Monday, November 23, 2009


Remember Bruce Almighty? where he plays god and gets everyone's prayers through email??? Is there such thing as god? yes and I've found a site where we can speak with god....igod. I remember coming across this site last time, been wanting to blog about it for quite sometime. It is introduced to me by my friend long time ago... Freaking funny and fun.

No this is not about religion, its god himself! or Herself to be exact! ehehhe. Try it... its fun... just click on the image or click here. All here to help mankind! wuahahhaha...


I am not exactly complaining about their sloooooooooooooow line but their customer service! TM has one of the worse customer call center. They ask the stupidest thing ever. My gf recently got a new pc with Window7 and somehow the wireless Streamyx cant be installed so as a normal user I helped my gf to call the call center... ok so here it goes...

me: hi, my gf just got the wireless Streamyx modem and it cant install it to her pc... I realised that on the cd it is stated only for XP or Vista only. I wonder do you have any thing for Windows7?

Call center: Sir can I have your account particulars?

Me: Erm.. I just need to know if you all have anything for Windows7

Call center: Oh we dont have

Me: Then is it possible if I return to modem since it cant be used or is there any other way I can install it...

Call Center: Can I have your account particulars?

Me: Oh I dont have it now... I just need to know if there is any other way I can get this modem installed

Call Center: If you dont provide me your account particulars how can I help you?

(WTF?! dun understand what I am asking?)

Me: Why do you need the particulars??! I am just want to know is there any way i can install thats it...

Call Center: maybe you can get the particulars from your friend next time you call then we can help you?

Me: Why do you need it? I just want to know is there a updated program... for windows7

Call Center: Maybe you can change your Windows to Vista and or Xp

Me: WHAT???!! nvm you have been totally no help at all.... "THANKS ANYWAY"

Call Center:.......


The fella is so damn rude... cant remember the whole conversation... coz in the midst of tearing off my scalp.... well reading this doesnt look rude but the tone and the way she ask for the particulars just pisses me off. So why do we need the account particulars when we need just only to know a certain product? As if its gonna help me install the freaking crap wireless to my pc... and they can actually ask me to 'CHANGE MY WINDOWS BACK TO XP OR VISTA" retards!!! My office webmaster actually heard the whole conversation and he straight away told me how to solve it..... He also said he went through what I went through...

and he said this..."Tak payah la layan orang bodoh macam ni... layan lebih hanya akan buat kau rasa nak lempang aje kat muka dia..."


Most Call centers personnel are somehow retards... reading scripts... this is not my first time dealing with TM's rude call center retards... Oh please someone do something about this.... Fucking pissing everyone off! The line is already bad... so called "upgrading" everytime you call them... the service of their ppl is also another..... nvm...

Even my former boss... one of the most patient and calmest person... this TM fucktards can actually piss him off. I never see him so pissed before... this is why someone need to start up a new telecom company 'with' government support to really fuck this TM up... they have already taking everything for granted and taking too much advantage from us...

For the time being we got no choice... why? all other broadband also sucks... I think i am gonna just stick to Starbucks and ride on their WiFi... so much more faster...

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Some people tend to think that glamour life is all about fun and all cool but I've been sitting down and talking to some of the celebs and I found out that it is not all fun and cool at all... People tend to worship them like gods or worse try to act like a diva when they have their little lime light on them.

Daphne Iking and I

After talking (or taking photo with) to some of them (surprisingly they are really down to earth and cool people!) , I found out that it is all down to the nitty gritty part of it when it comes to work. Besides all the whole glam and glory the daily struggle that they face... the hard work they have to put in, the amount of time they pour in to work out an album or a movie and the amount of pressure they have to go through is equally or more tougher than most of us do. Its not that simple as some people see it...

Reshmonu and I

One thing I am sure of is that even all the glam and fame they are very very like us. They chill and enjoy the things that we do and they eat the food that we do and they cry or laugh like we do. But the difference is that, they are usually under scrunity by the public. That is the difference between famous and not. We are lucky that our media and press are not as crazy compared to countried like US, Britian, or Hong Kong. If not... die lo...

The very humble and cool Zainal Abidin

I have just one advise to those that wants to make it big... if you have the talent... work extremely hard and never... never... give up your dream... fame and glory will not come overnight unless you are really really really lucky to meet the right person at the right time...

