I've been looking at my old postings and well I have to say improved slightly. At least now I have more people reading my blog compared to then.

At first I entered the 'blog-sphere' coz my sis started blogging. Then blogspot was still not so user friendly! I was caught between making this blog my personal journal or a platform for me to keep the crazy thoughts that keep seeping out from my head! As the years goes by, I slowly started to write what ever I think and not trying to be anyone else!

For those who is following me all this while thank you and for those who just started to read this blog... thank you too!

just compiled a few of my personal fav posts... enjoy! if u have time ya...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have no idea whatsoever why I put this as a title. Anyway I took one and a half hour to reach home again yesterday! I think I am basically turning numb towards the jam in KL! a 15 minutes ride can basically turn into 90 minutes of fun filled adventure!! *sarcasm*I used to curse and get extremely piss off with the jam when I first started to venture into KL, but now... to look at it on the bright side its the alone time that I crave for. Its the time when I can listen to the music I like as loud as I can, can sit down alone and rejig my mind and perhaps train my accent copying skills for my cartoon! Well, its true that most ppl get pissed off when there is jam but think about it... own space, own music and own peace of mind! haha that is if you dont encounter with "interesting" drivers!

But one thing that really puzzles me is that there is no cause of jam in KL. It could be just a bottle neck situation and a bunch of fucked up inpatient fools hogging the other lane to get into the the junction they want to exit. But one thing really irritates me is that the jam starts right after the toll!!!!!!! I paid money to get stuck! ahhaha but again I will switch on my Bob Marley tracks and just sing my heart out.... ouh yea yea!

To look at another way is that I also can work out my calves since I kept on saying that I got no time to work out my body! haha

The only really really really fucked up part is when you need to pee and you are stuck in the middle of no where! thats why you need to always carry a 1.5liter empty bottle. Sorry ya, this is only applicable for guys! hehe

Oh well its 6.45 pm now... standing at my office looking down at jam on Jln Tun Razak! looks like I am gonna embark on my daily journey home again! I wonder what awaits me out there! hmmm... till then! cheers!

latest pics from Tun Razak via Wisma Bernama
Just on a side note... for those who wanna comment on my blog do leave your name and add yea?! dont be a coward and set as anonymous! coolios!

“On a traffic light green means go and yellow means yield, but on a banana it's just the opposite. Green means hold on, yellow means go ahead, and red means where the hell did you get that banana at...”
-Mitch Hedberg-

Monday, April 26, 2010


HOLY SCHMIKES! HOLY SCHMIKES! Its the Great Dane! Arguably the best goal keeper of his generation! and I manage to get him to sign my ball! football la... I just couldn't believe that I manage to meet my footballing idol! When I was younger I knew I have a certain skill in football where it involves a leg of stool or better known as "Kaki Bangku". I can kick the ball but just cant seem to get it to the right direction.

I love football love it ever since I can remember but I just cant seem to play it! I was more of a Basketball guy. The only way I can play football is to use something I am good at which is my basketball skills which is jumping and catching! It was since then I really really appreciate goal keeping! I always thought goal keepers are not important compared to the more glamorous play maker or the striker! but as I slowly learn about the game and notice the brilliance of Schmikes during his heydays with United, then I realised that a goalkeeper plays a really really important role in helping the team to win! Why? Not only is his role to stop the ball from going in the goal but since he is the one furthest behind he is the one that is able to see the whole pitch! and if he is a vocal guy, he is basically the commander of defense! like a conductor of an orchestra!

He is called the great Dane because for one he is Danish and second is he is 6'4". One of his most memorable save was the point blank save from Ivan Zamorano of Inter Milan in the Champions League quarter final. Unbelievable! since I took the role as a goalkeeper, I have been worshipping him! The amount of unbelievable saves! I for one think he is the best keeper ever lived... He is none other than the great Peter Schmeichel!

just a compilation of video of his saves... check it out

Friday, April 23, 2010


On one fine cloudy day (yesterday 4.30pm to be exact) this sumandak from the land below the wind called me saying that she had an invite to cover one event. She told me that Lewis Pragasam is performing his 30th Anniversary of AsiaBeat at Petronas Philharmonic Hall and she needed a cameraman cum blogger to accompany her to cover this event. I was contemplating coz needed to finish up my work. But decided what the heck la! This is not an opportunity you get everyday! one is its Lewis Pragasam and two its in the Philharmonic Hall! one of the best place to listen to glorious music in our country! And its brought it presented to us by the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA) , Maggi, and DFP!

So who is Lewis Pragasam? To some folks he is 'just' a drummer or percussionist! but not alot know that he is one of the most highly regarded percussionist in Asia and some say the world! and best of all he is a local boy! Kay Ell bhoy! Proud la... very proud! and to add to it... a La Sallian!

Ok, back to the event. So I picked up Shereen from her office then we headed to KLCC. Once reached we had a lite bite then head to the Philharmonic hall. Took one of their postcard (as shown in pic above) then I noticed that there was a few unfamiliar names such as Natasha Patamapongs and Tengku Ryo. Then there was familiar names like John 'Kaizan' Neptune, Caprice and the very famous Zainal Abidin.

ahhh DFP's beautiful lobby and its chandelier

The show started at 9pm and once we are seated Lewis came to stage and performed what most people thought was a drum solo which later he told was his warm up. Not bad for a warm up! Then came the first artist from the land of Siam, Natasha Patamapongs. The petite performer caught my attention with her first performance singing a samba song called "O Pato" or duck in English. Then she sang "This Song" next followed by one more song which I didnt really got the title. Sorry bout that!

