Monday, November 28, 2011

RIP Linus

Today my brother lost one of this best friend. To say I know how he felt is a lie. But I know how it felt to lose someone so close and dear. My condolences my dear brother for your loss....

Listen la, Uncle...

My parents brought me up to respect and obey old or perhaps older people. We should not raise our voices to them but instead let them talk first. You know... be the obedient kid or the kid that has a sweet mouth by greeting everyone when they come in the house or "call people to eat" and of course treating them well. That was what I thought when I was a kid.

Then as I got older, I've learnt that not only you have to greet them but you also have to listen to them. Their advice or teaching are to be listented! Could this be because they are experienced people? or they know more things? perhaps yes... perhaps not. We do not know because some may be real or some is made to sound real. 

Well, we are all well drilled when we were kids to listen and respect older people and do what they tell you. It has somehow embedded into our heads and it has became the foundation of all the kids of our generation. That is why when we meet any older people we greet them and then give way for them to walk or when they talk we will listen or pretend to listen and be interested because we were thought to respect and listen. 

OMG! we are actually programmed to do all this?!

Then when I got into the working world and started to understand people more. Manage to meet different kinds of people of different age. Some older some younger, some really older and some way younger. Then you notice one pattern started to emerge. Everyone speaks of similar topics, have similar likes and dislikes and the old ones mixes with younger ones, younger ones mix with the older ones as if we are all the same. Suddenly the age gap becomes diluted. It is still around but it is not so prominent as when we are in school.

Like I said earlier, in school we are divided based on our age. Standard 1 for certain age group, standard 2 for certain age group, form 3 for people who are this age and so on. Then the teacher and student differences. Even trainee teachers which is like 4-5 years older than us demands us to respect them. The best things is that we do. We just follow. 

But in the working world, its different. Age doesnt really play a role. the only difference is the position. The ones that we "have" to respect are the bosses and those that been there for a while and have a weird way of doing things. But when it comes to the rest no matter what age you are you are almost the same. We bitch about certain things, we have same crave for certain food or we watch similar movies etc. In fact, we respect each other for what we are doing. Its not more money or power or even age but the passion or the responsibility that was given to them. They can do things that you cant do and you do things that they cant do... respect is mutual...

Then I realise that one thing stands our like a thorn in between roses. All the "respect the older people" lessons that I learnt when I was a kid started to be questioned. I have once been told by my boss in my previous company that I gave too much respect to older people that I wont oppose what they say and instead agree and listen. At that moment, I basically got my brains jammed there and then. So what ever I learnt before this was not exactly right? It was then I started to think more and more about what was thought is not what is done. I started questioning the system. I started thinking about the whole issue of the workability of the system. I now know that age is just a number. Something that was told to us or thought to us so that we comply to "the" system... 

Now I realise why it is done and what is the problem in this... If you notice the system carefully, we are thought to respect and listen older people. Right? We are told to listen to their advice and if possible do not do what they dont think its right, right? I started observing once I got older. Alot of old or older people are forgive me if I am wrong, unconsciously using the system for themselves. They are also brought up with this system that it became a natural reflex and response that when they get older they will be and must be respected no matter what they have done or did or what they are. Especially when one got more power or money or experience. Think about it? OR could this system only works at home in a family structure? Perhaps or perhaps not.

There is this saying "when you point one finger out, you got four fingers pointing back at you". Meaning? when you say something or condemn somebody you have to look back at yourself and make sure you are not like that too. Some may realise some may not realise that they are in fact worse off compared to the people they condemn. Have you faced the same problems too with older people too? It was then I told myself that when I get older I will NOT do what all these old people do to me. I will listen people younger than me and help them and tell them what to do. Guide and let them walk their own path instead of moulding them to become the next me. No point telling or teaching unless they ask me to. What you dont want people to do to you then dont to people lah!