Suki winner of the first One in a Million Competition

To those that is not talented at all........ its not all doom and gloom... if you cant sing or act... then do something else... reality is harsh but must learn to accept it... and move on. I did...

the Funnyman Douglas Lim

Estraged Drummer and Guitarist

"If celebs dont even act like a diva why should you? be humble and -to be respected first you must learn to respect others first..."

all pics taken in
BERNAMA Radio24 studio

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I just realised that i added a young up and coming politician from MCA that I just met into my Facebook. Then I just noticed that almost... everyone I know has a Facebook account. Including my boss! But one thing for sure is I am not that addicted... to Facebook compared to a few people I know. They can get so restless and agitated when they never go in and check their Facebook. Then I look at them... wait a minute... holy shieat... its basically like taking drugs.

The most ridiculous thing I've heard is from my colleague... this is the pinnacle of FB-holic. An urgent matter occurs and his services is needed... and guess what he said... "Wait I need to water my potato first..."

This is the pinnacle of addiction... just to beat the person after you in ranking??! I've also heard that there is actually a couple in US that divorced because the husband forgotten to harvest or water her plants in Farm Ville?!! at 3am!!! this is freaking ridiculous... how did an online social site became a freaking arena of competition?!! Want to plant the plants go to your garden la!

It is to the extend that people neglect their job just to reach the goal in their Facebook games! And how did they actually got the time to reach an unbelievable level? I am stunned. I have to admit that I was for a moment addicted to games like Mafia Wars, Dope wars, Tycoon, Farm Town (diff version from ville) and poker but I got bored of it after 2 weeks. Why? Although its fun but its time consuming and I dont have the patience to water my virtual potatoes day in day out. Or Dress up my pet in pet society... If you have lots of free time then by all means knock yourself out!

I am now taking my lunch break... yea at 3pm... coz was meeting up wit my client just now... and while i am munching my sandwich I logged into my facebook and to notice that there is 48 people online... and most of it... my working friends!!!

Woohooo... and i went to my main page... lots of people updating their status... "so tired i want to go home..." ... "I've killed Don Marconi... in Mafia wars" Wahlao eh... and the funniest one of all... "in office now bz working..."


How can you say you are busy working when you are updating your status in FB??? and moments later can see when people comment they can reply! so... how busy are they? As far as I know... busy means you cant even afford to pee... or pick up a phone... maybe this is the new term for busy working... busy working on how to plant your potato or killing people! ahhaha.

I am not saying its bad.... there is also alot of good in this social network. We get to update our network. Know what are our friends are doing. Check out hot chicks on the photos that your friend are tagged... hehehehe

Then again too many info are spilled into this social network that sometimes its not that good coz now I know what are you involved in or what you are doing lately... you might not know who is reading or taking down notes... dangerous...

But again I am glad that this facebook thingy came... coz now we are more closer to each other... and understand each other better....

Play FB responsibly and take care of your pet and farm ya?

latest status update.... : back to work! hahahaha

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, my lecturer once said... Most Malaysian companies are still slow in the sense when it comes to differenciate between Marketing and Sales ... Well I really have to agree. Since I came into the working world, I've noticed that!! I can come and ask any so called 'BOSS' or anyone and they will say "Marketing and sales is the same what... both also need to sell" then I will just grin at them but in my mind... "BODOH!!! BONGGOK!!! MANGKUK!!! BAHALUL!! IDIOTA!!! FUCK OFF!!!" Its true, most people perceive that marketing and sales are the same but think about it...

Sales is a small part of marketing... just a small part. Still sound the same eh? NO, why? Ok Marketing is as Philip Kotler puts it "social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and values with others." Marketing is more of the process to make people know your product, understand it and position it in a way so that people will buy it. Its a freaking long process. Its all about strategizing and lots and lots of tactical play till the point of selling and after sales. Its the process of creating a brand and position the brand and then how to sell the brand. You cant promote a BMW to a janitor... (unless he is doing the janitorial work for fun la...)

Sales in the other hand is all about..... SELLING! SELLING! SELLING! thats all. Its the small section of marketing that requires alot of effort going out and selling. Its all about volume.

