Monday, January 02, 2017


2016 has been a rather educational year for me as well as a challenging one too. As usual, on an annual basis I would write about my year or more like a report of how my year panned out and this article is no different. As mentioned, this year was a rather educational year as well as a challenging one mainly due to my job and a lil on personal. It was a roller coaster ride throughout the year. This was when I realised that dealing with people is not that easy. The different kind of characters I have to face on the daily basis is quite astounding. From the quietest to the loudest, from the blunt to the bluffer, the nicest to the nastiest, the wrong to the right. 

Recently I read an article titled "Killing The 7 Motivation Murderers", It was a rather interesting article and I have learnt quite a few things from it. One particular point stated in the article is that you have to be thankful and grateful to what you have currently. Even for the smallest matter and I tried doing that the morning after and I realised that it actually works! I felt happier but somehow due to some people I have to deal with, it kinda saps the energy from you. Sad but true. 

What I have learned from 2016 is that:

  1. Too many hands trying to make the soup is not good
  2. Communication is key and most people need to understand the K.I.S.S system, KEEP IT SHORT & SIMPLE or in my ex-boss's words "KEEP IT SHORT STUPID!" 
  3. A good person/friend may not be a good manager/colleague
  4. People are mostly selfish
  5. People don't listen to understand but they listen to reply you
  6. Some people talk more than they can do
With that I came up with a list of my very own new year's resolution. This one I think it can be sustained the whole of 2017. here goes:

  1. Minimize/avoid (if possible) communication to assholes, or people who makes my life miserable. 
  2. Do what I want to do and don't let anyone/anything stop me
  3. Take time off to enrich my own soul
  4. Work only during working hours
  5. Minimise social media usage
I guess it is a workable list.

Well before I end this article, I would like to wish everyone of you, A Happy New Year! have a great 2017! 

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