Then came Mr Hijau aka Zainal Abidin. He performed 2 songs the first again I forgotten the name (bad memory nowadays... thousand apologies!) then the second song he performed "Hijau". All I can say is, "WHOAAA...." this guy got really really good vocals! good vocals + good acoustics team + good sound systems = totally mesmerized me + bulu roma standing + DAMN F-ING GOOD WEI! respect!

I was in a trance like mode listening to Abang Zainal sing! until was beautifully zap back into reality with a wonderful Irishy cum asian violin performance by Tengku Ryo, the talented Indonesian violinist that has been performing for a while now in the Jakarta Jazz Fest. Lewis manage to invite him here to buzz us up with his interesting performance. First was an irish mix, then was this song called Spirit which for me sounded abit like Panama from Van Halen. But its good then was one more southern indian piece which actually really interesting! A Rock themed composition. A real refreshing feel and he cap off his performance with a Melayu-esque music. And I was really impressed! Now I wanna get his cd!

me! haha

Then we got jive back to modern music from Caprice performing a song he composed for the event the day before! A little rap to go with a beautiful nite of musical fusion!

Then the nite was capped with the final performer, none other than Lewis Pragasam's long time partner in musical crime. John 'Kaizan' Neptune! Stealing our hearts with a fine shakuhachi (japanese bamboo flute) performance. Always love shakuhachi performance! I was actually going into a meditative state listening to him play. HONESTLY!! or am I just tired... anyway he was really good. He also invented his own percussion which looks like a Dhol or Pakhavaj with a slight curve in it. very nice.

I have to say that the night wouldnt be a success for these other musician too played their part into making this event a performance to remember. Maewa Hiroaki on bass, a Japanese that is now residing in Cheras. Indonesian Ywenna Carolina on the piano/keyboard, American that is now living in Malaysia, Steward McAskie on keyboard, lead guitarist and a really really good one too Shaun Kamikaze from Japan, and our local and fantastic Indian percussionist Kirubakaran and Victor Micheal.

a quick snapshot of one of the KLCC tower

It was a good night altogether had lots of fun thanks to Shereen and Adverlets. more pics to come...

Signing off...

“If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. ... I get most joy in life out of music.” -Albert Einstien-

reconstruction complete

just changed my blog layout! more neater and not so gloomy!

face lift... checked...

changing content style... on the way!

bullshitting continue? ... definitely!

Confusing Sign?

Well we all know how "intelligent" our local folks are rite? We entered the MSC status more than 10 years ago rite? So information need to be precise and legitimate rite? hmmm... am I so back logged that we have changed phone number format or is TM using something we commoners don't know?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dry Run

I have hit my dry patch! I have so many things to write but I just cant seem to dig out anything to write at the moment! I was planning to write about this issue where "How come most chinese girl got a flat or droopy ass.." but I just couldnt get enough material to write. Then I was thinking to write about how crappy my life is but again, I made a promise to my babe not to be cranky and grumpy. So how la? Wut the heck ya! its me anyway!

So lets start!

So... I've been working and working and working... and working with my day job and night job and finally last month my body shouted to me 'STOP"!!! Suddenly I got short of breath! then my heart started to beat so rapidly like when you see a really really really hot girl in a nice lacey lingerie appear infront of you... (oops!) So lets see, I got home at 1am, was struggling to breath then I called my sister to send me to the hospital. I swear at that very moment I thought this is the end of me! went into the emergency ward then was treated by the nurses and doctor. Checked my pulse, BP and my sugar level (normal stuff). I asked the doc, what is wrong wit me? heart attack? asthma? high blood pressure? I was stress about stress, if you get what i mean! Then the doc told me that its just anxiety attack. Cant blame! I got exam the next day and I havent finish studying! still recuperating from my dad's passing and then I was also pushing on my night job. Yea I am coming out of the closet....

I am..


cartoonist! Been doing some animation with my friends for the past half year! Yea I am admitting it now! This Town is me and my friends baby! haha what you think la?

So back to the story, the doc told me to take a gooooooood rest which I know I never did for a very very long time! This explains why I didn't post any blogs too. No mood to write and no mood to think! and NO TIME! alot of people ask me to make time! organise! time management! bla bla bla yada yada yada! You know what I really want to say to them? FUCK YOU! You do not know what I am doing and going through! so FUCK OFF and keep quiet! noisy like chicken only...

Some thinks that they have the ultimate solution! the one and only way! U MUST THIS U MUST THAT! aihs... bollocks! When I need help I will ask! If not.... then shut your pie hole la... like my colleague say... if cannot help then dont trouble ppl!

Ok so since that incident I've been eating really healthy! and guess what?! I've lost weight! wuahahaha... so by proper dieting and strong will power you can lose it! But the thing is its really a pain when you see people eat the food you used to be able to eat! really hard! once is ok! but almost every week! wua jia lat oh!

So this is why I didnt blogged for such a long time... recuperating... re thinking... reformat... reloaded!

lets hope this dry run is over! cheerios!!!
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