Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 the year that I would love to forget

Its been a long year and this was they year that I have the both extremes. I could not have foresee all this shit happening. I do not want to talk too much about it but it is so draining. Emotionally and mentally. From my loved ones to work to family then friends.

So many highs and so many lows. From falling really sick in January to getting screwed by my management. To successfully organising a company's event to my dog's death in March-April. From grandmother falling sick to losing the Champions league in May-June. From losing my good boss and colleague to earning my job confirmation in July-August. From starting my long love of animation to my gf changing her job/dad retired and both gotten a little depressed in September-October. And from successfully launching my animation and celebrating my grandma's grand birthday to my dad's falling really ill to my uncle's sudden death....

What a fucked up year! its like i cannot have the middle level but to it have to be the both extremes! the worst and the best.... All I can say is that this is the year that really changed my perception of life! I am not as cheerful as I used to be... I look at my dad and grandma and I realised that I am no longer a teenager where I 'think' that life is all well and happy... This is the year I finally grew up and cross into adulthood... a little for some... but I am just not as happy as I used to...

Now every 'thud' or calling of my name loudly will shock me... and my heart will pound rapidly... I think i am getting paranoid or having an anxiety attack... I just cant sleep soundly at night... will constantly wake up to check out my grandma and my parents...

I just cant seem to see ppl sad or suffering... especially loved ones and my friends... I just cant take it... anymore...

I am just tired... I need a break but I just cant get it. Too many things bothering my mind and too many things coming one after another. I just hope that 2010 will be a much much brighter and smoother flowing year. I really hope! few more days.... and lets all pray (what ever religion you are praying) and hope that the next year will be a great year.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

ROCK MY GENERATION! n a merry xmas!

I know this post I will most probably shoot my own foot! ehhe but i am gonna do it again! and again and again! coz why? I dont give a fuck! So lets see what songs I use to listen when I was still buying my 10sen peanut cookie from my skool canteen. And sucking on my syrup flavoured 'pop ice' (remember that?) hehehe

and not to mention my pimple acne and uncontrollable boner days... (guys... dun lie ok..). Well lets see i live in a non Rock-ish family. My dad is more of a Elvis and Englebert Humperdink fan, my mom is more of a Whitney Houston fan, my sis well.... New Kids on the Block and Tommy Page fan.... But somehow I manage to get attracted to rock song once i listened to it. The first rock song? Bon Jovi hmmmm more like a ballad tho but it is the start of more to come.... then it was Guns 'n' Roses which slowly cultivate me to move into rock music. Then I bought my first rock album The OffSpring.

Didn't dare to let my parents listen coz of all the cussing so i instead listen it with my walkman! yeah! Cassette!!!

Remember this? wuahahhahha... taking care of it like gold! btw guess what? I showed my little cousins a cassette they can ask me what is it?... oh my god.... hahaha how long time has changed. Well The Offspring was the one that totally changed my music taste. I started to have that insatiable hunger for more rock music! My next album was punk rock Green Day and grunge band Nirvana, introduced by my skool mate!

Then I dug my dad's cassettes and found a BOB MARLEY album! Listened to it... fell in love to reggae too...(I know this is not rock...) I remember once my friend told me... you are the one of the few chinese fella that loves Bob Marley... I told him... its cool bro...! hehe. Maybe its my nature that I love to be a little more rebellious. I started to read more and more about rock music. Then my dad reintroduced the Beatles to me.

Started to search for rock music and listen to them. Surprisingly I didn't actually took guitar classes. Tried but didn't took the interest. Instead I love drawing, then i started to have more and more 'rock' influence in my drawing and designing. All this when I was in Form 2. Then came a band that somehow influenced me deeper, The Prodigy.

Got their album "the Fat of the Land" (their best album) from my sis's friend! Fucking awesome! Then came the darkest of the darkest band Marilyn Manson. Well most said that he is preaching about the Dark Lord... i think he is a musical genius that somehow manage to attract alot of crowd. Alot of dark or blackness in him? well his lyrics basically talk about the shit that we gone through in life... somehow related!

Then came Slipknot and KoRn...

My mom heard my listening this and i bet she thought.... thats it... my son is fucked up. Listening to this garbage... but hey... look at it in this way... this garbage is the one that made me who I am! I don't fall into the "plastic nation" like most people. I have my own way of doing things and I dun really give a fuck what people say about me!

Look at the bands, they came up with weird names for their song... take White Zombie for example... who would think of a song title that doesn't even have anything to do with the song...

el Phantasmo and the chicken run blast o rama

and yet people say that it doesn't link with their song bla bla bla... yada yada yada... but they don't give a fuck! Who cares what people say?!

