Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Resolution

You know what? Alot of people talk about resolution or having a resolution. Some to the extend became so obsessive with having a resolution.

For me? after years and years of failed resolutions or forgotten resolutions, I just gave up. Its no point having a resolution if you don't resolve anything. Right? 

Lose weight? quit smoking? sure bo? I've so far rarely seen anyone managed to fulfill their new year resolutions. I guess we have to do what Tony Robbins says... you dont need to wait till the new year for a resolution. Just do one now and start it now. Why wait for the new year? start early! start now! 

But we wont rite? so how are we gonna resolve something? Simple! dont have a list! 

Just go with the moment! Quit smoking? next year? try doing it now la... no need to give a time. why? Well, you wont do it! trust me... by the time its the new years you have already thought of an excuse to give to yourself to continue smoking.

Lose weight? do it now la. Suscribe to a gym. why wanna wait till next year? oh! so you can "hentam" that lamb on xmas? or you got a list of open houses that you are invited? aiya, Malaysia is filled with festive season. Its always an open house down the corner of every month. So you gonna wait till after Chinese New Year? After Thaipusam? After labour day? after your friends birthday? Weddings? wont happen! 

So for me, my new years resolution is to try to resolve my previous years resolution. So what was my previous years resolution? is to have a proper resolution instead of saying I need a resolution next year. So there you go! I have fulfilled my quota! problem solved. 2012 Resolution done, dusted and settled, and achieved! So bring on the apocalyptic year! and party on dudes! why? coz is gonna be an awe--- wait for it--- some year! See ya on the other side!

Friday, December 23, 2011


This could be our last Christmas and last new year as the world is coming to an end next year according to the Mayan Calender.... so kiss me and hug me like you never had before....

You actually believe that load of bull? Well call me a skeptic but hey the end of the world came and gone many times. The apocalyptic world that we see in the movies looks to be like... well... a movie!

The millennium bug came and gone without Skynet taking over the world or making us into batteries to run their machines. The Harold Camping incident where it came and gone. So will the Mayans be third time lucky?


We are going to celebrate Christmas again next year and we are going to celebrate 2013 next year.

But this end of the world thingy somehow helped alot of people as they now know how to live their life to the max.

So will it come or it wont lets just love and enjoy each others presence and hey..


and as Skeeter Davis say... the world ended when we say good bye!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

POP Phone and POSE it!

Have you ever had a situation when you talk to long on the mobile phone and after the conversation you see your sweat on your phone? yes? I always worry that it might spoil my phone especially when you have a smart phone.

Or have you ever been told by those slightly more paranoid friends that talking on your mobile phone too long will cause you to get your already damaged brain more damaged from the microwaves from the phone? got eh? you will say no but secretly  you start to wonder, maybe eh? coz after talking a period of time your ear feels hot.... the phone feels hot... really ka microwaves? no I also dont know.

OR (one more question k?) have you ever encounter a situation where you wanna check some details on the phone when you are on the phone and you go "Ok his number is... wait ar... 012... erm.. bla bla bla... wait ah... bla bla bla" a little irritated right at times?

Well I do at times. Sometimes it all comes at the same time! sweat, long conversations and need to dig info from my mobile phone. At times, squeezing the phone inbetween your ears and your shoulder is even more difficult because you are afraid that these dastardly expensive smartphones might slip off and fall and there goes a large sum of money. But now I realised that there is one thing that might actually change it.


It comes in the name of an already famous sound and it looks really familiar but somehow comes out cool. Its called POP Phone! Its a craze now. What is it? read on la...

Looks like a phone handle?

The gadget is basically available for all phones, tablet, laptop or even PC! You can now literally pick up the phone and call anyone using Skype or Google talk or those with similar usage. Take a look at it! its kinda awesome!

talk and press

Just imagine walking on the street and suddenly you pick up the phone and instead of a mobile phone you pick up a handle phone. Cool eh? well its a way to remember and celebrate the classic in style.

If you look up on latest celebrity photos you can at times see them using this awesome little things. 

Lenny Kravitz also using it!

Wah! fashion queen also use it, you dare say no meh?

Well the brain child behind this POP Phone is French Designer, David Turpin. What he does is he combines classic style with a contemporary edge and  finish it with a luxurious soft-touch texture. Best of all you don't have to worry about the sound being soft of unclear as it has been manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone and it is fitted with a 3.5mm jack which... is compatible with the iPhone. Yay!!

So if you are interested to get one of these you can go to http://blog.isabelleman.com/?p=1813 


and it gets better, they are now running a contest where you can actually win prizes such as a trip to Japan or an iPad 2 to go along with your phone or you can even strut your stuffs in Bali! all you have to do is... POP and POSE! check it out!

or you can go to their facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/IsabelleMan?sk=app_270075953036094

All I wan for Christmas is a POP handset...POP handset... POP handset.... ok that didnt came out well...

Monday, November 28, 2011

RIP Linus

Today my brother lost one of this best friend. To say I know how he felt is a lie. But I know how it felt to lose someone so close and dear. My condolences my dear brother for your loss....

Listen la, Uncle...

My parents brought me up to respect and obey old or perhaps older people. We should not raise our voices to them but instead let them talk first. You know... be the obedient kid or the kid that has a sweet mouth by greeting everyone when they come in the house or "call people to eat" and of course treating them well. That was what I thought when I was a kid.

Then as I got older, I've learnt that not only you have to greet them but you also have to listen to them. Their advice or teaching are to be listented! Could this be because they are experienced people? or they know more things? perhaps yes... perhaps not. We do not know because some may be real or some is made to sound real. 

Well, we are all well drilled when we were kids to listen and respect older people and do what they tell you. It has somehow embedded into our heads and it has became the foundation of all the kids of our generation. That is why when we meet any older people we greet them and then give way for them to walk or when they talk we will listen or pretend to listen and be interested because we were thought to respect and listen. 

