Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There have been so many speculations that the world will end in like 4 days time. But do you believe it? Come 21 December 2012 we shall see. I have seen alot of this nonsensical stuffs being said but there are no exact proof that the world will end, take this article here for example, it states that Mayans did not predict the end of the world. Just end of the calendar! 

Well there are many other possibilities too what if....

Or was it merely a countdown to the start of middle earth??

Or was it just that they.... ran out of rock?

But what if the end of world is real? What can we do? Like I said, there are many possibilities.

Will our world end like this?
 Where we will just literally die... quick and easy?

Or will what ever shown in Hollywood comes to life?

Will we enter the time when we have to walk around scavenging for food like The Town? and end up being a cannibal?

Or suddenly there is a Zombie outbreak?

Or will the machines rise?

 and make us into batteries?

Or just crush us and kill us?

Who knows eh?

Lots of religion have predicted that there will be an end, the Apocalypse, Kiamat, Judgement Day etc... but is it true?

I dont think so. I am one of those sceptic. The world wont end. Just like the Y2K bug. Lots were saying that nuclear plants will shut down, machines go haywire, and we humans will be moved back to primitive age... but here I am typing my article with my PC. Instead of fallout, we saw the technology boom. 

So will we be seeing a boom in terms of the advancement of mankind? Are we moving into the next era? 

Like when Sauron is defeated? 

Or when Rome fell?

Well, the time is near... just 4 days to go to find out.

Question is, are you ready to take on the end of the world?

Good to be prepared...

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Rise of Malaysian Football again!

I have mentioned in an article I wrote 3 years back that Malaysian Football - hope is rekindled and today we are the defending champions of AFF Suzuki Cup or better known as the South East Asian Cup. After their heroics in the SEA Games and then the AFF Suzuki cup, coming up tops in both of them. Suddenly it gave a new life back into the nation's football. Fans are now flocking back to the stadiums, kinda reminds me the glory days of the 70s and the 80s. 

We see all creeds of life in the stadium especially in the stadium you can see it and I have to give credits to Harimau Malaya fan club or better known as the Ultras of Malaysia. They been giving undying support to the national team and that have somehow rub into this new generation of Malaysians. 

Just look at this video.... it gives you the pride and honour for just being there! a huge poster of the late Mohktar Dahari! and the mega flag! Kudos to them!

This is just really awesome. Something that I wouldn't have thought Malaysians would do back then but they are doing it now. 

Everytime I go to the stadium it gives me the chills as this paints the picture or the real 1Malaysia. 

Suddenly we forget all the political circus and just enjoy a day together with our folks focusing and supporting the same cause and that is our beloved country MALAYSIA! 

The AFF Suzuki Cup is now underway and Malaysia have just qualified for the semi finals after defeating Indonesia in the final group game, as you can see from the videos above. Its time for us to don the yellow jersey again and head to the stadium with your "MALAYSIA" or HARIMAU MALAYA scarfs or flag or towel or cap and not to forget our Jalur Gemilang and support the one thing that unites us all and that is football!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you come to a stage in your life where whatever you do just doesn't satisfy yourself and worst of all after doing it you still feel frustrated?

It is just like the joy of doing the things you do has died off. Lately I have been like that. Things are going well but I am just not satisfied. Its like as if what ever I do is not enough or not good enough. I do not know why is this happening. I know it is a very unhealthy situation for me to be in but I just cant find that solution to it.

I have this bad habit of trying to solve everything and trying to help everyone. Something that was my elixir has became my poison. The thing that made me happy is now the thing that make me frustrated. Perhaps I am just not a good king where I cant inspire my people to do follow my dream and instead my castle is now crumbling. 

At times I rather be a commoner and just live a happy and simple life and not worry about anything.... maybe this might lower my urge to do something bigger than myself and get disappointed and unsatisfied.

Perhaps I will look back 5-10 years from now and laugh at myself writing this article like how I laugh at what I wrote 7 years ago. Life changes and sometimes I guess you have to just cut loose some dead bags or dead weight that is pulling you down... and move on with my life... 

Hey... I actually found my solution!!


Friday, October 05, 2012

Malaysia Prevails

"Our Country is shit" , "Our country got no hope" , and  "Stupid Malaysia". How many of you have heard this before? At times I grow so tired of listening people complaining and complaining and condemning one after another about how shitty our country have became but yet you do nothing or you run away...

If your house is leaking, do you immediately shift your house? or do you ask a contractor or a plumber to fix the problem? We fix the problem. Why? because it is our house! Long have we live in it and fix it step by step to make it not our house but our home. 

The same theory applies to our country. If there is a problem, fix it and not run away from it. If it is like that  then we will be running for the rest of our lives and not solve anything. 

A lot of people said that it is hopeless. Have you even started to do anything or even tried? If you've tried,  then have you tried hard enough? Did you ask yourself these questions? 

There is this saying, it may sound corny by now "It is not what your country can do for you but it is what you can do for your country!". How many of you all have this mindset that when you do something, you want to make your family, friends and your country proud? One more question, how many of you, when you do something, it is not only for personal gain but also to ensure that it will help put the nation up there on the world stage? 

People often misunderstood between country and politics. Politicians are the people that "we chose" to "lead" and "govern" our country. Whereas the country is the place where we stay! Lets just take, a nice luxury car for example. The car is comfortable and steady, one of the top of the line model in the world, but if you get a fucked up driver who got no sense of safe ethical driving to drive you around, your ride will be as sickening and fucked up as hell. So end of the day do you blame the car or the driver? 