If you notice older people always demands respect just because they are older. To be honest, I still do but recently I started to doubt this system. Sometimes some older people do not really deserve that respect. Why? If you notice some of them are using the system just for the sake of using it. Like I said it became a reflex of what we are thought throughout our life. Listen, respect, obey! So when you reached to the age where you think you have crossed to the other side where instead of listening, you now think that people should listen, respect and obey you instead. Not knowing that you didn't have what it takes for people to respect you. It could be your character, attitude or even perhaps your ego. This is basically not the right education if you are using the listen, respect, obey structure. This will basically tell us that, when we get older we can just fuck the younger people up and not show them the right attitude, JUST LIKE YOU! Your intentions may be right but its YOUR intentions and it might not be suitable for some. Generations change, people change, lifestyle change and heck! even education style change. So do you think you might change to? is this the legacy you want to leave behind? "He was once a great man but turned to some grumpy old fella after that!!"

Then again we, the younger people, also cannot overdo it and be an overly arrogant smart ass! Yes, you maybe more educated or smarter that some but you still must treat people with respect no matter what age or who they are. You must learn to also listen and HELP those who needs help instead of mocking them or ridicule what they do. Being educated and intelligent is a gift and if you are a really intelligent then you would learn to build instead of destroy a person. My father always tells me that people poor or rich, round or square, they are people also. If can help then we help but do not mock them. 

What I am trying to say is that, there is a way to gain respect or make people to obey you and of course listen to you but in return you must show the same things too. I believe the older you get the more humble, cheerful and the more calmer you should be instead of being a grumpy old man/woman that you have became. Learn to listen and guide and not instruct, so that in return, the younger generation will listen and learn and perhaps respect and obey willingly. Show to the younger generations that what you learn as a kid about listen, respect, obey and being humble will be used all the way till old instead of showing them that old people are just grumpy and irritating has beens. 

I am not only speaking on my behalf but I am speaking on behalf of my generation and all we want to say is that "Listen first la, uncle/ aunty!". We might be wrong but we would love to have our voice heard too and  if we are wrong we love to be guided and not thwarted or condemn and best of all not listen to us at all. sigh... 

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am pretty sure "almost" and I mean "almost" everyone I know has been intergrated facebook into their life system. Some basically cant live without logging into Facebook even for a day. I have to say that it is one of the most interesting and successful social network ever created. Well when Yahoo first came out, everyone was buzzing about it and then came Google, where even now it has became a lingo by itself such as "googling" it up and so on. Then came Friendster, MySpace and so on. But Facebook was different. Somehow it has something that ticks the internet savvy people. 

Even those that is not so keen or comfortable using the internet has sign up to have an account. Its like having an account is an important thing. The term "you need to get a Face" is quite common. Meeting up with an old friend or acquaintance always have a line in their conversation "Hey, you have Facebook?" and its always ended up with "Add me la yea?". 

Facebook has became "the" tool to connect with people. 

So is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I have to say it comes in both good and bad. Just like anything cool, there is always a good accompanying the bad. The good thing is that we are all now somehow connected. We are able to communicate with almost everyone we know through FB and it has became a tool to share with everyone what are your thoughts on the moment or something that you saw or even what you like. It has became the one stop center that Friendster, MySpace etc cant deliver. That is the good thing...

But I feel that with all these things going around like sharing pictures of friends and family, telling where you live or where you are now and even perhaps speaking your mind... somehow kinda irritates me now. You can now unsubscribe your facebook "friends" feeds. Especially those "smart asses" who think that their status is cool or something like that. There is informing to the people that something you do is cool but over doing it with a lame remarks added to it just doesnt make a cut. FB has also became a platform for the weak to speak up. Those that got no balls to say things to people's REAL FACE post it in FB. It is these kind of fellas that you click unsubscribe! 

But for me I feel that Facebook has became stale. Too many things happening in it and too many people posting irrelevant stuffs. Especially those that tags you in their sales product or some weird posters or (sorry to say this) religious post. It just over congest the wall. There is this such thing as customise post option. Do that! 

I use to be addicted to facebook but after seeing all this over the years and how facebook has became a money making machine... it has lost the jizz that make it have that buzz. Recently I just lost the interest in FB. I rather talk to the person, IN PERSON instead of message chat. When I poke someone it hurts instead of just a word. Yes it is a good tool but like a screwdriver... its a tool too, that you use it when you need it. But again its kinda hypocritical for me to say this coz I know this article will be posted in my FB! HAHA! and some of you will most probably ignore this post! then again! one finger points out, four others is pointing back at you!