OMG! we are actually programmed to do all this?!

Then when I got into the working world and started to understand people more. Manage to meet different kinds of people of different age. Some older some younger, some really older and some way younger. Then you notice one pattern started to emerge. Everyone speaks of similar topics, have similar likes and dislikes and the old ones mixes with younger ones, younger ones mix with the older ones as if we are all the same. Suddenly the age gap becomes diluted. It is still around but it is not so prominent as when we are in school.

Like I said earlier, in school we are divided based on our age. Standard 1 for certain age group, standard 2 for certain age group, form 3 for people who are this age and so on. Then the teacher and student differences. Even trainee teachers which is like 4-5 years older than us demands us to respect them. The best things is that we do. We just follow. 

But in the working world, its different. Age doesnt really play a role. the only difference is the position. The ones that we "have" to respect are the bosses and those that been there for a while and have a weird way of doing things. But when it comes to the rest no matter what age you are you are almost the same. We bitch about certain things, we have same crave for certain food or we watch similar movies etc. In fact, we respect each other for what we are doing. Its not more money or power or even age but the passion or the responsibility that was given to them. They can do things that you cant do and you do things that they cant do... respect is mutual...

Then I realise that one thing stands our like a thorn in between roses. All the "respect the older people" lessons that I learnt when I was a kid started to be questioned. I have once been told by my boss in my previous company that I gave too much respect to older people that I wont oppose what they say and instead agree and listen. At that moment, I basically got my brains jammed there and then. So what ever I learnt before this was not exactly right? It was then I started to think more and more about what was thought is not what is done. I started questioning the system. I started thinking about the whole issue of the workability of the system. I now know that age is just a number. Something that was told to us or thought to us so that we comply to "the" system... 

Now I realise why it is done and what is the problem in this... If you notice the system carefully, we are thought to respect and listen older people. Right? We are told to listen to their advice and if possible do not do what they dont think its right, right? I started observing once I got older. Alot of old or older people are forgive me if I am wrong, unconsciously using the system for themselves. They are also brought up with this system that it became a natural reflex and response that when they get older they will be and must be respected no matter what they have done or did or what they are. Especially when one got more power or money or experience. Think about it? OR could this system only works at home in a family structure? Perhaps or perhaps not.

There is this saying "when you point one finger out, you got four fingers pointing back at you". Meaning? when you say something or condemn somebody you have to look back at yourself and make sure you are not like that too. Some may realise some may not realise that they are in fact worse off compared to the people they condemn. Have you faced the same problems too with older people too? It was then I told myself that when I get older I will NOT do what all these old people do to me. I will listen people younger than me and help them and tell them what to do. Guide and let them walk their own path instead of moulding them to become the next me. No point telling or teaching unless they ask me to. What you dont want people to do to you then dont to people lah!

If you notice older people always demands respect just because they are older. To be honest, I still do but recently I started to doubt this system. Sometimes some older people do not really deserve that respect. Why? If you notice some of them are using the system just for the sake of using it. Like I said it became a reflex of what we are thought throughout our life. Listen, respect, obey! So when you reached to the age where you think you have crossed to the other side where instead of listening, you now think that people should listen, respect and obey you instead. Not knowing that you didn't have what it takes for people to respect you. It could be your character, attitude or even perhaps your ego. This is basically not the right education if you are using the listen, respect, obey structure. This will basically tell us that, when we get older we can just fuck the younger people up and not show them the right attitude, JUST LIKE YOU! Your intentions may be right but its YOUR intentions and it might not be suitable for some. Generations change, people change, lifestyle change and heck! even education style change. So do you think you might change to? is this the legacy you want to leave behind? "He was once a great man but turned to some grumpy old fella after that!!"

Then again we, the younger people, also cannot overdo it and be an overly arrogant smart ass! Yes, you maybe more educated or smarter that some but you still must treat people with respect no matter what age or who they are. You must learn to also listen and HELP those who needs help instead of mocking them or ridicule what they do. Being educated and intelligent is a gift and if you are a really intelligent then you would learn to build instead of destroy a person. My father always tells me that people poor or rich, round or square, they are people also. If can help then we help but do not mock them. 

What I am trying to say is that, there is a way to gain respect or make people to obey you and of course listen to you but in return you must show the same things too. I believe the older you get the more humble, cheerful and the more calmer you should be instead of being a grumpy old man/woman that you have became. Learn to listen and guide and not instruct, so that in return, the younger generation will listen and learn and perhaps respect and obey willingly. Show to the younger generations that what you learn as a kid about listen, respect, obey and being humble will be used all the way till old instead of showing them that old people are just grumpy and irritating has beens. 

I am not only speaking on my behalf but I am speaking on behalf of my generation and all we want to say is that "Listen first la, uncle/ aunty!". We might be wrong but we would love to have our voice heard too and  if we are wrong we love to be guided and not thwarted or condemn and best of all not listen to us at all. sigh... 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am pretty sure "almost" and I mean "almost" everyone I know has been intergrated facebook into their life system. Some basically cant live without logging into Facebook even for a day. I have to say that it is one of the most interesting and successful social network ever created. Well when Yahoo first came out, everyone was buzzing about it and then came Google, where even now it has became a lingo by itself such as "googling" it up and so on. Then came Friendster, MySpace and so on. But Facebook was different. Somehow it has something that ticks the internet savvy people. 

Even those that is not so keen or comfortable using the internet has sign up to have an account. Its like having an account is an important thing. The term "you need to get a Face" is quite common. Meeting up with an old friend or acquaintance always have a line in their conversation "Hey, you have Facebook?" and its always ended up with "Add me la yea?". 

Facebook has became "the" tool to connect with people. 