This few bands helps me sleep at night and driving and playing my bball or even when i am killin ppl ..... in PC games la.... hehe.... Metallica, Sepultura, Jars of Clay, White Zombie, Oasis, Beyond (HK rock band), Aerosmith, OAG, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Blink182, Sum41, POD, Creed, Sugar Ray, Jimi Hendrix, Smash Mouth, Red Hot Chili Peppers, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Radio Head and Rolling Stones.



White Zombie

Jimi Hendrix

Now listening to the radio... and i realised that there is this new genre called 'pop rock' which makes me so dissapointed... like my older post saying.... its MUSIC GENOCIDE!!! look at all the band from the 60s to the 90s... most of them have their very own style. Individualism and their rebellious self... all i can say is .... ROCK ON! and dont be a plastic!!! hehe... I just cant really connect to most of the songs now. Only a few that manage to catch my attention but none can influenced me.... and I still rebellious or am I just getting old? god damn!!!! BRING BACK ROCK!!!!!

I think I am blabbering too much.. hogging the screen with so much photo..... well gtg!!!

By the way its Christmas eve now.... I would like to wish a


"We roll tonight... to the guitar bite... and for those about to rock... I salute you" -AC/DC-

Friday, December 18, 2009


Finally a proper silverware for the Malaysian team!!! More like Goldware!!! our 20 year wait is finally over! Malaysia overcame all the odds to go on from non win credentials to winners of the SEA Games! I was in office with my colleagues watching it in the news room... ahhaha almost disrupt the studio which is on air.... wait... the radio was also airing it live! hehehe So lets hope that this will be the catalyst for better days to come for our local football! Cmon support support!!! as i said in my earlier post Malaysian football is not dead...yet! it s indeed!!! we are awaken... let the world hear the roar of the the Tigers of Malaya!!!

Then again...I just dont understand some people... condemning and condemning but never even watch the match or even follow local football... thats what I hate about this ignorant fucks! FUCK OFF!!!!!! hehe. My colleague can even ask me... "not being racist ya, but I actually kinda surprise a local chinese following football..." I told her that " I am a Malaysian... of course i follow..." hehe... never like to be branded by race anyway...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Dark or light? I am lost for words when I first saw Malaysia's first result in the SEA Games. 11-0! I thought this was the the year that Malaysia finally can show that we are back... the Tiger of the region got its fangs back! Good results against Man Utd (twice!), draw against China, close results against Saudis.I can see what has K. Rajagobal did to our team. He instilled organisation and discipline with some mental toughness... Malaysia played magnificently after a long long time. There was a system and there was organisation. Then....

JENG JENG JENG... We cracked against Vietnam! A mix of bad decision from the referee which gave the Vietnamese an early penalty and no self control of the players made the situation bad. Imagine, our players actually confronted the referee like the tigers we are, by showing our fangs and claws till the referee had to get police escort to get him out of the pitch... I have to say when we are playing, emotions are really really high but even though with all the fracas and drama we manage to beat the odds and threw the defending champion Thailand OUT!! Then at the semi's we beat the unpredictable host Laos 3-1!

Now the limelight is back into the National Team... and guess who are we meeting at the Finals this 17th? VIETNAM!!! Damn its a funny old game! LETS ALL PRAY AND HOPE OUR COUNTRY PREVAILS!!! AND BRING BACK THE GLORY DAYS OF THE TIGERS OF MALAYA!!!!!

God damn i love this game!


Just dug up my old postings in Facebook.... and wanted to share wit u all!!!


This is a funny meme and it's real easy - just hit shuffle. And sometimes, you get freakily accurate responses. (You'll also reveal a dodgy taste in music, if you have a dodgy taste in music)

The "rules" :

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Tag whoever tagged you so they know what you got!


Opening Credits:
Ironic (Alanis Morisette)

Waking Up:
Hey Ya ( Outkast)

First Day At School:
This is the new shit (marilyn manson)

Puppy Love:
Vindicated (dashboard confessional) ahahahaha

Fight Song:
Chop Suey (System of a Down)

Breaking Up:
Indiana Jones Soundtrack wuahhahahahhaha this is funny

Jaded (aerosmith)

Life is Good:
Shadow in the Sun (Audioslave)

Thriller (Micheal jackson) hehe dangerous-nya

Praise you (fatboy slim)

True Love:
I can love you like tat (all 4 one) hahahaha wut are the odds

Exorcist theme!! hahahahah omg

Moment of Triumph:
Kelibat Korupsi (One Buck Short) hmmm

Death Scene:
Turn It up (busta rhymes) ehhe

Funeral Song:
Show me how to live (audioslave) wuahahhahahha wut are the odds again!

End Credits:
Voodoo People (The Prodigy)

Your turn! Spread the lurve!

50 things u should not know about me

Be honest no matter what. Tag baby tag!

