Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Malaysian Oscars

Malaysian oscars? have a look! Really hilarious!

* this article got nothing to do with any political bias or anything just for shits and giggles *

Friday, October 03, 2008

Reminising old memory

Was at 7eleven that day and happen to stumble upon something that i havent seen for a really really long time. Well I remember back then when i beg my dad to buy me one but he said no. Only occasionally i will get coz i know my mom will scold me for wasting money buying nonsense. Well well... i bought two of it that day and was really really excited....

Would have thought... Ding Dang!! hahaha but one thing i was really dissapointed is the toy they give.... worse then wut we had last time! they gave some sticker thingy... wahlao eh... this was Mamee standard le...well this is ok coz Ding Dang was always known to be the lesser choco snacks compared to what i am showcasing next!! check this out!!!

TORA!!! supposedly this was suppose to have bigger choco balls... but was hugely dissapointing... the BALLS actually shrunk!!! instead they compensated with more small balls! sigh dissapointing... this suppose to be the more premier choco snacks... and the toys.... is a cardboard push out and connect together dinosaur, ostrich and bird... hahahahaha...

Well all but all i am still as excited as ever coz never in my childhood have i... ever... eeeever manage to buy Ding Dang and Tora at a same time!!! wuehahahahahha... its fun to reminisence the past... now I am gonna go for a search for that old bubble gum with that tatoo...


Been walking around my office that day and guess wut i saw? GOATS!!! unbelievable!!! hahaha next to my office in the middle of the city!!! hahahaha i almost got a fright of my life when i saw some moving things... tot it was a bunch of stray dogs... well... its good to see some farm animal in the city... a eye refresher... *mmmbeeeeeeek*
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