Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year Resolution

You know what? Alot of people talk about resolution or having a resolution. Some to the extend became so obsessive with having a resolution.

For me? after years and years of failed resolutions or forgotten resolutions, I just gave up. Its no point having a resolution if you don't resolve anything. Right? 

Lose weight? quit smoking? sure bo? I've so far rarely seen anyone managed to fulfill their new year resolutions. I guess we have to do what Tony Robbins says... you dont need to wait till the new year for a resolution. Just do one now and start it now. Why wait for the new year? start early! start now! 

But we wont rite? so how are we gonna resolve something? Simple! dont have a list! 

Just go with the moment! Quit smoking? next year? try doing it now la... no need to give a time. why? Well, you wont do it! trust me... by the time its the new years you have already thought of an excuse to give to yourself to continue smoking.

Lose weight? do it now la. Suscribe to a gym. why wanna wait till next year? oh! so you can "hentam" that lamb on xmas? or you got a list of open houses that you are invited? aiya, Malaysia is filled with festive season. Its always an open house down the corner of every month. So you gonna wait till after Chinese New Year? After Thaipusam? After labour day? after your friends birthday? Weddings? wont happen! 

So for me, my new years resolution is to try to resolve my previous years resolution. So what was my previous years resolution? is to have a proper resolution instead of saying I need a resolution next year. So there you go! I have fulfilled my quota! problem solved. 2012 Resolution done, dusted and settled, and achieved! So bring on the apocalyptic year! and party on dudes! why? coz is gonna be an awe--- wait for it--- some year! See ya on the other side!

Friday, December 23, 2011


This could be our last Christmas and last new year as the world is coming to an end next year according to the Mayan Calender.... so kiss me and hug me like you never had before....

You actually believe that load of bull? Well call me a skeptic but hey the end of the world came and gone many times. The apocalyptic world that we see in the movies looks to be like... well... a movie!

The millennium bug came and gone without Skynet taking over the world or making us into batteries to run their machines. The Harold Camping incident where it came and gone. So will the Mayans be third time lucky?


We are going to celebrate Christmas again next year and we are going to celebrate 2013 next year.

But this end of the world thingy somehow helped alot of people as they now know how to live their life to the max.

So will it come or it wont lets just love and enjoy each others presence and hey..


and as Skeeter Davis say... the world ended when we say good bye!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

POP Phone and POSE it!

Have you ever had a situation when you talk to long on the mobile phone and after the conversation you see your sweat on your phone? yes? I always worry that it might spoil my phone especially when you have a smart phone.

Or have you ever been told by those slightly more paranoid friends that talking on your mobile phone too long will cause you to get your already damaged brain more damaged from the microwaves from the phone? got eh? you will say no but secretly  you start to wonder, maybe eh? coz after talking a period of time your ear feels hot.... the phone feels hot... really ka microwaves? no I also dont know.

OR (one more question k?) have you ever encounter a situation where you wanna check some details on the phone when you are on the phone and you go "Ok his number is... wait ar... 012... erm.. bla bla bla... wait ah... bla bla bla" a little irritated right at times?

Well I do at times. Sometimes it all comes at the same time! sweat, long conversations and need to dig info from my mobile phone. At times, squeezing the phone inbetween your ears and your shoulder is even more difficult because you are afraid that these dastardly expensive smartphones might slip off and fall and there goes a large sum of money. But now I realised that there is one thing that might actually change it.


It comes in the name of an already famous sound and it looks really familiar but somehow comes out cool. Its called POP Phone! Its a craze now. What is it? read on la...

Looks like a phone handle?

The gadget is basically available for all phones, tablet, laptop or even PC! You can now literally pick up the phone and call anyone using Skype or Google talk or those with similar usage. Take a look at it! its kinda awesome!

talk and press

Just imagine walking on the street and suddenly you pick up the phone and instead of a mobile phone you pick up a handle phone. Cool eh? well its a way to remember and celebrate the classic in style.

If you look up on latest celebrity photos you can at times see them using this awesome little things. 

Lenny Kravitz also using it!

Wah! fashion queen also use it, you dare say no meh?

Well the brain child behind this POP Phone is French Designer, David Turpin. What he does is he combines classic style with a contemporary edge and  finish it with a luxurious soft-touch texture. Best of all you don't have to worry about the sound being soft of unclear as it has been manufactured with a high quality speaker and microphone and it is fitted with a 3.5mm jack which... is compatible with the iPhone. Yay!!

So if you are interested to get one of these you can go to http://blog.isabelleman.com/?p=1813 


and it gets better, they are now running a contest where you can actually win prizes such as a trip to Japan or an iPad 2 to go along with your phone or you can even strut your stuffs in Bali! all you have to do is... POP and POSE! check it out!

or you can go to their facebook page here http://www.facebook.com/IsabelleMan?sk=app_270075953036094

All I wan for Christmas is a POP handset...POP handset... POP handset.... ok that didnt came out well...
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