Sunday, January 13, 2008


its been such a long time but yet i feel like brand new! we are now 1 year 2 months and 28 days and 8 hrs since we started. Recently our relationship has been really tested and I am proud to say we trying to go through it! Babe, lets get thru this patchy moment! can we? I dont believe that this rocky moment can dent us! I am sure the foundation that we build upon wont let this bump hit is down!

I am greatful that we are together. Thru thick and thin we are one. one year! omg! looking into my previous blogs I cant am still in the state of hysteria that I am going out with mah babe! i can remember the day i ask her so clearly. I am really gutted that because of my shitty job is coming between us. But i am sure i have prioritise and guess wut, it is you and my family that comes first... gimme time, i will make sure all shall go well and all will be well.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why does work have to be so shitty? I have to right to say work sucks as I am still new here. But I would really have to say sometimes work SUCKS! Everyone would somehow agree with me. I have no doubt about that. Some may have their way some don't.

This is one thing that I have realised during my 8 months in my job. Its a real eye opener. Well there are pro and cons working in a big company or a small company. Working at a big company there are massive amount of pressure from performance. There is always the quota meeting shieat going on. There are also so much politics going on in there. In the other hand, working for a small company there is always the family thing going on. Well if things are going well. But if things are not going well we are more like a broken family. Walking the extra mile or perhaps in a more specific way, working more. Its an extra advantage as you can learn more. But there are a down side of it. The pay sucks. Especially when you are living in a high living cost city. I can tell you I barely making it with my monthly pay. My work is not that much, but its the time factor that irritates me the most. All the last minute works that irritates me the most.

I do not know what I am writing here at all now. I am just so lost and puzzled on why do I put myself into this. Sometimes I just wish I can run away to some small village and live a simple life. But that is not the case, we are young and we need to earn the moolah before we die coz end of the day we need money! its all boils down to money! sigh....

It sucks, but there is usually a saying "work is like that". Why must it be like that?
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