There is two part to this answer, one is that the driver and another one is ourselves! Why the driver? well for not being entirely honest when applying for the job. Why us? for not looking properly at who we are hiring to drive our car. 

So is our country stupid, fucked up or hopeless like some of you say it is? Not at all. 

There may be many different flags out there. the scale, the eye, the rocket, the star, and many more but all these flags is never bigger than this one...

and that is our national flag. 

In football terms, Sir Alex always says, "no one is bigger than the club"... same applies to our country, no one is bigger than the country. It takes everyone to make the country to what it is.

To say our country is stupid and dumb is just calling ourselves the same thing. How can we solve the problem if you run away from it? The only way is to fix it. It may be hard and long but end of the day it is worth it as this is our home.  

Aristotle have this saying "A state is not made up only of so many men, but of different kinds of men; for similars do not constitute a state"

We are unique because of our differences. We fill up each others weaknesses to ensure we come out strong as a nation. But how many of us see it that way? how many of us see each other just from our skin colours? Or religious background? If we put aside all those prejudices and celebrate our differences, we can do wonders and I believe that some of us have already done it.

How do we start? with ourselves! Action speaks louder than words. If we do not change ourselves how can we change others? We also have to believe! saying it is easy but doing it requires lots of faith! but it is not impossible! Believe and hope can bring a person forward! so lets start believing and move forward together!

Let me end with this saying:

"Don't let politics stop you from being a Malaysian, Malaysia Prevails! " 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Reading and reading

Understanding the human psyche is something that I am very interested ever since I was a kid. Come to think about it I am interested in so many things! But come to think about it, it somehow relates to everything that I enjoy doing then and now. 

I love creative and strategic thinking stuffs but one area that I was and still very fond is to read people. Not that I wanted to be a freaking stalker or what so but it is very interesting to see what people will do in order to get things their way or get out of things. 

This interest started when I was very young. My mom would always share with me like how kids would react to certain gestures or situation and we need to read the kids behaviour to know why they are doing so and so. You know... maternal instinct stuffs, like the saying, mom knows best. This happens when my mom was taking care of my cousins or my nephews and she will tell me that they will do certain things and how they would turn up when they gotten older. And as the years goes by, I was just quietly noticing and learning how to read the little ones that my mom said and true enough, their characters were exactly like my mom told. My mom also shared with my how I would react to certain things and at times I use myself as a test subject too. Yes... I try to notice my own reactions. Try to look from the outside. It helps, self reflection...

Throughout that time I manage to learn a trick or two on how to read people's characters and plus my amateurish skills gained from reading articles and books about the human behaviour and also not to mention a fair share of documentaries, it makes me delve slightly a little bit more into this. This became rather helpful when I do my drawing, animation and also branding. 

The funny thing is that if you sit long enough and notice a person, you can actually read them! Body language, voice intonations, hand gestures and also facial expressions. Again I am no profiler but its fun to sharpen this skill. I am not a talker or a social person but I rather listen and solve peoples problem and this skill sometimes comes in handy. 

The one funny thing that I learnt from a friend of mine is the art of reading people when they are lying. I was experimenting this with lots of people, especially when I have already know the real stories about certain issues and I deliberately act as if I don't know and sure enough the signs of lying or exaggeration that was told by my friend was spot on. 

Understanding these tricks will not only help you in preparing the first step but also help you to prepare for the worse... you know... the just in case situation...

But again... I am still an amateur so I still get it wrong time after time... In time to come I might even want to take a course about the human psyche!

Well my studies on the human psyche goes on...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

21 September...

Just 3 years ago I celebrated with him by going for a wonderful meal with my family at Kuala Selangor and a nice karaoke session after that. Now I am sitting here on the eve of his birthday knowing that I wont have that chance again. He was never a birthday person and me, my sis and my mom will buy a cake for him no matter what but his gleaming smile when he sees the cake ensures us that he is very happy with what we did for him. 

Well its been 2 years since but I still feel the loss... perhaps time heals but it wont heal all... 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Come this Tuesday it will be the 42nd anniversary of the loss of one of if not the best guitarist ever lived, the great Jimi Hendrix. Over the past week I have been listening to his song over and over again and somehow it just seems so freaking awesome. The songs even though its almost half a century old, well some of his songs are already half a century old but it doesn't seem like it at all. That is how great this guy's music was!

One of my personal favourite is this piece, Bold As Love. Somehow listening to it I feel so happy yet so sad... it just gave me that surreal feeling especially the guitar solo part. Not a lot of songs can make me feel this way and only IF only I can get hold of a time machine and go back in time just to see him perform this live....

Just basking in his songs is just a surreal feeling... next is Purple Haze, 

and this one... Message of Love

and another of my fav, Little Wing

and this was the one that introduced me to him way back when I was a kid!

All Along the watchtower

This is a tribute post... to the great

1942 - 1970

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace..."
- Jimi Hendrix-

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Just one of those weird days... with one of those weird posts

Have you ever encountered days when you feel like you have been nagged by people around on a non stop basis?

Have you encountered days when you feel like what ever you do throughout the day doesn't seem to be working and people are just disappointed in you?

Have you come across people that constantly think that what you do is not good yet what they do doesn't help either?

Have you come across a day when you just don't want to focus on a certain issue but somehow the issue keeps on coming up in front of you?

Well... that is happening to me recently. All in one go. Sometimes you feel like you are running so hard but you just cant reach your destination. Sometimes you just think, why is this happening? What is wrong with me? Why I just cant get things right today?