So is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I have to say it comes in both good and bad. Just like anything cool, there is always a good accompanying the bad. The good thing is that we are all now somehow connected. We are able to communicate with almost everyone we know through FB and it has became a tool to share with everyone what are your thoughts on the moment or something that you saw or even what you like. It has became the one stop center that Friendster, MySpace etc cant deliver. That is the good thing...

But I feel that with all these things going around like sharing pictures of friends and family, telling where you live or where you are now and even perhaps speaking your mind... somehow kinda irritates me now. You can now unsubscribe your facebook "friends" feeds. Especially those "smart asses" who think that their status is cool or something like that. There is informing to the people that something you do is cool but over doing it with a lame remarks added to it just doesnt make a cut. FB has also became a platform for the weak to speak up. Those that got no balls to say things to people's REAL FACE post it in FB. It is these kind of fellas that you click unsubscribe! 

But for me I feel that Facebook has became stale. Too many things happening in it and too many people posting irrelevant stuffs. Especially those that tags you in their sales product or some weird posters or (sorry to say this) religious post. It just over congest the wall. There is this such thing as customise post option. Do that! 

I use to be addicted to facebook but after seeing all this over the years and how facebook has became a money making machine... it has lost the jizz that make it have that buzz. Recently I just lost the interest in FB. I rather talk to the person, IN PERSON instead of message chat. When I poke someone it hurts instead of just a word. Yes it is a good tool but like a screwdriver... its a tool too, that you use it when you need it. But again its kinda hypocritical for me to say this coz I know this article will be posted in my FB! HAHA! and some of you will most probably ignore this post! then again! one finger points out, four others is pointing back at you!

Thats what I think lah.. hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011

Indian Restaurants! aiyoyo kadevele!

I have long been a fan of Indian food! Ever since I was a kid my dad would take me and my family out on the weekends to enjoy a nice Indian meal. From the beloved roti canai to thosai and to a nice banana leaf rice! I am always ready to try new dishes and so on. 

But what I am writing here today is not about where there is a good place to eat or what to eat, that I will do it in another post. This post will be all about the service of this restaurants as a whole. I have been to many Indian or Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurants and stalls in Malaysia and I realised there is this one pattern that always crops up and I am pretty sure most of you experience it too. When the business is still small and what I mean small is when they are still at a stall or have a small customer based, the service is rather good. I wont say its excellent but I would say attentive. But when their business grow, things start to get rather messy. What I mean by messy is in the service and the quality of food. 

Have you ever have to wait for such a long time just to get served? Sitting there like a fool waving your hands to the waiters and they will ask you to wait or they just ignore you? I've been observing many restaurants having this same way of handling their customers. When they started the business, they are always friendly. Although there are one or two of the workers that is kinda like rude but the service is good. But once their business started growing, somehow everything goes down the drain. 

It is as if they are not willing to serve you. Sometimes you get this one waiter that dont even understand the language. You ask them what is this or that they will try to answer you with this really ridiculous answer. Or when you order they will forget what you say and after 15 minutes later come back and ask you what you ordered or someone else will come and ask you "Tadi you order apa?". And this guy doesnt look happy, as if we gave him a hard time. And when they serve you and they will just chuck everything on the table. Splat splat splat! and when we want to order other dishes they will listen to one dish and walk off... without asking is there anything else we wanted. Some waiter try to be overly friendly and they will tell you what to eat. Like "Ayam ini bagus, ambik la" or when you finish ordering and they will continue asking you "ayam? kambing? ikan? ayam sambal..." and if you order just rice or just one small dish they will look as if they are disgusted with your order and serve you even worse!

Sometimes when the food is served but when you want to order drinks, the guy that serve the food dont know what are you babbling about and stare blankly at you and walk off, leaving us frustrated. Sometimes when you make a small request like, "kurang manis" but it is as if it fell to deaf ears. The drinks comes really sweet. tsk tsk tsk.

There is one restaurant, a rather famous one actually. Just because they have the who and who that patronise their restaurant they started to have double standard in serving. Once I came with my friends and we dressed very casually and drive a normal car. They literally ignored us and took ages to take our order. But the next time I went and we have a white friend that came with us and immediately you can see how fast they came and direct us to an available table. Two to three waiter actually served us and I have to say the service was kinda excellent! so how la? famous already they literally forgotten their customers that patronise their place when they were small. 

Then when it comes to payment, usually the cashier is either very arrogant or missing! You can stand at the counter and wait and no one will come. Dont want us to pay is it? I'm ok with that. The arrogant or snobbish  one is usually the bosses's wife or some lady related to the owner. The way she look at you or not look at you when she say the price is as if you are not welcomed. Hence thats why I say as if we need them more then they need us. 

Some restaurant instead are very racist. Once I went to this restaurant, sat there and ordered my food and waited. But when a group of indian family came, the waiter took their order immediately and guess what? they got their food first. And it was the same waiter that served us. Cmon man... I talked to you with a smile and made my order simple and yet you treat me like this... very sad indeed.

But again there are one or two restaurant that have moved away from this crappy style and I have to say I rather go there. They have adopted a more modern approach and they hire locals that understand the language and one that can explain what is good and not. This are the ones that I love to go... 

All in all, as much as I am irritated with the service I still go to these restaurant. I tend to ignore the crappyness of the service and enjoy the food that I love with the good company of loved ones or friends... its all good!

2 months

Its been almost 2 months since I last blogged! How fast the last 2 months passed by! Maybe its because there are too many things going on.

Gone for a long break, a new family member and of course my ever growing work in office! I have to say its an interesting 2 months!

So be assured I will post a few postings in the coming days or hours! yeah!! peace!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Malaysian Movies - Nasi Lemak 2.0, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Belukar,& Setem

I have to say that the past few years I have watch a few really good local movies. Of course there are also a fair share of the not so good and also the really bad ones. But this article is dedicated to some of the good ones that I have watched the past few years. I have to say that they have adapted quite well in terms of story line, direction and of course acting. Some of the lines are very original and its really good to see we move into that direction! 

