Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Twist of Fate

Sometimes I wonder, all the things happened, happened for a reason. I wonder, if i were not to accept my friend Matthew, i wouldnt have met June, and if I hadnt met June I wouldnt have gone to the UTAR Prom, and if i hadnt gone to the prom i wouldnt have met Shereen! Really! one simple twist can cause so many things to happen. Its like a chain reaction. For being a nice guy actually paid off sometimes...

My friend Matthew is kinda talkative sometimes... and suprisingly his group of coursemates find tat weird, and actually brush him aside from all their outings. To the extend they actually can tell him that the car is full and ask him to go have his own lunch. U call that a friend??? Bunch of dimweeds! Coz he was in my course but different group, so in da first year i barely mixed with him. After witnessing wut happened i just invited him to join me for lunch. Not due to compassion but just as a friend. From then on we became kinda like buddies. He for one is a person with a genuine heart. He is the type where when u ask him for help... he will put himself on da line to help, for which i really appreciate it.... alot! But then his friends from other group used to ask me...(well, i pretty know everyone in my course coz i talk alot and treat everyone equally...) 'U still mix with Matthew ar?? hahahha.... eeyer...". There is when I started to realise that this bunch of dimweeds are shallow. They mix with ppl based on their appreance. OK, back to the story, there is where I started to know about June, his friend from the Student Welfare Committee. He talked alot about her... and the told her alot about me too. That is how i got to know June.

June instead, I know her as in I only know her name during my first year coz i was in my Material Engineering Society Nite committee and she was in it too. I didnt get to see her at first tho, coz the committee had some issues with the person in charge (so he claims...) so i didnt manage to met her. Then 2 years later she added me in friendster and knowing me... i cant let things lie down easily... well, all the person in my friendster list i must at least know them and talk to them! So i just send my regards... then she was saying that she is a PJ-gal etc etc. So I decided to meet her.. the fabled June (as told by Matthew...). After a while, found out she is a kaki shisha... so we shisha alot. Then came the month of june last year... the prom. June asked me to be her prom date as a favour... i agreed coz i never actually went to a college or uni function.. (yea i didnt go to my coll's orientation nite... didnt get enough stamp during orientation... wait... i didnt go for tat too! hahaa). Thet is when she intro me to her uni friends.... FangFang, Shirlene n Laurence and of course... Shereen!... so this is how i met my other half... Shereen... but then she was still with her ex. 2 months later Shereen sms everyone that she broke up... So June n I decided to help her to get over it. Took her out... for a drink... and a drink... and a puff... and mroe drink and more puffs (shisha la...) then after 2 months later... i fell for her... asked her...

And now i am with Shereen... a twist of niceness... rewarded me with the best present ever. Well being nice is kinda interesting eh... from being a nice fella and accepting a friend to being a friend and to help a friend... just imagine if i were to be a bastard for a second... all this wouldn't fall into place... and i wouldn't be here now writing how happy am I to have her as my other half! then of course this chain reaction do goes back way far behind summore... but i wouldnt wanna elaborate coz it will go back till the stone age... hehe.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

of all Clubbings and Partyings

Of all the clubbing and partying i think i have come to the stage of mellowing down. This doesnt really interest me anymore! Oh my! As one of my fren used to tell me! 'Oi dun la say like tat! as if u are that old only~!'... Am I?? I used to be the first one to jump into the car when going clubbing or dancing or drinking is mentioned. Now i am just sitting there lazing around and contemplating should I go or not! I had a drink wit my frens tat day and we all said that we are not interested in this anymore... i totally agree! now i prefer to just have a nice meal, a cup of my fav drink and the company of my friends in a nice ambience place. Cool, quiet and relaxing. Maybe I have come to the age where I find that I rather spend my money on more appropriate places where i can sit and enjoy the company of my friends where i can talk and drink rather then spend a bomb on some place where some retard starts trying his dance moves on the next table and knocking my back or something or music beat that throws your heart out of ur chest! then feel like shieat afterwards!! I kinda envy those that can actually still have the enthusiasm to continue the partying lifestyle. I just couldn't find that enthusiasm anymore. Maybe i did party too much last time... or maybe i just grew up in this aspect... or maybe I have been under the 'been thet done tat' category. And clubs are charging so expensive nowadays.. can easily burn the wallet!! hehehe...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beeeeep beep toot toot