Positive mindset? perhaps that helps.

Have a good rest? perhaps that is what I need.

Have a good loving hug? definitely!

The last thing you need right now is somehow close to you blowing up in front of you and not understanding your situation. Thinking that you are being lazy or inconsiderate or just forgetful.

Everything you do that day is wrong and people around you that you care about just nag and nag and nag... and they seem to be irritated with what ever you do...

Doesn't one of those days really irritates you?

Sometimes you just suck it up and continue your journey. Sometimes the people nagging you dont even know that they are the ones that is the source of this. Sounds familiar? definitely!

But sometimes to avoid the situation getting shitty, its best to shut up! bite the bullet and move on...

Some people say, let it go bro! things will get better...

Well, I know it will, but at the time being, its just as irritating as having a very bad constipation where your stomach is aching and yet you cant shit! but once that shit is out.... its all well

This post sounds like I am angry with someone but...

I am not angry with anyone but I am angry with myself...

what a weird day!

sounds familiar? 

Friday, September 07, 2012


Its been quite a while since I wrote something patriotic. The last one came in March this year. (you can read it here). Well last week we celebrated our country's independence day or better known for locals MERDEKA! and with Hari Malaysia around the corner, if you dont know, Hari Malaysia is where our country is formed, from Malaya to Malaysia and welcoming our new family members of Sabah and Sarawak. I have noticed that Malaysians are getting angrier yet confused about being Malaysian compared to last year. 

Besides the political bantering between the opposition and the ruling government, I dont see why we as Malaysians can't be Malaysians. Suddenly because of politics we have now lost the passion and the patriotism? I hear people go like "This country is shits", "Fuck it la, might as well migrate". The country is fine my friends. Don't let politics make you not Malaysians. We as the people have the rights to choose and vote. In my previous article "We are Malaysia" I have stated that most of us that were born and bred here in Malaysia, have fully integrated the Malaysian mentality. You can never see other people from other nations sit and eat drink and speak the same lingo and food and laugh at the same thing. 

I have spoken to a wonderful writer last week. Her name is Ninotaziz (you can read her blog here), she wrote a book called Hikayat - from the ancient malay kingdoms. Talking to her she said that we as Malaysians should be so proud of our diverse culture and races. That is true, the government keep on saying that the diversity in our culture has to be cherished and it is said as if it is a current thing but according to Ninot, diversity begins way back in our countries ancient history. The days of Merong Mahawangsa, Parameswara and so on. Its the diversity and unity of our nation that makes us so unique and strong. Our cultures have been integrated so much that non of our culture are purely from our so called origin. Its a Malaya or Malaysia thing. 

Did you know that a lot of things practised by different religion or races in our country is not really practised other place or not practised anymore? Some of our culture have been integrated so much that its a Malaysian thing. I have just been to my friends Indian wedding and guess what I saw? A Chinese "Yum Seng" session. Hari Raya aidilfitri's duit raya or "green pow" or Deepavali's "purple pows" is very similar to Chinese New year "Ang pows". During my recent Chinese new year, my uncle prepared Nasi Kandar for us for our reunion meal. Malays speaking mandarin, chinese speaking tamil, indian speaking hokkien and everyone speaks Bahasa Malaysia. Not intergrated? 

Lets put aside our differences to celebrate our differences! got it? Its like forming a really good alloy metal. Different materials mixed together to create a strong bond and strong and lasting metal.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog, let me mention it again, race is something we do on tracks and not skin colours. If the country got a problem FIX IT and not RUN AWAY FROM IT!




If only we have no law... well I am not saying that we go into the world of anarchy and chaos. Nah, I dont want that! but if only there is no law for certain areas. I think alot of snatch thieves and robbers would be dead by now. Rapist will be impaled and mat rempits will be road kill (not that they are not now also), child abusers will be brutally abused in return and people that does harm to animals will be treated the same in return... isnt that better?

Why do I say so? If you look at the news recently, do you realise that there are so many fucked up things happening and the culprit just walks away with just a small "slap" of fine to their hands? 

One very obvious news is this, rapist admits his wrong doing for raping a kid and gets away with it? read it here and here. On one hand we say we want to protect our kids from harm but on the other hand we let this guys go free? and to top that off "THEY FUCKING ADMIT THEIR WRONG!!!!". Repent? these are the rules that should not ever ever be forgiven. It is due to this rules that this is the third time this kind of thing happened in recent time. I am pretty sure that there are even more of these cases but not blown out to the media or press. 

So again, are the rules or laws helping us or going against us? 

Why am I saying this? Its because of the inconsistencies of the rules being applied throughout all sentences. Some cases that most people look at as light offences are given really harsh sentences. Some deserve harsh sentences are set free. Is there a consistency in making a judgement? Do they have a certain SOP? I know every case is different even though is under the same category but how far different can it be? If you rape someone, isnt that the same? moreover raping an underage person. Isnt that even worse?! 

Lets just look at other cases, like this one (click here and here). Story was, she her bag was snatched from her car as she was closing her gate and when they took her bag from her car. She got in her car and chased them and that resulting to she ramming into them killing one of the thief. She did what normal people do which a reflex to defend and take back their belonging. Snatch thief have so rampant that even the police can't do anything about it as it is very random. But when we take actions to our own hands, and shit like what happened to this women here counted as a crime itself? Is she wrong?