First stop is a Khabir Bhatia film, Setem. Its by far one of the funniest local movie I've seen recently. In funny I mean smart funny and not slapstick funny. The whole story line is very very similiar to Guy Ritchie's Snatch but with a good dash of local flavor in it. Its no surprise that the director is a huge fan of Guy Ritchies work,. hence the creation of the script and added with good acting and a good cast, makes the movie a well worth trip to the cinema.


I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie as it takes us a journey of a typical Malaysian lifestyle and culture and the jokes are really good and original. The flow of the story is done in a way that there was never a boring moment. At times I was laughing my ass off along with my other friends. Funny thing is that most of the other viewers did not get the joke. I actually watched it 3-4 times with different people and I still find it funny! a definite keeper! great stuffs!

Next stop is Belukar. This show was introduced to me by my colleague. At first, when I looked at the poster, I really thought it was some horror movie or some thriller added with the title. I really thought it was some pontianak that was hiding a bush movie. Then when I read about it properly, it is actually an indie movie set in Sabah. So bear with it, the language might be slightly hard to understand.

 It revolves about how a massive insurance conmen (or women!) Eve, where she have raked in more than 100 million ringgit from insurance companies and she was being investigated by Nik which.... falls for her and found out who she really is. The twist is not too bad and the style that was made was interesting. A lil' twist here and there. The movie was made even better as the beautiful Daphne Iking was the lead cast. 

Next up is the epic movie, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa or as it is marketed overseas, The Malay Chronicles : Bloodlines. I was quite skeptical when I was the whole thing about the production cost and being the most successful movie ever made. I was still wondering what happened to the late P. Ramlee movies. I dont think they should even compare as last time not everyone can afford to go to the cinemas to watch a movie! That was what I thought before I watched it.

Well, the first thing I noticed is that most of the main cast are not even locally based. Not too bad! Ok so the story is about Merong Mahawangsa, a Malay legend and supposedly the founder of Langkasuka empire which then turned into day Thailand and Kedah. After watching it then glimpses of my old memory of Sejarah lesson came flashing by. 

Well, the mood of the movie had some Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. But I have to say its quite amazed with the production in this movie. The story is not too bad but the fight scene was slightly Bollywood where there was no contact or not hard enough contact to make people fly that far. But the story was interesting! not so accurate history lesson anybody? Not too bad graphics in the movie too. 

Overall I have to say its not too bad of a movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie! 

Then most recent one was Nasi Lemak 2.0, done by the famous / infamous Namewee. He is no stranger to controvesy but its all because he believed in what he believe in! Being a Malaysian! The show has an all star cast. Although the story and scripting could be stronger but I have to say its a really really impressive and awesome job for a first time director.

The whole message and element of  being a Malaysian was successfully brought across to the audience. The message was direct yet very meaningful. There was several spoofs and lots of elements of Namewee in it especially from his previous music videos which makes his movie even more interesting in terms of pushing the limit. 

This movie definitely open a whole new door for movie making style in our country! Job well done! I really enjoyed this movie even there were one or two characters that were really annoying! 

Its really good to see that our movie industry have evolved and improved, so I am calling all Malaysians to give our local movies the support that they thoroughly deserve. Support the local scene and lets hope this will open more opportunities and more quality movies to come!

 A few more old movies that I have to give recognition is the evergreen P Ramlee's movies which is so difficult to get nowadays, Puteri Gunung Ledang and XX Ray 1 and 2. Awesome stuffs! 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sony Walkman W-Series Launch

When I first told my friends that Sony has launched their new Walkman, most of them gave me the same response, "They still produce that??! As in the ones with the cassette?!". My,my, how outdated have they been?! Sony has came a long way since then, even though they maintained the "Walkman" brand but they have kept up with the time and yea this time this walkman has really took the "walk" to the next level. 

Sumandak & The City with the white little walkie
The new W series impresses me quite a bit. Talk about portability and mobility, this series definitely has all of those. Usually when it comes to a MP3 player there is usually a body and the wire that links to the headphones. Quite a hassle when you want to move around. Especially when you are running or walking or perhaps doing some physical activities that requires bending and turning and pumping! You know, those that  makes you sweat. The wires will stick to your face la, wires get tangled up la or the worst part, your sweat seeps into the device and after a while... you can say bye bye to your device. 

W-Series Walkman Range
Somehow it looks cooler on this mannequin
Talk about convenience, this W-Series has quite a fair bit of convenience. It comes only with a flexi wire that connects both the headphones... and.... thats it. With the size of a bluetooth headset , its simple and easy to maneuver without all the hassle of wiring dangling from your head to your body. Best of all, its water proof! yes, water proof. This series is created specifically for those who loves the outdoor activities and with the weather of our beloved country, rain comes a plenty. If you were to use a normal MP3 player, you would most probably run for cover if it pours. But with this series, run all the way to your destination with awesome tracks playing! This will allow you to play "Chariot of Fire" while you run in slow mo in the rain with your drenched see through singlet exposing your layers of healthy lumps or bumps wobbling and vibrating to the finish line! 

Waterproof wei!
Having a 2GB storage space, you can do your run for a way longer time with your favourite cool kick ass tracks! With the 3 minutes "Quick Charge" feature, you can have your Walkman cranking up your favourite tunes up to 60 minutes per charge. Uploading is easy as they have a water tight USB socket. Plug and load from your pc and off you go! 

The bright colours are definitely made for those outgoing or sports enthusiasts! Dont worry, those that wants to have that cool look, they also have it in classy black! Not too bad for a small device like this! 

The price of one of this sporty babes comes only at RM299! Ok bah for a waterproof, mobile, sporty and convenient device! 