Still don't get it? Ok in a more simpler terms, Marketing is like a General in military. They are the one that thinks the strategy on how to attack the enemies. In it there are alot of factors involving such as where to attack, how to attack, psychological and how many people should attack. Sales are more like the front line marines or soldiers where they will run the tactical plan that the general plans. Its all about killing the enemies.

Got it? but I am not saying marketing are not suppose to go down the field to fight but its that difference that most people don't see. In the more modern companies, they have a specific marketing team to do the thinking and strategizing. Try to work out a workable strategy that is envisioned by the BOSS. Then there is the sales team just focusing solely on selling the product.

I believe most companies in Malaysia will have to change their mindset... the days of Sales and Marketing in one is basically OLD SKOOL!!! dawn is the day of the TOTAL MARKETING company...

photo from

Monday, November 16, 2009


Hearing the name itself is sounds cool... if u are a rocker! BRUTAL BRO!!!!! Its a game starring Jack Black as a roadie turned savior of the heavy metal world, named Eddie Riggs. The game is based on RTS and a little of Guitar Hero in it. Basically its Final Fantasy with a whole load of Heavy Metal in it. Cameo appearance from Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, Lita Ford, Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Lemmy from Motorhead!!!

Basically its one of the must play game of the year!!! well, since we are waiting for Blizzard to release the bloody StarCraft2 and Diablo3... and for EA to Release Command and Conquer 4... Let us enjoy this game of ROCK!!! BTW I've check out the songs they play in the game..... FREAKING COOL List I must say!!! Its just so... so... so... BRUTAL!!! woohoo!!

Just imagine songs from Children of Bodom, Motorhead, Scorpions, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Mastodon, Motley Crue, Enslaved, Megadeth, Static-X and many more playing as a soundtrack for an ass kickin rock game!! No need to switch on other songs while playing RTS!! ehehhe... and no more weird sounding songs like the normal RTS offers... not mentioning names like Final Fantasy haahaha

I just want to play this bloody game!!! but my bloody PC sucks!! Cant even play a 2005 game! hahaha. But this is my mission! save money and get myself a bloody new kick ass PC!!! if u are a gamer... and a rocker... then this game is the most brutal of them all... or better legendary....

this is a few clips of the game...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football Madness!!

I guess by now most of local fans will know about Negeri Sembilan winning the Malaysia Cup after almost 61 years... Congratulasi! After all the hard work finally won. But guess what?!! that is not the main story! The main story of the night is Negeri's opponents! KELANTAN! not once but twice they gotten themselves in HOT stuffs... yea first was burning a turned police truck in April and now they trying to burn the National Stadium!!!

Why? why wanna burn things? What have the stadium ever done to you all!!! sigh... I respect the fanatics from KELATE but why??!!! Lose then lose lo... no need to burn bridges wait... i mean stadiums wan... Its just a loss... ifs painful but hey.. we (Selangor) lost to Terengganu and never see we burn anything also. We just say... its ok, we will be stronger and come back next year! we are fanatic but not frantic!!! Burning chairs and police truck is just plain hooliganism! plain uncivilised!

Fireworks are now a norm in local football scene... especially those "mercun mancis" type... where u light it like a matches! and causes a huge bang! that is still slightly acceptable... if u throw at the right direction... but if u throw at other ppl especially your OWN FANS! then its wrong la! stupid at the first degree!!! Otak kat mane bro??!

Well back to the story... the Kelantan fans have already gotten ban from their own stadium for one month... initially for one year and gotten fine and yet they still havent learnt their lesson?! Well then I have to say they are not hard core fan then! not loyal to say the least! You are loyal to the name but not to your club! you watch coz u are from Kelate and not coz u love your team! Looking for cheap thrills! Well... latest news is the police and the authorities have indicated and identify the culprits and a list of names have been handed out to Kelantan police to take action... wow didnt know we also have this technology also already... not bad... almost like English and Italian football... fan wise la... not football wise.. hehehe

RIP Robert Enke... now you are with your daughter...