I am not pointing fingers at anyone particularly but just the problems arising. Our country is ranked as one of the safest country in South East Asia still baffles me. (read here) But recent times a report saying that the data given was altered? (read here and here). Is it true? from the people's stand point I kinda believe it is true. Look at it this way, crime rate have been on the rise lately. Look back 10 - 15 years ago, I still can walk around at night not really worried of being robbed or snatched. Now?! Walking in front of a quite proper shopping centres such as The Curve and 1 Utama gives you the creepers. Heck walking in the car park gives you the creepers. Every single sound that breaks the silence scares the shit out of you. You have to be on a constant lookout and worse off seeing how security guards uphold their "duty" with "integrity" and "honour" scares me even more.

Citizens have now taken things to their own hands, the first step, gated community. We see this more and more of this scene (pictured below) especially in the Klang Valley.

Photos taken from pottedplot.com

This is because the people are just so tired of being robbed over and over again and not to mention the safety of their wives, children and belongings. Have we come to this stage? I can't remember who told me this, I think it a lecturer of mine. He said that doesn't this gated community scene reminds us of the time when our country is in the state of emergency? when the curfew was implemented.

Photos taken from  chungsite-roots.blogspot.com 

But the story is, we are looking for security. OK thats fine! but doing it by hiring foreign workers who come here to earn money. Are you sure? Are they willing to give their lives to make sure these richer people are safe? sure or not? Look at this article, it comes with a video. This might happen to you also, coz the guard are just doing their job and that is taking care of the area that they have to. Other than that, they will say "what for? you pay me so little, you think I risk my life for you ka?". That is true! we pay them RM500 and expecting them to put their life on the line? you gotta be kidding me man.

If you are interested there is an article of a research on the implications of gated community here and how much a low paying guard will help you here.

So the question again, are the law protecting us? or do we need to protect ourselves? If we protect ourselves does the law allows that too? What are the limits when it comes to protect ourselves?

For me, just be vigilant and be very very careful when going anywhere alone. Because in reality, we cant do what we see in the movies where we go on a rampage with guns blazing killing the "bad guys" anytime anywhere Expendables style. That is because we have to abide by the RULES and REGULATION in the SAFE country of ours that is FREE from OPPRESSION and COLONISATION...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Its August and so far this year I managed to somehow squeeze my super packed schedule to watch at least a movie a week. This is to do two things, first I get to chill and kick back and secondly I get to spend time with mah babe. And funnily enough, I manage to do what I cant in recent years and that is to watch a movie each week! thank you time management!

This year was the year of the remake and the sequels...So lets get started with the movies that I have seen this year... warning! this is a long ass article...


Well at first I didnt know what the heck was this movie all about. It was a choice of this or Ghost Rider (or some other crappy movie I think) if I am not mistaken. I saw one or two of their billboard along the highway but nothing else much. I knew the title sounded like the board game I used to play... then when I started to watch it, IT WAS BASED ON THE BOARD GAME I USED TO PLAY! The movie is practically a popcorn movie featuring Liam Neeson , Taylor Kitsch (aka Gambit in Wolverine movie) and Rihanna in first movie role. Storyline is very predictable but for a military machinery junkie like me, its fun to see the ships doing all funky manoeuvres. I wouldn't say it was bad but I wont say it was good either. Go without any expectation I would say

Saw the promo, thought it was about war but thought wrong. It is actually an awesome animated movie, cool graphics and it makes you wanna be Scottish and live in the highlands! Its an awesome movie for Mothers Day too! Best to catch it with kids!


This was my buffer before Avengers. I thought it was a horror movie, turns out it was not only a horror but also a thriller, action and some sci fi too. Its quite an interesting movie. Somehow reminds me of Red State, cleverly and interestingly done. A refreshing feel to it. 


One of the most anticipated movie of the year, Christopher Nolan's masterpiece comes to an end. Well, compared to the first two, especially the second one, this is somehow of a let down. Its good, dont get me wrong, its an epic movie but it lacks the details of the second and first movie. But this is a definite must watch. Good ending and it makes you think whether is it a dream at the end or not.


Its been 10 years since the last one came out. The feel is still the same but one thing for sure is that Tommy Lee Jones has aged significantly. A feel good movie and a good explaination on why Jay is treated this way. All in all its quite a good flowing movie.  Kudos too to Josh Brolin who did an excellent young Tommy Lee Jones portrayal.


Some may say that this is not that good bla bla bla etc etc. For me, its quite a good movie considering they managed to click together all the characters who previously had a main role and own movie themselves as the characters they portray. Exciting and did not disappoint. The epicness of this movie is very satisfying. But the ending somehow reminds me of Transformers 3...  and also the best Hulk so far!


 When they casted Andrew Garfield, many was very sceptical about it. Can he pull it off? Can he fill the shoes of Tobey Maguire? Is it too soon to reboot this franchise? Well lets just say it a whole different spidey altogether. The acting is very much better than the Tobey Maguire's Spidey. But again you cant compare as this Spidey is focusing more on the human and darker side of spidey whereas the Tobey's Spidey is more comical. But this explains alot of things about spidey and they stayed slightly more truer to the original comics. Good show, good show! The only disappointment was the Lizard tho... where is the snout? 


I dont want to recall! The trailer made it looked promising but somehow I am not satisfied. Too many loose ends in this movie. It doesnt give me that kick (literary and metaphorically) that the Arnie's version gave. Kate Beckinsale was at her Underworld best, tight fitting clothings and all jumping and all crazy, whereas Jessica Biel was ... Jessica Biel... If you ask me should you watch it? I would say.... only if you got no other choice or you wanna see Kate and Jessica... well there wasnt much to see anyway!