The only thing is to make sure you get the right ear piece. For me, I prefer a bigger one so that I can fill up my hole... I mean ear hole. Why? when I wore the display model, it could not fill up and kept on falling off. Big wealthy ear is like that one la.... 

All in all, the Sony Walkman W Series is quite an interesting device. For a person who loves his music and constant luck getting drenched in the rain... I think I can use this device! wait... dammit, my other devices are not waterproof! dammit!

The Sporty, Classy, Cool and Awesome ppl?
L-R: Shereen, Vernon, Rebecca & Kelly

Monday, September 19, 2011


In this life there is reality and there is fantasy, but sometimes fantasy can be a reality too! Well that is what most guys think. With the influence of magazines and internet and of course the well chiseled image from the PR companies. Normal girls can be turned into the hot girl next door or a sex goddess.

So the question that is asked around most is who do you choose? Choices can be made but in reality who do we really wanna choose? I am sure most guys always has a list of wants and needs. That is of course the "ideal" list. You can walk down the road and ask any guy and make a list of who they wish they can date and what they look for in a girl, then compare all of their list and I can tell you the list will be 80-90% similar. If you look at the list it is near perfect. This eyes, that lips, that boobs, that body, can cook, can clean, can love, can take care of self, can cuddle and the list goes on and on and on. So who is that fantasy girl again? its in your head! its always in your head! That girl will never exist. Its made up by mags to sell you that fantasy so you can fantasize about the things you can do to her or the live you want to live with her.

But truth be told, once you come across a real girl with a decent looking looks. That whole list is thrown out the window! And if she is good looking, you would just do anything to get her. When your friends ask you, she is not exactly what you said you are looking for also. Then you would just say she is! Am I right? then comes the "that is last time...". Why? coz fantasy girls is what you think you want but what do you really want is a girl to be with.

When reality strikes, you know that list you made up is too much. Then you make amendments. Cut down 80% if what you set. Why? because this girl makes you go head over hills for her. So what is the real girl then? 20% of your dream girl? Not exactly again. Its just a natural way of life for us to pick the girl with the most similarities to the women we grow up adoring or the women that made the most positive influence in your life. It could be your mother, sister, grandma, aunt of that cute neighbour. If you dont believe me, look at your friends or brother where you know their life well. You will see alot of similarities between their mom, sis or grandma with their girlfriend or wife.

It could be the in the physical aspect, character or the personality. Believe it or not? Those that broke up is because that hidden sub conscious criteria is not exactly fulfilled. Some of us knows that list some dont.

But some cant grasp the reality and they still expects Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox or Lin Chilin to wash your clothes, cook a nice "wu thao khao yuk" or that mean rendang daging like how your mom use to make and also to make sure your shirts are fresh and nicely pressed, take full care of your baby, and make sure the house is clean and look flawlessly good while you sit there and watch tv or play games. DREAM ON MAN!!! This is when they get a girl, they will demand them to dress up, make up etc etc to try to look as much as their dream girl. Then when they get frustrated, they...... abuse... dump or cheat on another girl that is similiar to his dream girl. Its a sad sad society, and how much the media have corrupt some minds to the level of no return. I feel sorry for this girls.

The other sad part is those that comment on a certain celebs fan page on facebook or twitter. Its quite pathetic when you see some of the comments. For example, one celeb that I wont mention name like Hannah Tan. Once she posted that she was not feeling well and I just got curious what people posted since there was like 100+ comments. Most of it was get well soon... thats normal. But for those that went... let me try to quote "oh poor thing, need my help? drink more herbal soup and take good care of your self yea?".... HELLO?!! Do you ever in your right state of mind think she will say "yes, please get me some herbal soup. Its freezing in Japan and I really need some unknown guy to come over to my place and take care of me"..... get real!

Truth is, there is no such thing a fantasy girl. The fantasy girl is just a figment of your imagination and it only exist in your mind. Fantasy girl is for you to fantasize when you are sitting there alone in your house with nothing to do the whole day and lets not get there.... then again, your fantasy girls or celebrities that you know actually just fills up a few requirements on the list, most notably... on their hot physical attributes! oh yea... but she could be the bitch and a half! right? but its ok coz she is hot... right?

End of the day the real girl can be your fantasy girl if you think she is! appreciate her, understand her, under-stand for her longer, and of course love her and hope that she loves you back! Throw that list away because when the right girl comes, the list is irrelevant and when that happens... you will look back at your list and laugh because the one you got is much better... I hope! Besides, I like my girl original and real!! not those fake ones because I dont want to suddenly see your nose drop off or your boobs burst in the middle of our flight to somewhere or trying to give me a stiff botox faced smile.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

WUUUUAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!! pt 2. (I am sure this cant be a proper title)

Yes I have gone officially insane. The flu fucked me up pretty bad! Its raining now and this reminds me of something that I havent done for a really long time! walk in the rain... do you realise that people are all worried now about getting wet in the rain or falling sick and stuffs.

But do you realise we never really fall sick when we were kids after walking in the rain? I dont know about you, but I dont. I was like superman last time. I never fall sick... the only time i fall sick is because i dont want to go to school! Walking in the rain or sitting in the rain was a tranquilising thing to do. You all should try sometime! Let the water trickle down your skin... WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! nowadays we cannot do that! why? we are scared that our little electronic devices like our precious phones, tabs, charger, pager or laptop get soaked. Ahhh no wonder we dont get wet anymore. Well I noticed that! I too am afraid to walk in the rain esp with all this super expensive devices we carry in our pockets.