Servicing in this bloody country

I think I am starting to realllllllly get irritated with the foreign workers working in the restaurants! or any other servicing industry that requires them to TALK! Its just so irritating! I am sorry but I work in the servicing industry and for me... the most basic requirement in this is communication capabilities! I am speaking the Banglas, India Indians, Burmese, Bhutanese, and the vietnamese... Indons still ok coz bahasa indonesia is still ok ... understandable to locals...

This freaking problem is not only one restaurant but most of the places! Especially the bigger restaurants! They just dont speak ENGLISH OR BAHASA!!!! Do you know how irritating that is? Its like as if i am in a foreign country! You called for one thing and they just stare blank at you and bobble their head.. and ... just.... stand there and continue staring at you as if you are doing a stupid face! arrrgh! you ask for a fork they pass u the salt... its just so irritating! And when they dont understand they just tend to ignore you or will take a bloody long time till the manager comes! Cmon....Service is also becomes very lousy! LAUYAH AHHH!!!! They just dont understand the meaning of service. How can you just ignore the client or just say yea yea yea... to the client? or talk to other people while you serve them! fucked up! and shut up! if you want to talk go outside and talk! not when you are serving the client! not right! never talk to other colleague in front of the client and laugh... that is not professional at all... I just went to Chilli's BSC that day and that is what happened! irritating. One more thing is when you go to those Banana Leaf restaurant that got big recently... the waiters just ignore you especially when you are not Indian! WHY SO RACIST?!!! The table behind me came like 15 minutes after us but they got fantastic service whereas I sat there waiting for my curry! and none came... bad bad bad....

But i do respect those that came here and took up the language... there is a few that i met... they actually learn how to speak not only English or Bahasa but cantonese or mandarin! that I am impress! this are the type of ppl that will succeed in this country! impressive!

So I think I got a few things That i think need to be helped or tweak by all this restaurants!


2. this links with no 1. if language is learnt! then service will improve!


4. Learn some manners! This is not some Kampung or village anymore! this is KL! I am not being snobbish here but this is the fact! SMILE :) and serve...

5. Always take the courtesy to ask is everything is ok and is there anything more they need when you see the food on the table is empty.

6. REMEMBER YOUR MENU! and the shit you have in your restaurant! you dont want client to ask you something and you stand there looking like a erected penis without any pussy! that plain stupid and sad! For owners or managers... if you have a thick menu with lots and lots of info... make sure u have people that remembers at least the main part... impress the clients!

7. LEARN FROM THE BEST... my suggestions... for CHILLI's... look at TGIF and HRC!!!. For local indian restaurants or local western meal restaurant... learn from those mamak that is successful... the basis for this is... be attentive, dont make the client wait too long and know your shit!

So, I do not know have you all actually faced with all this idiotic people servicing you or not... but for me... food is good is not really a main thing for me.... service is the one that gives you a lasting impression for client to come back.... BASIC MARKETING thinking...

this is overdoing it!!!!

farked up

God damn... i cant find that video here... i saw this video my friend showed me on facebook and this guy practically 'whoooped' this girls ass! its more like a scene from a Jackie Chan movie. What the hokkien ppl say "beh tahan ar!" How can a guy do this to a girl wei... slap punch kick and knee her like some thai kick boxing move. Fucker la that fella! one slap or hit is bad enough but this?!!!! kesian betul...

If wanna whack and kick this girl then dun get a girlfriend la! Hello! as what my friend put it... 'memper-siasui-kan' = mempermalukan = shameful piece of fuck! you are the one that makes us guys look like cavemens! Like i said in my previous article... chilvary is not dead... just its hidden coz no one believes in it anymore! Thanks to people like that! cheat lie and whack womens! Womens.... please respect your guy! its not easy to handle his job, family, you and himself... and his friends.... we need some cuddling and love too... hahaha

Well to all the gals out there.. here is something that is dedicated to you all... well honestly i find it abit true la eh although its abit... touchy... sappy... corny and well.. u know... those type of article... hope u all enjoy it!!! ehehe

Find a guy, who calls you beautiful instead of hot.
Who calls you back when you hang up on him.
Who will stay awake just to watch you sleep.
Wait for the guy who kisses your forehead.
Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.
Who holds your hand in front of his friends.
Wait for the one who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares
about you and how lucky he is to have you.
Wait for the one who turns to his friends and says, "...that's her."

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