I was very curious about this when I first read about it on one of those previews. I came to the movie with mixed feelings, not sure was it good but somehow excited to see how it came out. I have to say its an interesting insight to something no one thought of. Who actually can think that Abe is a vampire hunter?! I heard about the book and the good reviews about it but the movie didnt disappoint either. Worth watching!


Some call it the prequel to the Aliens franchise or call it a solo movie, I still see it as a prequel to the Aliens franchise. It shows how life started on earth and how some say claim that the gods are actually extraterrestrial beings. Makes you think how we came about. The movie got a few loose ends but I think it is ok. Nothing to shout about.


Chris Hemsworth's third movie this year. Mah babe forced me to watch this coz "THOR" is in it and I have to say I was glad that happened as it was quite a good movie. It totally fucks up your Disney version of Snow White. *SPOILER ALERT* Funny enough, I saw Charlize Theron died in within a week. Once in Prometheus and once here! (told you spoiler already ma!) This one is definitely darker and more realistic than the Disney's version. Kristen Steward tho was her Twilight self. No difference. But kudos to Charlize Theron, psychotic at its peak! nice...


Kate Beckinsale is back in her tight leather outfit! Kate clearly aged slightly since the first movie but she still looks really really awesome in those tight outfit! The ending was kinda disappointing tho but it was all round violence and gore that this francise was famous for! A must watch if you follow the previous franchise.


I was very very sceptical when they casted Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as the lead cast. Can they replace the legendary Johnny Depp? Well apparently they do. Its more comical and funnier than the series but they manage to maintain the essence. For once Channing Tatum is really funny, he tried to be kinda funny in GI Joe but failed miserably! But this is really funny. I will say, give it a go and prepare for some interesting cameos!


I was telling my friends that Jeremy Renner looks like a good bet for this movie and I was right. But one thing about the movie, it was quite dry in the first 20 minutes. To be honest I almost fell asleep at the start of the movie. Things started to get exciting and you can see the whole identity of the Bourne installment coming in. But somehow the movie fell back to it starting pace at the ending. I felt like I was watching a Harry Potter movie, no bang, no climax, its like so much foreplay but no orgasm. Overall, I was not convinced. Dont blame the actors, blame the writer! 


Well some people might say that this is a no brainer and not worth watching, but my testosterone driven body and my urge to watch all childhood action heroes are all going overdrive to push me to watch this! When I saw the trailer seeing all the veteran action heroes in one movie just gives me the chills! The first was awesome! now I home this second is awesomer! (damn, I'm sure that was caused by just looking at the poster). 


If you loved the Lord Of The Rings, then you will definitely be waiting for this! Who wouldn't? Another anticipated movie in the waiting! 

Well, like I mentioned earlier, its only August, lets just hope that this year will be a really memorable one in terms of movie. So far it have not disappoint! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh No! How old are you again?!

Well the graph above is something I came up while observing my family, friends and associates. I have no idea why I did that but let me give you an analysis on my silly graph. Think about it, if you noticed that when you are a kid you are always constantly looking to grow up. Why? think about it, when we were in primary school, we look up to the secondary school kids thinking what they do are cool. More allowance to do what they like, independent, and most of all freedom comes gushing in. As a kid our parents tend to be more restrictive in what we do. 

Once we reach the teenage age, we started to notice... well changes to our body. Certain parts gotten bigger and certain parts more erm... furrier. And all of a suddenly that special urges appear. The insatiable urge to..... drive a car. We see our older siblings driving, going out with friends and all we are left with is public transport or our very good friend, the bicycle. Then came the the golden age, 18 years old. Suddenly that sense of freedom, no more mundane school life with its daily classes, lining up and that pathetic clothings that we call school uniform. This is the first taste of adulthood. Its the legal age to drive and going after girls and the legal age to well in the words on Sheldon of Big Bang Theory, achieve coitus! Then came the age of 21, the prime time! College student, legal age to vote and also to enter the casino. We are an adult! well almost... some are still depending on parents to pay your stuffs.

Looking at the graph, yes, it actually goes downhill from there. Going into the working world looks interesting and promising but as you go older things start to get shittier. I am sure most of us when we reach our mid 20s we started to have talks like, "hey remember back then in school when we... etc etc bla bla bla" then someone will suddenly pop that line "Dude, do you realized we that was 10 years ago?!" (well technically I was always that dude that pop the line, haha) and the sudden reality hits us. We are full fledged adults. Struggling with our jobs, lowest ranking in the company, getting shitty treatments and of course low paying salary with a shit load of payments we need to pay. Something we don't face when we were in our younger days. 

Then came the big 30! by this time we are at our lowest point. We are no longer in our youth. The big 3-0 is here! Its not exciting anymore. Work have became a daily routine but career has started to stabilize, income is not too bad, mid or junior management jobs, marriage and kids. 30s starts to be comfortable and interesting. 