Then again... no wonder all these kids nowadays are all weak little fucks! No rain, no pain, no shieat! Everytime I pass the schools when it rains I see parents all holding umbrellas covering their kids and they themselves get wet. Precious little items... or when they get whack by teachers they scold the teachers back! amboooi... manjanye.... Back then when I told my mom my teacher whack me... my mom will whack me another round and say "Serve you right! naughty again la! *whack*"

Its sad that we have became weak little people. Having depending on supplements, special treatments or classes or the weird lifestyles we live today. Coz we are all too protected. We are all pampered with convenience. and we became inpatient. A weak and inpatient society.

You dont see kids running around getting dirty anymore. You seldom see kids playing those games like galah panjang, kunda kundi or whatsover on the field anymore. Where you go you see PSP, iPhones, Nintendo etc... its a sad sad place we live in. And it reflects in the music too! yes, I am going to continue with more bitching!

Look at the music the new bands or musicians are producing nowadays? its such a shame that there arent lots of real rockers out there anymore. Its all so diluted with techno, wussy rock, faggy lead singers and "one beat for all bands" band! The music industry actually able to tell us how have our society have evolved into. Weak plastic whimpy kids! Then again... it sells! its all about the money! So those of you that have kids or going to have kids, please dont let them get drowned into this shieat!

I guess thats enough of ranting here so I guess I am going to go back to my headbanging.... over and out!

WUAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!! (is this even a title?)

I suddenly have the urge to break something. Call it teenage anger or what ever but wait! I aint no teenager or am I? I woke up feeling a little more energetic today maybe due to me recovering from my bad flu and cough due to the stupid fucked up haze. But today was one of those days where all the energy kept while i was sick for the past few days trying to burst out.

To tell you the truth... I felt good! I feel like I really wanna break some stuffs! I feel like just living the life and do something stupid like what we do when we are at our teens or early adulthood. Second childhood? I dont know, the sudden urge to start headbanging and jumping all around the house! I dont know do you all have those urge or not, but then again who gives a fuck?!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Forum Assholes and Google

Kuala Lumpur. Greatest city on Earth. Where you can get anything anywhere at any time. Well almost. You can get any "popular" item almost anywhere. So let me relate to y'all this incident. I want to buy a fightpad. If you don't know what a fightpad is, nevermind. It is not the crux of the story. You can even replace the word fightpad for diamond encrusted g-string if it helps. But anyways, I want to buy a fightpad. And for all intents and purposes lets say its a brand "GX" fightpad. Now most fightpads in Malaysia are logitech, ps3 and xbox. To buy a GX fightpad, you can't go to a store. Most stores don't have em in stock. So you'll need to a little searching.

Where's the best place to go for if you're looking for something? Midvalley. No you retard, the internet. You can find anything on the internet including that diamond gstring. So I go on the internet and type, I'm looking for a GX fightpad in KL. Where do I find one? Naturally the search results direct me to... You got it... Forums.

In the forum, someone has already typed in... I'm looking to buy a fightpad. Where can I get one in KL. Now here come the type of replies:

1. Ebay/Amazon: Good answer. It is the best place to buy stuff. Helpful answer.

2. here's one written by a grade A retard: I miss my saturn controller. I don't give a flying fuck if you miss your testicles because you ate too much and sat on your fat ass all day resulting in testicular torsion where one ball had to be surgically amputated due to the lack of bloodflow cuz of the pressure your ass was putting on said ball while you sat around all day, stuffing your face with crispy cream donuts. RETARD!

3. GX controllers are rare/expensive. No shit, sherlock, they're rare. If they were common, your mom would be selling them after she got off tricking all day. DOUCHEBAG!

4. Damn, I wish I owned one. They're so cool. The question was... Where can you find one, not whether they're cool or not. And no gives a fuck about your wishes. Even if it was a wish that your uncle didn't come up to your room and molest you that night, starting of chain reaction of repressing childhood memories with crispy cream donuts and then the inevitable testicular torsion. SHITHEAD!

5. They're sold in the States. How is this useful information? No, tell me. How? What possibly could I do with that information. I know. I'll carve it onto a metallic ball bearing and stick it up your ass. Why do these assholes write these moronic things is beyond me. SPASTIC!

6. I hope they'll have them in store when I fly to the States. I hope that plane never makes it. I hope it crashes into the pacific ocean but everyone survives except for your fat ass that sinks to the bottom and is devoured by moray eels, you waste of DNA!

7. I have a GX fightstick! Whoopty-fucking-do. I hope you have AIDS too.

You see the idiots that live in our society. You see! Morons. These are the same morons that go up to the counter at any food outlet and... ah fuck it, that's a whole other can of worms. We need to kill stupid people. We really do.

Now on to Google. You bunch of fucking assholes. We all know you own gmail and facebook and youtube and blogger. Stop linking them all together. Access your facebook through your gmail. Access your blogger through your facebook. I DON'T WANT TO! Has it ever occured to you that some people want to keep these things separated so we don't get our privacy invaded you fucking douchebag googlers.

On a lighter note, This Town Episode 6 is out.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Festive season is around the corner, so for those that will be traveling do drive or ride safe! Dont over play the firecrackers... remember its lit and throw and not lit and hold! If it is home made, make sure the wick is long enough for you to run to a quite safe distance!

Anyway, there is some information on the DEATH ZONE along the country. This are the areas that usually have the highest fatality so becareful yea when you reach this areas?! This info is released by JPJ so have a great week and to all my Muslim friends, SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, SALAM AIDILFITRI! Would like to ask for your forgiveness in this holy month!



Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra

Jalan Padang Tembak

Jalan KB-Machang


Jalan Stong, Kemubu Kuala Krai

KM 64 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang

KM 69.3 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang

KM 72 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang

KM 75 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang

KM 80 Kuala Krai-Gua Musang


KM 11 Jalan Pasir Mas-Tanah Merah

KM 3 Jalan Hospital Lati


KM 6 Jalan Gaal-Kg Bkt Yong-Pasir Puteh


Jalan Tanah Merah-Jeli


KM 24 Jalan Kota Bharu-Pengkalan Kubor

KM 6 Kg Berangan-Meranti


KM 25 Jalan Kota Bharu-Machang


Jalan Melawi-Tok Bali


Jalan Jeli-Kuala Balah


KM 13 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 21 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 26 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 29 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 51 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 65 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai

KM 69 Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai



KM 15-KM 24 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu

KM 4-KM 12 Jalan K.Trg-K.Berang

KM 15-KM 35 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja

KM 6-KM 10 Jalan K.Trg – Kg Raja


KM 6-KM 10 Jalan Kg Raja-Alor Lintang

KM 1-KM 10 Jalan Jerteh-Kg Raja

KM 1-KM 36 Jalan Jerteh-Keruak

KM 1-KM 28 Jalan Jerteh-Bukit Puteri


KM 18-KM 60 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 15-KM 28 Jalan K.Trg-Kuala Berang


KM 61-KM 69 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 74-KM 89 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 91-KM 102 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 58-KM 75 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor

KM 77-KM 89 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor

KM 95-KM 108 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor


KM 98-KM 115 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 120-KM 138 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 140-KM 141 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 149-KM 158 Jalan K.Trg-Kuantan

KM 122-KM 148 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor

KM 155-KM 179 Jalan Jerangau-Jabor

KM 14-KM-KM 16 Jalan Chukai-Air Puteh


KM 46-KM 49 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu

KM 51-KM 53 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu

KM 65-KM 68 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu

KM 82-KM 84 Jalan K.Trg-Kota Bharu

KM 41-KM 44 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja

KM 65-KM 68 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja

KM 73-KM 75 Jalan K.Trg-Kg Raja

KM 32-KM 35 Jalan Sg Tong-Kuala Berang



KM 30-KM 36 Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman

KM 45-KM 47 Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman


KM 6 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut


KM 24 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut

KM 35 Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut

KM 90 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT

KM 96 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT

KM 126 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT

KM 137 Lebuhraya Pantai Timur LPT

KM 120 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan

KM 125-KM 126 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan

KM 145 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan

KM 165 Jalan K Lumpur-Kuantan


KM 71-KM 77 (Bkt Tujuh)Jalan K Lipis-Gua Musang


KM 16 Jalan Lipis-Benta


KM 11 Jalan Raub-Bentong

KM 3 Jalan Bentong-Raub


KM 38 Jalan Segamat-Kuantan

KM 68 Jalan Segamat-Kuantan



Jalan Kangar-Alor Setar

Jalan Kangar-Kodiang

Jalan Raja Syed Alwi

Jalan Kuala Perlis-Changloon

KM 1-KM 5 Jalan Kangar-Padang Besar

Jalan Ulu Pauh


KM 5.2-KM 34 Jalan Kangar/Padang Besar

Jalan Mata Ayer/Beseri

Jalan Bukit Keteri-Padang Besar

Jalan Bukit Kayaman-Ngulang



KM 1-KM 9 Jalan A Setar-Pokok Sena

KM 8 Jalan A Setar-Kangar

KM 1-KM 3 Jalan A Setar-Butterworth (Tandop)


KM 39-KM 69 Jalan A Setar-Butterworth

KM 8 Jalan Gurun-Jeniang

KM 5 Jalan Sg Petani-Kuala Ketil

Batu 5 Jalan Bedong-Tanjung Dawai


KM 12 Jalan Kulim-Mahang (Kilang Baru)

KM 32 Jalan Kulim-Baling


KM 19-KM 25 Jalan A Setar-Kangar

KM 16-KM 20 L/raya Utara Selatan

Jalan Changloon-Kodiang


KM 29.3 Jalan Sg Petani-Baling

Simpang 3 Landak (Jalan Kulim Gerik)


KM 1 Jalan Kuala Nerang-Pokok Sena


KM 7 Jalan Bukit Tekoh


Jalan Tit Hj Idris-Pendang

KM 58-KM 60 L/raya Utara Selatan


KM 26 Jalan Serdang-Kulim


KM 23 Jalan A Setar-Sg Petani

KM 31 Jalan A Setar-Sg Petani


KM 12 Jalan Jeniang-Sik



Jalan Chain Ferry

Jalan Bagan Ajam

Jalan Permatang Tiga Ringgit

Jalan Bumbung Lima


Jalan Baru, Perai

Jalan Permatang Tinggi

Jalan Besar Sg Bakap

Jalan Besar Nibong Tebal

Jalan Permatang Keling


Lebuhraya Jelutong



KM 206-KM 208 L/raya Utara Selatan(Kamunting)

KM 229-KM 230 L/raya Utara Selatan(Bkt Berapit)

KM 74 Jalan Taiping-P Remis(Trong/Sg Kerang)

KM 66-KM 76 Jalan Ipoh- Butterworth (B Gantang)


KM 262-KM 290 L/raya Utara Selatan

KM 4-KM 10 Jalan Ipoh-Lumut


KM 22-KM 25 J Ipoh Lumut(B Gajah Perdana/Spg Parit)


KM 34-KM 41 Jalan Ipoh-T Intan(Mambang Diawan)

KM 294-KM 306 L/raya Utara Selatan (Gua Tempurung)


KM 22-KM 29 J Ipoh-K Kangsar(Klng Simen/Rimba Pjng)

KM 37-KM 44 J Ipoh-K Kangsar(Salak Baru/Spg Sayong)


KM 3-KM 8 Jalan Maharajalela(Kg Banjar/Spg Sitiawan)

KM 18-KM 29 Jalan Ferry(Estate Unitata/Kg Sri Kota)

KM 1-KM 14 J T Intan-Sitiawan(Pekan T Intan/Kg Bt 12)