Thats what I think lah.. hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011

Indian Restaurants! aiyoyo kadevele!

I have long been a fan of Indian food! Ever since I was a kid my dad would take me and my family out on the weekends to enjoy a nice Indian meal. From the beloved roti canai to thosai and to a nice banana leaf rice! I am always ready to try new dishes and so on. 

But what I am writing here today is not about where there is a good place to eat or what to eat, that I will do it in another post. This post will be all about the service of this restaurants as a whole. I have been to many Indian or Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurants and stalls in Malaysia and I realised there is this one pattern that always crops up and I am pretty sure most of you experience it too. When the business is still small and what I mean small is when they are still at a stall or have a small customer based, the service is rather good. I wont say its excellent but I would say attentive. But when their business grow, things start to get rather messy. What I mean by messy is in the service and the quality of food. 

Have you ever have to wait for such a long time just to get served? Sitting there like a fool waving your hands to the waiters and they will ask you to wait or they just ignore you? I've been observing many restaurants having this same way of handling their customers. When they started the business, they are always friendly. Although there are one or two of the workers that is kinda like rude but the service is good. But once their business started growing, somehow everything goes down the drain. 

It is as if they are not willing to serve you. Sometimes you get this one waiter that dont even understand the language. You ask them what is this or that they will try to answer you with this really ridiculous answer. Or when you order they will forget what you say and after 15 minutes later come back and ask you what you ordered or someone else will come and ask you "Tadi you order apa?". And this guy doesnt look happy, as if we gave him a hard time. And when they serve you and they will just chuck everything on the table. Splat splat splat! and when we want to order other dishes they will listen to one dish and walk off... without asking is there anything else we wanted. Some waiter try to be overly friendly and they will tell you what to eat. Like "Ayam ini bagus, ambik la" or when you finish ordering and they will continue asking you "ayam? kambing? ikan? ayam sambal..." and if you order just rice or just one small dish they will look as if they are disgusted with your order and serve you even worse!

Sometimes when the food is served but when you want to order drinks, the guy that serve the food dont know what are you babbling about and stare blankly at you and walk off, leaving us frustrated. Sometimes when you make a small request like, "kurang manis" but it is as if it fell to deaf ears. The drinks comes really sweet. tsk tsk tsk.

There is one restaurant, a rather famous one actually. Just because they have the who and who that patronise their restaurant they started to have double standard in serving. Once I came with my friends and we dressed very casually and drive a normal car. They literally ignored us and took ages to take our order. But the next time I went and we have a white friend that came with us and immediately you can see how fast they came and direct us to an available table. Two to three waiter actually served us and I have to say the service was kinda excellent! so how la? famous already they literally forgotten their customers that patronise their place when they were small. 

Then when it comes to payment, usually the cashier is either very arrogant or missing! You can stand at the counter and wait and no one will come. Dont want us to pay is it? I'm ok with that. The arrogant or snobbish  one is usually the bosses's wife or some lady related to the owner. The way she look at you or not look at you when she say the price is as if you are not welcomed. Hence thats why I say as if we need them more then they need us. 

Some restaurant instead are very racist. Once I went to this restaurant, sat there and ordered my food and waited. But when a group of indian family came, the waiter took their order immediately and guess what? they got their food first. And it was the same waiter that served us. Cmon man... I talked to you with a smile and made my order simple and yet you treat me like this... very sad indeed.

But again there are one or two restaurant that have moved away from this crappy style and I have to say I rather go there. They have adopted a more modern approach and they hire locals that understand the language and one that can explain what is good and not. This are the ones that I love to go... 

All in all, as much as I am irritated with the service I still go to these restaurant. I tend to ignore the crappyness of the service and enjoy the food that I love with the good company of loved ones or friends... its all good!

2 months

Its been almost 2 months since I last blogged! How fast the last 2 months passed by! Maybe its because there are too many things going on.

Gone for a long break, a new family member and of course my ever growing work in office! I have to say its an interesting 2 months!

So be assured I will post a few postings in the coming days or hours! yeah!! peace!
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