Suddenly you are now reaching the big 4-0! This is where you start to think back, what the fuck did I do in my life?! Fuck I am 40 and I got nothing yet! I miss my flamboyant life... mid life crisis kicks in... spending and doing things that you have not normally do or doing things that you dreamt of but somehow it is not filling your satisfaction! You start to reflect your life, I have reached to the peak of my working life, I am able to buy and do the things that I love but one big things is in your way, or well a few things that is in your way. One of them, your eye sights are starting to go, you need to raise your glasses or lower it to read something small, coming home with a sore back or knee or shoulder after everytime you play a sport and of course the amount of pills you have to start to take! Cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, glucosamine etc etc

But by the time you reach 50 things are starting to look pleasant, your kids are able to handle themselves, your work is reaching its twilight but you are on top of the organization in rank or in experience. Retirement is around the corner, your second freedom approaches! You reach the retirement age! you are now free of the working world that you are immersed in for the last 30 years! freedom! now you can kick back and enjoy life. Go travelling, pursue your long backlogged hobby etc etc. But then you realized that you miss the working world, the daily activites and that daily banter with that young girl or guy. Then it hits you again, what if I live up to a 100 years old? I got 40 years more of doing nothing! Aiyo! how la? Some will take on some activities to fill up their daily life, some take some some consultancy job to get back into the working world, some use that to focus on their grandchild and some just sit there and wait... and wait... and wait... and wait for the time to end... but yet it is a scary wait...but who knows what is beyond my graph... does it go up again after that? well only we alone will know when the time comes! 

Interesting thought eh?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Learning to Chill

I've always lived a really hectic life. Juggling with so many activities, be it work, side work and personal life. but after what happened to me earlier in the month and after doing alot of reality check, I realised that I have been living in a really uptight and anxious lifestyle. But now I realised that how important and effective it is to have a really balanced life.

I realised a few things:

  1. Take no bullshit from anyone. If cannot, say cannot. No point beating around the bush for something that you know will waste your time and effort. I've learned to say no.
  2. Manage your time. I realised that planning your time properly really works. I spoken to the founder of Ventrax management,, Dr Venga Kalachulu who is also an awesome time management guru and his advice for me is... plan your time well! and he told me this, "Time is equal to life, therefore, waste your time and you will waste your life, or do you want to master your time thus master your life". And that made me think.
  3. No point being angry. The one getting hurt is you yourself! Let things take its course. If it is really important then do it yourself!
  4. Love yourself and set a time to do things you wanna do.
  5. Laugh! its free and it really helps! take life easy. Laugh a little... 
  6. Spend time with love ones. Even if it is just a mere 30 minutes! enjoy every minute of it!
  7. Just shut up! sometimes saying too much just makes things complicated. Just listen and enjoy the comedy!
  8. Make the best with what you have! 

So yea that was what I realised since I got my health scare. But so far 20 days have passed and every morning since then, when I wake up I just smile and thought to myself "Fuh luckily I am still alive! tak mati lagi! (not dead yet)"

Every path of life is filled with many obstacles, like my mom always say "Happy also the day pass, sad also the day pass, might as well be happy and appreciate life by the day!".

So live life everyday and stop worrying about tomorrow!

This is me now... LOL!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Eye opener

Just had a health scare last weekend and I just realised that I am not that young any more. When we were younger we always think that we are immune to anything. Only open to the normal flu or cough or that occasional sorethroat due to excessive fried and spicy food. 

Our mind might not grow older but our body definitely is. And just only the last weekend like I said just now, I finally realised that I am no longer that "tank". It started with flu then sore throat... the usual suspects and then the headache came. I thought it was nothing but my mom told me to just go see the doc and dont think that I am the Ironman, Superman or any superhero or as my former colleague said.... god.  Went to check and found out my BP shot up. Damn... 

So after a few days I got paranoid and went to the Hospital to do a full body checkup. As usual, the fear of the unknown got the better of me. Couldnt sleep the night before, thinking how I have fucked up my life by the really unhealthy lifestyle. Then came the day of my check up, which was yesterday. Did a normal full checkup, the normal x-ray, blood test and urine test. Waited half a day and then came the results. Diagnosed with hypertension and slightly high glucose and cholesterol. Everything else is ok.... for now. Then reality hits me... yes I am ageing and yes I am not immortal and yes.... my body is damaged....

I asked my doctor what is the cause of this, he said that it is due to the lack of sleep and accumulative unhealthy lifestyle (you know - food, drinks, and no consistent exercise). He told me that I am still quite young and I still have time to prevent and recover. Why? well, high glucose, high blood pressure and of course high cholesterol (LDL) if not treated or prevented can cause disability and of course death. My friends told me not to worry as life is short, yes, its already so short, I dont want it to be shorter!! 

That itself was a wake up call. I've been reading quite a few articles today and it is quite helpful and scary yet pleasing at the same time. A lot of people perceive that once you are diagnosed with all this you have to cut off on great food and lifestyle itself. But it was wrong, what you need is actually to have a sustainable lifestyle and not having a crash diet like some people do. What my doctor said is that he wants to have a sustainable diet and lifestyle. 

The reason why I am writing this is to make sure that I have a record of me saying that I want to live a better and healthier life. I am saying that this is the moment I turned my life around. Its a promise.... and also if I start to eat or live that old lifestyle again, you all can be my dicipline master and give me a warning or at least understand and at least give some moral support to me!!

Till then, towards a healthier life!!! 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Fathers day

Its been two years since.... 

sometimes I look at people walking with their ageing dad having dinner or just plain having a fun chat. But sometimes I see people scolding and mistreating their dad. This just angers me as it is a gift that you have your dad to be there, to ask for advice, to ask for guidance and most of all to ask for love. 

I miss the times when I have a problem and I know my dad will surely have an answer for it. Be it a joke or a really spot on advice. I miss going out for lunch with him on a Sunday afternoons because my mom and sis wemt out shopping, I miss his stories about his journeys,  I miss watching football with him and listening him making jokes about players looks and names... but most of all I just miss him... but I know he lives in me...

