Monday, December 20, 2010

When are we going to learn?

We always ask people to change, we always ask people to do good and we always ask people to improve but end of the day....

have we change?

Change always starts from within... change yourself then you can change the world... in time of darkness, men usually looks for the light but why cant we be the light for others... and in return hoping that they will spread the light to others. If everyone passes and share the light sooner or later the world will be bright again...

I dedicate this video clip for those who wants change!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Been kinda bz with so many things lately that I have no time and inspiration to even write a simple blog. So happens my hands itch and I clicked on my blog and noticed that it was kinda outdated so I decided to take this few minutes to write about the recent KL INTERNATIONAL MOTORSHOW 2010.

Ok! lets see where to start. When I first read about this event I was really excited! why? coz Bumblebee and the Tumbler has made their way to KL! I was like wow! really? gawd damn! shieat! wahlao! Damn! i really gotta go! I was really impressed with the last KLIM. The exhibition was fantastic and I was really entertained.

So the expectation was very much higher coz this year they kept on highlighting on Bumblebee and Batman!


I went. The place was crowded. My first impression was wow not bad eh, alot of people. Walked around looking at cars and girls. But my main purpose was to see the Tumbler! (Tumbler is the Batmobile in Dark Knight la u fool!)

So the first "big" thing that I came across was the Proton booth, or more like Hall. For me personally, its felt like a fake propaganda to please the visitors. They showcase the Lotus cars and a few of their concept cars which clearly looks like a rip off from our Japanese counterpart. My friend asked me, "I really wonder which part is a Malaysian design" I told them, the name and the logo. Then after thinking a while I took back my words coz the logo was a modified version of Thundercats!

Ok so that was the first letdown.

Then as I walk along it was ok nothing much. There wasnt anything spectacular compared to the previous ones. Then came Bumblebee. It is again, clearly not life size. How I noticed? there was the concept Camaro at the Chevrolet booth and if you noticed the lights on the Bumblebee body is so much smaller compared to the car! But it was ok! some pvc and plastic but it looks kinda realistic! maybe he should do some pose so it might look livelier...

Then as I walked along I noticed there was lack of alot of things compared to the previous KLIM. There wasnt any sections for bikes, there was only one... Vespa! but what ever happened to Modenas? Harley Davidson? Kawasaki? Yamaha? only Vespa?

Then there wasnt a section for audio systems! My friend from Alpine said that the rental was too expensive so they didnt participate. I see....

Then as I walked into Hall C or 3 it was the Tumbler's hall. I was so excited! finally get to see a life size monster of a machine that ripped our silver screen creating a lasting impression!

Was really looking forward to see this monster! was looking around and I was curious where was it! Then I saw the corner where they decorated with some cheap looking decoration with some Batman figurines and posters. My eyes locked on that direction hoping to see some black machine empowering the crowd.

But as i got closer..... and closer and closer.... I saw.... this piece of crap!

A cardboard car that is one of the biggest and i mean BIGGEST RIPOFF!!! I am already disappointed with the show and they top off my disappointment with this shieat! I mean they have the cheek to actually ask ppl to line up to take photo... no one did. And they put a "cardboard" Batman there to accompany the "Cardboard" car! damn at least put a real batman running around also not so bad!

Utter disappointment. There was a few things that I found out that kinda irritates me too.

1. Too many kids running around. They should limit to children above 12 yrs. Why? coz the place is crowded and kids might get lost or worse! stepped on.

2. Dress code. Coz too many people dress up like they are going to market or mamak stall. Have a proper dress code will make the event more exclusive and not so low class...

This whole event feels more like a carnival more than a motorshow. They might as well have a corner with those blow up castles so that our kids can run and jump. And on the other corner someone selling fried chicken and keropok lekor so we can eat and walk while we touch the cars with our oily hands and kids can dirty the back seat of the new Nissan Livina.

One thing i wont mind is some kid to spill some soft drink on the cardboard Tumbler! so it will soften down and melt away!!!

But end of the day I guess the organiser's main agenda is to gather as much profit as possible from this event.

Really disappointed for a so called "exclusive" event that only comes once every 4 years...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Marathon

Went beserk last week and went on a Rambo marathon. I watch part 1 till the lastest one part 4.

Well I actually enjoy it and its not all ganas as i remembered. Best of all he potrays a normal man trained to be an elite killing machine. Thats all. Not like those Jean Claude or Arnie's earlier movies where they cant die or get hurt, instead Rambo seems like a normal dude that faces the same problems as us. Just that he can launch a one man war. With a detailed planning and proper tactics and of course... shear killer instinct!

Now I remember why I always enjoy this franchise...

Then I went overboard. I went to watch a movie where I vowed never to watch... Piranha 3D... but i saw the 2D version la.

Full of gore and predictable story and of course plenty of nudity! weird movie but I just cant stop watching it! hahaha. I guess its boobs, blood and fish fest!

What a weird weekend...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Transformers 3 ; The Dark Side of the Moon trailer

This looks impressive for the moment... can't wait!

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