Its reaching confirmation point very very soon. It is just like last week i popped the question and now the probation period is over. 3 months! whoa that was fast! Looking back at my articles about how i felt and all brings back lotsa memories in this 3 months! Till today I still smile when i meet her. She stills elevates me when she sms and call me! Just that now i am more addicted to her then ever. She have already blended in into my life. A day without a call or sms from her is unnatural. Right at this moment i still cant believe i have her as my gal. Maybe that is the beauty of it coz it is so condensed with feelings that it stills fresh! By this rate we are going i dont see why we cant go on and on and on! ... Now that she is the one that is motivating me to move with my life. I found out that in this 3 months i have seen things from a different angle again. I learned to be even more responsible. Everytime i meet her i have to give her a nice hug. the smell of her hair is still so nice... still so addictive... the last time i say holding her hand sends static now if i never hold her hand... my hand feels empty and hollow. I need that static feeling now... i would never thought that my 24th birthday will be celebrated with her. The most beautiful, nicest and wonderful birthday and christmas present i have ever gotten! singing a song to someone u love is so much better then singing to the soap or microphone or the comb! so much more meaningful... the beautiful... oh the ever beautiful smile... she melts the heart before i could even harden it. but it is worth to effort hardening it. hehe. after 88 days and 2 hrs and 6 minutes! wait... 88 beautiful days 2 wonderful hr and 3 wholesome minutes... it is so so fulfilling... the good and bad times we went thru made the bond stronger. Till now... thank you for being my light in the darkness babe! i hope i manage to shine light in your life too! luv ya babe!

Living the high life

Are we living the high life or are we not? When I was young we used to watch tv and see career guys n gals dining in expensive restaurants drinking wine and having a nice steak for dinner or lunch and having a nice cup of coffee at the cafeteria. Are we heading to that lifestyle? Well I recently notice that we are!

We are starting to head to classy places for a drink. Starting to enjoy a cafe meals. Buying designer clothings and stuffs. So we are heading to the high life. My generation.. the 70's n 80's babies. We are becomeing what we saw on tv. We head to clubs and cafe's and buying things that are not practical to our parents era.

We trade our local coffee shops and mamaks to coffee house and francise drinks places for a cup of tea or coffee. We trade our daily 'kopi o' to cafe latte, Teh tarik to hot english tea. Dont get me wrong, we do still head to mamak stalls and kopi tiams but our parents generation, going to cafe is like a rare occasion. They head to cafe only...ONLY once in a blue moon. On the other hand, we instead head to these places at least twice a month or perhaps almost everyweek! are we pampered? or are we just learning to take the advantage of wut is thrown to us. Just look at the amount of cafe's and tea places sprouting around the country. One reason this is occured is tat coz this places is much more comfortable compared to the hot and congested kopi tiams. How is this possible? we cant tahan la... so hot how to drink? before drink also sweat like crazy, this is the excuse given. But truth is we are sleeping in air cond rooms and air cond cars nowadays. Our body cant take the heat and humidity.

Designer clothings... do we actually need it? You spend tons of cash for something that only last a year. Worth it? Some of you may say that 'I can afford it and I work for it why not?' ... why not????! aiyo... think more practical la. I know i got no right to say all this coz i also dunno what is it like in this world... i am just a naive person when comes to this. But i was thought by my parents to appreciate for what i have and be humble. Pamper myself? i rather pamper myself on my vacation or food. Clothings for me is, as long as it looks nice and feel comfortable and can wear for any season is enough for me. Not that i am not fashion conscious or anything but i just dont feel like following what the mags tells me to wear.

Sigh... well here ends another of my unfruitful bitchings again... thanks for viewing! go ahead... kill me wit ur comments... coz i dun care!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


here goes.... my yearly report...

Finally realise wut i wanted actually... to work in da media line. Now learned to take thing easier abit. Other then tat nothing much happened this month. Just chill around and exams...Hoping for the best... Send the package together wit d gang. went on a cycling spree and took alot of pictures. Followed mom to some Estee Lauder staff thingy... and manage to came up wit faces of women on da go... shopping that is! haha... CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! woohooo.. more traditional dishes and new clothes and ANG PAU!!!!!!!!! $$ k*ching!!

Another slow month... continuation of chinese new year... looking at the premiership table makes me sick! but then again... we'll keep on fighting!!! warrrghhh!!!! MU is out of the Champions League... so my football season has ended... wait... oh ya... The Carling League Cup. Made a trip wit my frens to highland towers Ampang... and bukit tunku... just to check out the eerie creepy ruins and abandon houses... after tet listened to some freaky spiritual real stories from my fren tat actually kinda freaky...

Shisha shisha and more shisha! commonwealth games... malaysian excels in non physical contact sports... well not really excels but did okla... got more irritated wit motorbikes in the country... one of my fav movie of all time came out... V for Vendetta!!! Remember remember...... saw poseidon... omg i tell you.... it sucks...! Joel's bday!