So to those who still have their fathers around... love them as much as you can, appreciate them as much as you can and most of all care for them as much as you can!  coz you might not know when it will suddenly dissapear...


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Its not the role, its the people

Ever since I took over so many roles be it in work or a society or a club, I realise that I have to deal with one thing and that is big fucking babies. Back then when I was a kid, I use to look up to adults and think, "Wow, these people are really good at what they do, I want to grow up being like them"

Then as you grow older and as you gradually work your way into the working world and you realise that what ever you depict when you were a kid is all not true at all. Like I mentioned earlier, that I have to deal with alot of adults, I found out that every adult have a bitch, baby or a fucking asshole in them. 

Sitting and taking care of them shows me what is this real world is all about. Everyone have an agenda and everyone is not entirely genuine. There is always a hidden agenda behind every good deed. I think its the society that made it this way. Dog eat dog world, corruption, power crazy or perhaps just plain jealousy! 

When I was a kid, we were thought in school and at home to be honest in what we do. Never tell a lie but you know what? "Never tell a lie" IS A LIE! and honesty? a big LOL to that! it reminds me of a George Carlin line "Honesty is the best policy, but you have to remember that apparently by elimination dishonesty is the second best policy!"

So is that true? 

Let us get back to the whole leading the people. The people pick you as their "leader" but somehow you are not the "leader" and when you be the "leader" they don't really listen to you. I have encountered a few situation where the leader is not experience but capable and the older and experience member of the team tends to overwhelm or apparently "help" the leader by giving advice. The intention was good but slowly and not noticing it, they start to take over. Advice became order, order became stern comments and suddenly when the leader voice out his disagreement, this older member gets unhappy. They throw their tantrum or they will complain and complain like a bitch themselves and instead of solving the problem, they didnt realise thar they have became the problem. Then when you say, "why dont you do it then" and its always this same lame pathetic remark "you are the boss ma, you handle la". In a tone that is filled with sarcasm that is at the same time mocking you. Sounds familiar? this has been experienced by many...

Sometimes I think back when I was in school, our meetings were more professional compared to the ones I attend now. The people were more dedicated compared to now. Like I said, its all about personal agenda and very rarely now you see a group of people fighting for the same cause without the influence of money or power. The power is to achieve self satisfaction, greatness and creating that beacon of light for others.

I admit that I am a man of passion, everything I do, I try my best to get the best out of it. But its really tiring fighting this cause alone. Especially when you have members who are just not on par with you or same wavelength with you. Its just tiring. Sometimes you just feel like giving up. Alot of people beside me ask me why am i still doing this? Why do I want to take this role as a leader? Its not worth your time dealing with all that doesnt appreciate you. My answer? coz I believe that one day I can make a difference. I believe that one day all that I sacrifice will be worthwhile. Again I am going to quote one person, John Rambo "Live for something or die for nothing"

Now I realise, like I mentioned just now, I use to look up to the people but it was wrong, I was looking up at the "concept" and image that they portrayed. And for me growing up with that image, I have intergrated it into my mindset that this is the ideal world whether people accept it or not. and I am not giving up hope Again, its not the role, its the people.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little puzzle for the day...

I came across this long time ago and I find it freaking hilarious but lame in a way... but what the heck.

here it goes

Imagine you are in the jungle. You have been tied hanging on a tree with a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope, and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch. 

Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one around to help you. The only possible way is to somehow convince the lion to BLOW the candle out. How do you do that?

Scroll down for answer... 

Sing Happy Birthday!!!

lame rite...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Passion vs the world

I am sure most people here have had a dream when they were young or younger that they wanted to be something or someone. Then as the time goes by, these dreams start to deteriorate and slowly you are consumed into this big machine called the working world. 

Some followed their dreams and passion, some made it some don't. But the saddest thing is when someone have to let go of their dreams or passion because of how fucked up the real world is. Its either you follow or get out of the way. Majority of the society don't really recognise these people. They acknowledge it but never recognise it. Why? look at some of the best musicians we have. Are they earning enough? or some of the best artist, do they get enough exposure?

Its a sad world, take me for example. I always have the love for the arts and media. I am working the "dream:" job that I wanted. But it is just not making ends meet. Every month I barely scrape through and at times I have to do what some say "ikat perut" aka tie your stomach or really live on a budgeted lifestyle. Lots of people ask me "why do I still stay there? you work so much and so hard and get paid so little" . My answer? its simple...  passion and believe. I love what I am doing and I really believe that it will pay off soon. Some say I'm stupid, some say I don't dare to make the leap. But how many of you get to do what you really dream to do as a kid?

A lot of people think that working in the media is a glamourous job and surely earning the big bucks. I can tell you... NO! Only a handful are making the big bucks. The rest like us... are just doing what we can do only to be paid lesser than most perceived. 

Its really straining especially when living in an expensive city like KL with the pay that you are getting.  As much as you love what you are doing but you have to live and sometimes the thought of just giving up all and just join the money making bandwagon and earn my big bucks. Its like selling your soul to the devil. 

I was a basketball fanatic when I was a kid. I would stay back after school everyday and play 3-4 hours before I got home. I still remember the day when I hurt my back really bad and when I met the doctor and he ask me to STOP playing basketball because it will aggravate my back even more and worse being unable to stand straight. I had to give up and let go and it was one of the most depressing thing I have to make. 

I don't want to go through it again. I am doing what I love now but the cruel world is pushing me to the edge. At times I think whether is it worth it? Putting all this effort and time for something that doesn't really appreciate you? I sometimes envy some of my friends who just went with the flow and earn the big bucks. Whereas you sit here in the darkness doing what you love and earning peanuts.