01. Who was your last text from?
** Mah PC

02. Where was your default picture taken?
** at a default place

03. Your relationship status?
** is stable? hehe

04. Have you ever lost a close friend?
** yeah at pc fair... damn alot of ppl have to call and call and call...

05. What is your current mood?
** moody... like a woody

06. How many siblings do you have?
** 1

07. Whats your brother(s)/sister(s) names?
** oi

08. Where do you wish you were right now?
** bora bora

09. Have a crazy side?
** yeah left side ...cant control it

10. Ever had a near death experience?
** yeap... in the lrt when this hero never bathe for 10000 years raises his arm next to me... and i cant move coz all his minions are around me!.... i swear i smelled hell....

11. Something you do a lot?
** breathe

12. Angry at anyone?
** not anyone... but someone haha

13. What's stopping you from going for the person you like?
** my parole officer

14. When was the last time you cried?
** when i saw this old lady dressed up like a teenager... so sad...

15. Is there anyone you would do anything for?
** nope... but i will do something for someone

16. What do you think about when you are falling asleep?
** "am i falling asleep?"

17. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
** maxis lady..."the number you've dialed is currently unavailable..." tried asking for her number tho...

18. What is your favorite song?
** happy tree friends.... so happy...lalalala

19. What are you doing right now?
** blinking and breathing

20. Who do you trust right now?
** p ramlee... his words never lie...

21. Where did you get the shirt you are wearing?
** the closet...

22. Have you kissed someone in the past week?
** yes.... i kissed a girl and i like it....

23. Who is your best friend that lives closest to you?
** best fren ar... no best fren la... bros only man!

24. Describe your life in one word?
** d'oh!!!

25. Who are you thinking of right now?
** elmo... thinking how to kill it...

26. What should you be doing right now?
** writing a blog....

27. What are you listening to?
** my keyboard clicking

28. Who was the last person who gave you a hug?
** i dont know... he came up from the back of the line... told me he was the last person on the line and hugged me.... wuakkakaka

29. Who was the last person who yelled at you?
** that hensem guy in the mirror

30. Do you act differently around the person you like?
** nope...

31. What is your natural hair color?
** turquoise

32. Who was the last person to make you laugh?
** Jimmy Chow! kung fu master!

33. Who was the last person to make you sad?
** banggang punye orang tu....

34. What do you hear?
** i hear......... load of bullshit from that banggang punye orang...

35. Is your hair curly or straight?
** sticky

36. Has anyone ever called you "scrumptious" before?
** not that i know off...

37. Do you have a best friend?
** nope

38. Held hands with the opposite sex in the past 3 days?
** yes

39. Do you use smiley faces on the computer?
** nope... i dont do drugs.... ohhhhh... that smiley....

40. Have you ever changed clothes in a vehicle?
** yeap... and in the phone booth... the toilet... office cubicle... occasionally behind the tree...

41. Are you happy with life right now?
** ehhh.... okla... so so la... i think so la.... erm.... wait... yea... hmmm...

42. Are you currently jealous?
** yes... jealous of that fella in the mirror

43. What jewelry are you currently wearing?
** my fake golden hobbit ears...

44. What were you doing on friday night?
** sleeping....

45. Have you ever had your heart broken?
** wah cannot le... thats call heart attack...!

46. Have you ever broken someone's heart?
** lagi cannot le... thats murder!

47. Is there anybody you're really disappointed in right now?
** yes... banggang punye orang... idiot that never do as he promised...

48. What was the last reason you went to the doctor for?
** to get my mc coz i thought i got a headache..... hmmm lalalla

49. How late did you stay up last night and why?
** 2am... for f*cks sake.... cant sleep

50. Have you ever dated someone longer than a year?
** hmm.. ran out of place trying to date it... well the body has only a certain surface area for writing dates... and my pen ran out of ink...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

THIS TOWN cartoon!

Finally, after the long wait THIS TOWN from Rabid Binturong is finally out!

U can watch it here or you can click at the cartoon's site at .

Episode 1 : New Management...

second episode will be out soon......

watch this space for more info...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Ever wonder what happens to earth when hell won between the battle of heaven and hell? This is it. Damn la... so many new games and recently I wanted to get a new pc... this game make me think twice... now should i actually save money for a PC or PS3?!!

Ok back to the game. This is a game when the apocalypse actually happened and during the gameplay we are to play as War, one of the four horseman. Dont know what the heck is the four horsemen? well then.... read here.

doesnt this sword looks like Frostmourne in Warcraft?? hmmm

The earth is destroyed and you are the only one that can restore the balance! Fuhlamak! this is damn cool... you get to whack both demons and angels... well almost the same as Constantine... hunted by heaven and hated by hell...

Well the game looks good... and if you noticed... now most game's trailer looks very much like a movie.... cool... out the trailers...

For the latest game review click here
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