APRIL FOOLS!!!! nah... this trick is really old already... no more fun. Bird flu getting irritating. but its nothing much. Chelsea lost to barcelona... tsk tsk... Chelsea ran away in the premier league but MU almost caught up! nvm... next season more challenge! scary movie 4 and ice age2 came out! exams again! Lucky Number S7evin...good show! inside man too!!

Prashant's farewell n bday... went down to melaka and party! suppose to go to the beach for BBQ but it started to rain... well to some is sea sprinkle... ahem. i warn u all its rain but noooo.... we were drenched but still had fun at Navin's place... manage to witness the drunk everyone. Ananda, Mohana, Prashant and... ME! hahaha. Then not enough we party again a week before prashant left and then .... he left... the day b4 X-men 3 came out... the show is so badly done! My-team Vs Malaysia! and my god... malaysia sucks! kena beaten by an amateur team! went to KL motor show! Saw many cool cars and cool chicks!! hahaha Arsenal went to Champs league final and lost to Barca! ahha! Chelsea won the league again but MU came back and gave a good challenge!

PROM! one of the small things that is the catalyst of one of the biggest thing yet to come! It was a fun time at UTAR prom! started help to coach the U-15 gals. and started to get involved wit LFAM! Ladies Football Association Of Malaysia! intesting... help abit in the US Malaysia Exchange program too... at Bukit Jalil! D-X is back in WWE!!! woohooo!!!! slow slow month! mom's bday!! makan makan makan! WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!! fast n fulious.... tokyo drift month!

world cup month!! so tis kinda slow moving... sleep late... football... sleep late... football!!! Bought FHM and spot the sexiest women. got the spore version n msia version... and found out that there are more local in spore version and malaysian version alot of foreigners... so is singaporeans more patriotic or is their gals just tat good. dunno... Head down to spore to meet my couz and frens... short visit but fruitful ones! but their nasi lemak really needs improvement! italy is the winner of the WORLD CUP!! Kevin's Bday! woohooo... My fren Jeremy is one of the Cleo's most eligible bachelor... went to KLCC to see their parade! ahha. Pirates of the Carribean 2!! new movie....! cool!!!

Played slow basketball... but still not competitive... but its okla... life goes on! Chun Yik came bek and lepak lepak abit... Makan dinner. Chill out. very slow month. Wai Hoe's bday! chantal's bday!... slow slow month... nothing happened... just yum cha n shisha all month long! watch abit movie... tats all... oh ya! MERDEKA!!!

Sista's dad's and sis's bf's bday... makan at KL Hilton... damn expensive but luckily aunt got voucher so we had a ganas meal!! yeahhh.... the return of aaron...I met one of the most important figure that is gonna change the future of my life! the start of a new beginning was about to begin! it was the deep breath before the plunge! yea... a new surge of shisha session started... help heal a friend... went to passion and minum! HAZE HAZE HAZE... bad haze... till the sun was like orange....

One of the most important month in this year... nono... my lifetime... the big thing have arrived! I met my other half..... Shereen! Went to my Aunt's wedding.... went to Recharge Revelation Rave wit Shereen n june. My first outstation outing wit shereen. One of the most beautiful month in the year! the start of a new beginning... b.e.a.uuuu tiful... deepavali whoooo.... curry curry curry

GYM GYM GYM... manage to go consistently and can feel the difference! Mohana's birthday!!! nice!!! my official unveiling to my frens and first official dinner wit my sister and shereen! it was a interesting month as it is more of relationship building. Celebrated our 1 month anniversary!

Jolin Concert! got VIP tickets and went wit shereen! Granma's Birthday at genting highland... and OH ya My Birthday! went to zouk wit shereen n my friends and had a blast!!! then after that went to Kepong for crab wit my sister! Went steamboat wit my family and OMG... so much food! oh ya more shisha! n shisha! i went for interview...welll not mine but accompany shereen for interview... My couz sis admitted to hospital wit stomach problem... for 2 weeks i was worried sick... and it was one of the most hectic month of my year!! been rushing n rushing and moving around!! omg... was so tired... but it was well worth it!! have to balance everything at one month! the return of prashant!! and XMAS celebration!!! went to peter's place and chill!! its more like a gathering! Best xmas eve n new years eve... as i celeb it wit special someone for the first time!!!

2006 toot toot boob booob...bye

Its been an eventful year as so many good and bad things happened... yet another meaningful year. yea yea.. lemme brag about it again... as u can see wut happened to my last year's new year blog... kinda depressing.... so my new years... celebrated at prashant's place... there were tons of food... enough to feed a whole village.. but there was only 10 person there which consist of 7 guys and 3 gals... which one of the gals is vegetarian... omg... so much food and liquor... anyway.. we had a blast... so coming up next is my new years report....hehe..
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