Monday, February 28, 2011

Daily Bitching

Well I guess I am suffering from writers block now! so I am just gonna write about anything that comes in my mind now. First off on blogging.

They say that to be a successful blog is to constantly write and post articles so people will read them.... indeed. Well for me is not about quantity but more of quality and one more thing.... I DONT GIVE A RATS ASS ABOUT IT! I write what comes in my mind or what I think is worth writing!

When did all this rules and regulations about blogging came about anyway? Does all blogs have to look and sound the same? Nahhh... blogs are a platform for people to write their own stuffs in their own way doing their own things.

Sometimes I see some bloggers tries too hard to become "famous". Just too hard. Its sad to see this kind of bloggers. Just be yourself! no body wanna see a plastic! Where is the fun in that anyway? Forcing to write something just because you have to. I've seen so many ppl gotten so stressed out just to produce an article because they have to. Its just so sad. Blogging is suppose to be fun and to express your mind and not what other people want you to express. Then what is the point of blogging then?you might as well just be their medium of expressing that they want.

So what if not alot of ppl reads your stuff... end of the world? nah... life goes on. Coz the famous blogger with 10,000 per day thingy is stuffs of yesterday. There are too many bloggers out there. Unless you have something UNIQUE that no one else have then maybe you have a chance.

Next on my bitching is about idiots that thinks the world revolves around them! Attention seekers! the things they do to get attention is just appalling! For instance when one is invited to some functions and they dont get the invite, they ask how come never call me? or I dont have ar? or the will just bug you to ask the host/organiser to get one more for him/her. Just because they want to "be'' there.

For me is dont have dont have la. When I was younger, I use to think how come they did not invite me or call me. Is it because I am not cool or what ever. but now, I dont give a shit! Its ok if you dont get invite. Sometimes it maybe invited because of friends or some is because they only want one person and not the whole jing bang! Understand the situation la.

Some even worse! they will leech and bug the one person that can get tickets or pass or invite to a function. Suddenly they are your friends and buddies. But once they get what they want! the bugger off and not even talk or meet you. sad sad case.

sigh... ok I am done! I'm off for now!

Sunday, February 13, 2011



Geláre Ice Cream with waffles and pancakes w/ Advertlets

Have a sweet tooth? or just craving for some really good ice creams? and best of all on top of your favourite waffles? Imagine the warm crunchy waffles topped with flavourful ice creams! yummmmo! Thinking about it makes me drool all over again! But hey! I did manage to try it! At Geláre in e-Curve! or formerly known as Cineleisure.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Idiotic Idioms

Today's special will be massacring idioms. Come with me children, said the child molester.

1. You can't have your cake and eat it.... You can't have cum and eat it. Well you could, but that would make you a homosexual.
2. Haste makes waste... Yes, haste makes waste. But so does cum... You know, cuz cum gets you pregnant. And not everyone's a winner. So you would call it a waste of... Glad we're on the same page now, theodore.
3. Ignorance is bliss and so is a dildo in the bum.
4. Its pointless to cry over spilt milk but never over spilt cum. Especially if its in your hair after you've had it done at the hair lady's and paid twenty dollars for it.
5. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar but you can catch even more with aids cuz you'll be dead.
6. a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush but a cock in the hand is worth less than two in your bush.
7. a golden key can open any door but a golden dick parts legs.
8. open sesame Aladdin cried to princess Jasmine. Because he wanted access to her cave.
9. a leopard cannot change its spots but it can tickle its own bum.
10. little knowledge is a dangerous thing but so is too much, Seriously do you want to know what cum tastes like?
11. a person is known by the company he keeps tied up in his basement as sex slaves
12. a poor workman always blames his tools because a tool always blames in on his work.
13. a woman's work is never done because there's no such thing as too much sex
14. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, so boy get to work on jacking and you wont be dull.
15. alls fair in love and war except giving someone aids.
16. an apple a day keeps the doctor away unless he comes over to play doctor.
17. april showers bring may flowers but short dicks produce midgets.
18. bad news travels fast but not as fast as news of a hiv infection.
19. beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you're still a fat cloven hoofed animal.
20. better the devil you know than the devil you dont cuz the devil you dont might have aids.
21. don't wash your laundry in public, no one wants to seem the cum stains.
22. never cut your nose to spite your face cuz you'll look retarded.
23. easy come, easy go, easy cum, never let go.
24. god helps those who helps themselves, so start jacking off.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

What is Art?

Say man. Who's to say what is art and what ain't. Like fer instence, deh mona lisa. viewed below:
Arguably the most famous painting in the world but completely unknown in the streets of jinjang and klang. but take a look at it:You may look at it and go golly, that is magnificent Personally I think its a piece of shit myself. I mean the bitch got not personality. She damn close look like a man. In fact I think it is a man. Dressed as a woman. Not as strange as seeing a crackhead do a giant rat over a dead poodle, but strange nevertheless. Now if you compare this bitches ugly mug to lets say.... THIS:
There ain't no comparison man. So whats an ugly ass picture doing being the most famous ass piece of artwork of all time. shit be whack. shit be wrong. fine ass Alicia keys be doing a much finer job monaing my Lisa if you gets my drift.

So the same thing goes, why is all that shit from Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael and the other ninja turtles more famous than these (which i think is much better in my personal and humble opinion, i didn't use imho cuz i hate net speak, bunch of fags, lol this motherfucker):

that one on the right always brings a smile to my face hehe. so why are these not works of arts, huh? i tell you why. and you gots t' believe me. cuz the old white man bought them old white ass paintings from them ninja turtles artist motherfuckers back during the Renaissance period and now that theyve seen real art from other places they'll like shit. those turtles couldnt paint a motherfucking thing. but since they invested too much of their paper in em, they couldnt just up and dump em, hell nos. so what they do? the same bullshit the white man always be playing, he take shit that worth nothing and make as if it is something but in reality it is nothing.

r u gonna let some rich cracker tell you what you're supposed to like? what your taste oughta be. fuck no. classical music sucks. stop sending your kids to violin classes. and stop buying art like the mona lisa. it only shows you that you have no personal taste and youre faking having culture by buying something someone told you is good but you cant personally see it. develop your own taste. thats what gives you personality. its what you like. its what that gets your taste buds yearning. its what separates ass eaters from pussy eaters. rhasta out.

ps. if you wanna see real art, visit this gallery:
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