Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Have you come to a stage in your life where whatever you do just doesn't satisfy yourself and worst of all after doing it you still feel frustrated?

It is just like the joy of doing the things you do has died off. Lately I have been like that. Things are going well but I am just not satisfied. Its like as if what ever I do is not enough or not good enough. I do not know why is this happening. I know it is a very unhealthy situation for me to be in but I just cant find that solution to it.

I have this bad habit of trying to solve everything and trying to help everyone. Something that was my elixir has became my poison. The thing that made me happy is now the thing that make me frustrated. Perhaps I am just not a good king where I cant inspire my people to do follow my dream and instead my castle is now crumbling. 

At times I rather be a commoner and just live a happy and simple life and not worry about anything.... maybe this might lower my urge to do something bigger than myself and get disappointed and unsatisfied.

Perhaps I will look back 5-10 years from now and laugh at myself writing this article like how I laugh at what I wrote 7 years ago. Life changes and sometimes I guess you have to just cut loose some dead bags or dead weight that is pulling you down... and move on with my life... 

Hey... I actually found my solution!!


Friday, October 05, 2012

Malaysia Prevails

"Our Country is shit" , "Our country got no hope" , and  "Stupid Malaysia". How many of you have heard this before? At times I grow so tired of listening people complaining and complaining and condemning one after another about how shitty our country have became but yet you do nothing or you run away...

If your house is leaking, do you immediately shift your house? or do you ask a contractor or a plumber to fix the problem? We fix the problem. Why? because it is our house! Long have we live in it and fix it step by step to make it not our house but our home. 

The same theory applies to our country. If there is a problem, fix it and not run away from it. If it is like that  then we will be running for the rest of our lives and not solve anything. 

A lot of people said that it is hopeless. Have you even started to do anything or even tried? If you've tried,  then have you tried hard enough? Did you ask yourself these questions? 

There is this saying, it may sound corny by now "It is not what your country can do for you but it is what you can do for your country!". How many of you all have this mindset that when you do something, you want to make your family, friends and your country proud? One more question, how many of you, when you do something, it is not only for personal gain but also to ensure that it will help put the nation up there on the world stage? 

People often misunderstood between country and politics. Politicians are the people that "we chose" to "lead" and "govern" our country. Whereas the country is the place where we stay! Lets just take, a nice luxury car for example. The car is comfortable and steady, one of the top of the line model in the world, but if you get a fucked up driver who got no sense of safe ethical driving to drive you around, your ride will be as sickening and fucked up as hell. So end of the day do you blame the car or the driver? 

There is two part to this answer, one is that the driver and another one is ourselves! Why the driver? well for not being entirely honest when applying for the job. Why us? for not looking properly at who we are hiring to drive our car. 

So is our country stupid, fucked up or hopeless like some of you say it is? Not at all. 

There may be many different flags out there. the scale, the eye, the rocket, the star, and many more but all these flags is never bigger than this one...

and that is our national flag. 

In football terms, Sir Alex always says, "no one is bigger than the club"... same applies to our country, no one is bigger than the country. It takes everyone to make the country to what it is.

To say our country is stupid and dumb is just calling ourselves the same thing. How can we solve the problem if you run away from it? The only way is to fix it. It may be hard and long but end of the day it is worth it as this is our home.  

Aristotle have this saying "A state is not made up only of so many men, but of different kinds of men; for similars do not constitute a state"

We are unique because of our differences. We fill up each others weaknesses to ensure we come out strong as a nation. But how many of us see it that way? how many of us see each other just from our skin colours? Or religious background? If we put aside all those prejudices and celebrate our differences, we can do wonders and I believe that some of us have already done it.

How do we start? with ourselves! Action speaks louder than words. If we do not change ourselves how can we change others? We also have to believe! saying it is easy but doing it requires lots of faith! but it is not impossible! Believe and hope can bring a person forward! so lets start believing and move forward together!

Let me end with this saying:

"Don't let politics stop you from being a Malaysian, Malaysia Prevails! " 

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Reading and reading

Understanding the human psyche is something that I am very interested ever since I was a kid. Come to think about it I am interested in so many things! But come to think about it, it somehow relates to everything that I enjoy doing then and now. 

I love creative and strategic thinking stuffs but one area that I was and still very fond is to read people. Not that I wanted to be a freaking stalker or what so but it is very interesting to see what people will do in order to get things their way or get out of things. 

This interest started when I was very young. My mom would always share with me like how kids would react to certain gestures or situation and we need to read the kids behaviour to know why they are doing so and so. You know... maternal instinct stuffs, like the saying, mom knows best. This happens when my mom was taking care of my cousins or my nephews and she will tell me that they will do certain things and how they would turn up when they gotten older. And as the years goes by, I was just quietly noticing and learning how to read the little ones that my mom said and true enough, their characters were exactly like my mom told. My mom also shared with my how I would react to certain things and at times I use myself as a test subject too. Yes... I try to notice my own reactions. Try to look from the outside. It helps, self reflection...

Throughout that time I manage to learn a trick or two on how to read people's characters and plus my amateurish skills gained from reading articles and books about the human behaviour and also not to mention a fair share of documentaries, it makes me delve slightly a little bit more into this. This became rather helpful when I do my drawing, animation and also branding. 

The funny thing is that if you sit long enough and notice a person, you can actually read them! Body language, voice intonations, hand gestures and also facial expressions. Again I am no profiler but its fun to sharpen this skill. I am not a talker or a social person but I rather listen and solve peoples problem and this skill sometimes comes in handy. 

The one funny thing that I learnt from a friend of mine is the art of reading people when they are lying. I was experimenting this with lots of people, especially when I have already know the real stories about certain issues and I deliberately act as if I don't know and sure enough the signs of lying or exaggeration that was told by my friend was spot on. 

Understanding these tricks will not only help you in preparing the first step but also help you to prepare for the worse... you know... the just in case situation...

But again... I am still an amateur so I still get it wrong time after time... In time to come I might even want to take a course about the human psyche!

Well my studies on the human psyche goes on...
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