I started to think back what my dad told me once when he was promoted "I rather get a pay raise then get a promotion, coz you get paid slightly more but you have work very much more!" 

The fire in my heart is starting to fade but the fire in my belly is starting to rise... should I switch? should I let go? should I just give up my dreams? 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sick Society

What a sick society we are living in? What triggered me to write about this issue is just moments ago I was at the bank lining up to bank in my check at the machine. As I was waiting for my turn, there was this guy at the machine banking in his cheque too. What I saw was that he got a shit load of cheques to be banked in. First of all he dont even know that they can insert at least 10 cheques at a time instead he bank in one at a time which you know is a fucking long time. So as I saw what was happening, I just ask him whether he can let me do mine first as I have only one cheque. I asked him in a very polite manner and he looked at me and told me "I wait very long already you know? you go use other machine la!!" in a very assholic way! 

At that moment what triggered me was to punch the living shit out of him. But then a next thought came in, how stressed up have our society been. A polite and calm question to be replied by such a fucked up way.

If you noticed, in recent times, the people, the society have became rather stressed up. Based on my observation, this is caused by several things. 

1. Bad town management
 Why? When it is managed badly such as commercializing an area that cant handle the volume of traffic will cause traffic jam. Simple as that. And not that, when it is done, there is very little public transport to support the system. Hence more cars coming in. Then got not enough parking, hence more car park illegally by the road side causing a 2 lane road become 1. This will cause more? Jam...

2. Fast communication
If you notice our parents generation or the older generations are more patient compared to us. Why? because during the pre internet, smart phones, email days. Everything needs to have a waiting period. Send a main doesnt mean you can get it now. It takes days or weeks, depending on distance. Secondly, to process a picture, you have to go to the photo shop to develop the picture which takes 1-2 days. To get information, you need to go to the library or borrow books from friends. So everything requires waiting.

But with the internet now, everything needs to be fast, convenient, easy. Once it slows down, we will get angry. Why? because we are spoiled by this. We are constantly on the move and constantly needing something fast. 

3. 3 in 1
Like no. 2, everything is convenient now. 3-in-1 coffee, instant develop, fast informations, package deals, instant meals etc. We are again being spoiled when it comes to this. We need everything fast and convenient because we are "busy" and on the move. Where actually we are just fucking lazy. We want fast results. Fuck the details! right? There is one saying, if there is no more time, then make it! 

Dont you agree with me? We are fast becoming a sick and insane society. Just look at the daily news and you can see how sick this society has become. We have kind of lost our souls and ethical mind. There is no patience anymore. 

I just cant imagine how bad it will be. But for me... I have learn to look back and learn from our past generation. Not only our past generation but or past. What did we do and how did we survive it and yet enjoy it. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

We are Malaysia!

What does it mean by being a Malaysian? Let me ask again, what does it mean by being a Malaysian?

Try asking this question to many Malaysian and you can get a similar sets of answer.

1. Coz it my country, I was born here
2. I pay my taxes... have to la...
3. This country ah... not good la... go XXX country better la...


The question again, What does it mean by being a Malaysian?

Let me share with you my version of what does it mean by being a Malaysian.

Ethnically I was born and raised in a Chinese family. As I was growing up I was exposed to quite a number of cultures. My dad will take me to eat all kind of different food and explain to me their cultures, My sister's god parents are Peranakan mix Portugese/Indians and we visit them once every few weeks. Then I was enrolled into an all boys semi government catholic Sekolah Kebangsaan school called La Salle. This was where the whole "government" plan of Malaysianised comes in. I was exposed to different cultures. 

Then I went to a Chinese dominated college called Tunku Abdul Rahman college. This was where I found out that I dont belong here at all as it was a really uncomfortable 3 years for me. 

Then I dated and still dating a beautiful sumandak from the land below the wind. (Sumandak is Kadazan for young girl). My best friends are Indians, I am working in a Malay based company.... 

and you know what is the best thing about all this?

I DONT FEEL LIKE A CHINESE! honestly. Once I got really offended when one of my superior said this to me "Eh this is not the way to do business la... you are a chinaman and you dont know this ka?". What the Fuck man! with leaders that thinks like this how can we be a united nation?

I hate it when people assume that I do this because I am chinese. That is just the beginning of racism. We preach about saying no to Racism but yet we are still practicing it. My ethnicity wont determine who and what I am. Its just a name and the skin colour. Yes I am proud of the chinese heritage, history and culture. but do I live and practice it? NO! coz I dont know half of what it preaches.

When I went to China recently, I cant grasp their lifestyle. Its so different than us. When I got back to KL ,I was kneeling down and touching the floor because I have come back to "Tanahair ku". I was so eager to speak Bahasa Malaysia to the first person I saw. It was a joy. Coz I am home...

If you look at our modern lifestyles and cultures, Malay, Chinese or indian or even Kadazan. We are doing almost the same thing. So how am I chinese again? i eat char koay teow?  play fireworks? give ang paus? condemn about our national cars? laugh at our local football? watch stupid reality shows... ? dont we all do that?

So what makes us a Malaysian again? by being Malaysian! Stop segregating us based on race... coz honestly I dont belong to one coz I dont practice it... as corny as it seems... my ethnicity? M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A-N

What race race all... race is what we do at tracks not skin colors. We have such a beautiful country... dont let it go to waste! 

If the country got a problem.... fix it! dont run away from it...

"If you wanna make the world  a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change" -MJ-

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