KM 1-KM 14 Jalan Teluk Intan-Bidor


KM 82-KM 115 J Ipoh-Gerik(Raban/Sumpitan/Air Kala)


KM 7-KM 19 Jalan Sitiawan-T Intan (Kayan/Lekir)

KM 4-KM 12 J Sitiawan-Ipoh(Kg Ayer Tawar/Sg Wangi)


KM 180-KM 183 L/raya Utara Selatan(Alor Pongsu)

KM 198-KM 202 L/raya Utara Selatan(Kg Dew/Semanggol)

KM 95-KM 122 J Ipoh-Butterworth(B Serai/K Padir/S Bogak)


KM 256-KM 258 L/raya Utara Selatan(menurun T Menora)


KM 311-KM 312 L/raya Utara Selatan (Kinjang)

KM 331-KM 342 L/raya Utara Selatan (Bidor)

KM 349-KM 356 L/raya Utara Selatan (Bikam)


KM 359-KM 393 L/raya Utara Selatan


KM 30-KM 43 J Ipoh-Lumut(S Suak Sadang/K Panchor/UITM)


Jalan Kuala Selangor-Sabak Bernam

Jalan Klang-Banting

Jalan Kalumpang-Kuala Kubu Bharu

Kuala Kubu Bharu-Rawang

L/Raya Utara Selatan (Tg Malim-Sg Buloh)



Jalan Cheras

Jalan Kuching

Lebuhraya Connought

Lebuhraya KL-Seremban


Jalan Seremban-Tampin

Jalan Seremban-Kuala Pilah

Jalan Gemas-Bahau



KM 50 Lebuh Maju (Alor Gajah-Melaka)

Jalan Umbai-Sg Udang

KM 40 Jalan Batang Tiga, Bukit Rambai

KM 1-KM 35 Jalan Mufti Hj Khalil-Batu Berendam

KM 4-KM 13 Jalan Bukit Baru-Bukit Beruang

J Tun Ab Razak(L/Isyarat Lrg Pandan/St Meridian/Bkt Palah)

KM 30 Jalan Tun Fatimah


KM 13-KM 32 Jalan Melaka-Muar

KM 22-KM 44 Jalan Garingkesang-Chohong

KM 15-KM 40 Jalan Tehel-Bemban

KM 14-KM 17 Jalan Bukit Tembakau-Paya Dalam

KM 21-KM 40 Jalan Serakam-Kesang Tua

KM 24-KM 40 Batu Gajah Sungai Rambai


Jalan Sungai Udang-Lubok China

KM 15-KM 37 Jalan Rumbia-Kendong

Lubok China-Hutan Percha

KM 15 Jalan Gangsa-Kesang

KM 12.3 Jalan Jelatang-Durian Tunggal

KM 17-KM 18 Jalan Alor Gajah-Tampin



KM 9-KM 11 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam

KM 4-KM 17 Jalan Johor Bahru-Jalan Kota Tinggi

KM 6-KM 31 L/raya Pasir Gudang


KM 26-KM 36 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam


KM 2 Jalan Bakri dari Muar-Yong Peng

KM 10 Rawang dari Muar-Segamat

KM 135 L/raya Utara Selatan arah Utara


KM 5-KM 24 Jalan Kluang

KM 76-KM80 L/raya Utara Selatan arah Utara


KM 182-KM 189 Jalan Johor Bahru-Seremban-Segamat


KM 71-KM 75 Jalan Johor Bahru-Air Hitam

KM 41-KM 60 Jalan Batu Pahat-Mersing

KM 50-KM 73 L/raya Utara Selatan


KM 56-KM 63 Jalan Johor Bahru-Batu Pahat


KM 24-KM 60 Jalan Kota Tinggi-Mersing


KM 37-KM 48 Jalan Kota Tinggi-Mersing

KM 6 Jalan Endau-Mersing



Jalan Sultan Tengah

KM 7-KM 15 Jalan Matang

Batu 7-15 Jalan Kuching-Serian

Jalan Stephen Yong, Batu Kawa

KM 69 Jalan Lundu

Jalan Tabuan Jaya/Kota Samarahan


KM 40 Jalan Miri/Bintulu (Jalan Pesisir Pantai)

Jalan Baram-Luak

KM 9 Jalan Pulut/Lutong Miri

KM 5 Miri By-Pass

KM 13 Jalan Lambir/Niah/Bintulu


KM 6 Jalan Sri Aman/Kuching

KM 20 Jalan Sri Aman/Sarikei

KM 16-KM 19 Jalan Simpang Bukit Punda

KM 106-KM 112 Jalan Sri Aman/Kuching


KM 23 Jalan Bintulu/Sibu

KM 15 Jalan Kidurong/Bintulu

KM 30 Jalan Similajau/Niah


Batu 6-13 Jalan Oya, Sibu

Batu 32-37 Jalan Sibu/Bintulu


KM 33-KM 38 Jalan Saratok/Sarikei

KM 25 Bukit Sebangkoi, Sarikei


KM 38-KM 59 Jalan Kuching/Serian

KM 86-KM 87 Jalan Kuching, Serian


Jalan Tondong-Bau, Kuching



KM 0-KM 15 Jalan Tuaran Bypass


KM 12-KM 52 Jalan Labuk


KM 1-KM 24 Jalan Apas Tawau


KM 2-KM 12 Jalan Keningau-Tambunan


KM 1-KM 21 Jalan Beaufort-Papar


KM 1- KM 10 Jalan Kudat-Tamalang


KM 28 Jalan Lahat Datu-Sandakan


KM 1-KM 15 Jalan Papar-Beaufort


KM 20-KM 40 Jalan Semporna-Kunak


KM 1-KM 44 Jalan Tuaran-Kota Belud-Ranau


KM 40-KM 65 Jalan Beluran-Telupid


KM 28 Jalan Lahad Datu-Sandakan

Info from Ondscene

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