Sunday, October 21, 2007


I cant believe it! till today i still cant believe it! I am not single and with mah babe! Its already one year and i am still so pumped up! i just cant explain this feeling. Her presence still electrifies me! holding her hand doesnt only send shockwaves through me... but now its more on affection and love. ahhh l'amour! I dont know am i boring her out or not but i am sure she entertains me whenever i am bored! by just sitting there and listening to my bragging and nonsense.! hehehe. by just looking at her makes my heart goes whooooeoeeeeeeeee... one year... one year!! oh my gawd!! some couple cant even make it past 1 month heck some cant even past one week! but i have made it through one year without any major hiccup. Ppl say after the first year it is where the relationship will start to be tested. Well... tested? isnt it tested now?! Fuck those who writes off any relationships! You are not in a real/proper relationship doesnt mean u have to be jealous and talk some nonsense to others!!! hehehe... i am who i am! and i dun give a shit whoever wanna compare ke or show of to me! guess wut?!! i dun give a fuck coz this is me and mah babes relationship! and i am damn proud of it and i dont need some dimweeds to show it to me how their life is so nice and stuffs! so if u all wanna show off or wanna compare! u can fuck off! coz i just dun care! i love mah babe so much and she loves me so much that i dun give a fuck what other ppl thinks! my life isnt complete without her. She completes me and she makes me wanna do wonders and guess wut?? i done a few already! so wutcha gonna say about it? WHAT CHA GONNA SAY ABOUT IT?!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

life is short

What are we doing? have we actually sit and think about it? Why do people wanna work? Why bask all the richess when you know that you cant take it all down 6 feet under when you are gone. By the way, what is richess? some say its money, some say its the life that they have lived, some say its the things they have achieved. So what is richess again? No one can tell.

Sometimes I wonder why does all those people struggle so damn hard just to get paid so little? whereas some work so little and get paid so much? Is survival really unfair? I am pretty sure that once a while we have thought about all this. How the rich became so rich? and how some work their ass off and still earn peanuts? Smart? Braind? Luck? I am also wondering about it too.

Like I said in my past blogs...The rich gets richer and the poor remains poor. Then again, whay do we work? To earn a living? The world have became so competitive that everyone is fighting just for a meal to eat. Really, we are practically fighting for a meal to eat. and as u get higher in the pyramid of the heiharchy you find that life is getting more and more complicated. Some complications are due to the people below them, some are the people around them. Office politics, the most dreadful word in any working people mind. Some say, I dont want to be involved in office politics. That is where they lose out. The smooth talker moves up instead the hardworker. So is it worth it? as in working?

My couz asked me that day. "What is our purpose in life?". It suddenly struck a chord in my mind. That question suddenly brings together all the scattered thought into one big picture. My reply was, "yes, what is our purpose in life?" What are we here for? we are just consuming and consuming everything we see in our path. Petrol, food, minerals and every other resources available. 'Indulge' in the richess of the world. but what are we giving back? what are we doing to maintain that? Nothing. we are just so busy earning our hard earned money on things that dont even satisfy us. SATISFY our cravings. This brings me back to my question. What are we doing? after the big circle that I've bring everyone around I am back to this question.

And yet we humans still fight on something that dont even belong to us. Well maybe its our competitive nature that we need to fight to survive. thats all... no other purpose in life. Just survival.Acheive king status, but we are still human. We still die, we cant acheive immortality. So what is all this richess all for? when you die, you get buried like any other one else. Yes bigger and nicer tomb and coffin but... we cant even feel or enjoy it and even see it! so whats the big hoo haa then? Everyone dies, and yet some want to be so greedy and earn as much as they can. Get rich or die trying? what about be happy and die happy?

Sometimes I am so sick of what our community is now. What have became of us. Everyone want to move in an office and work in the corporate life. So what about all those farmers and fabricators? aint they important too? they are the one that gives us corporate f*cks our jobs. Example, without farmers the markets and supermarkets and hypermarkets cant even have their 'fresh' vege's to sell. Heck we wont even have a decent vege to eat! Without fabricators, we cant even have our metal steels that build our homes or our high rise buildings. Aint they all important too? and why do they get paid peanuts where people like us get paid a huge sum?

What is wrong with the corporations and goverments? raising prices on everything and yet we are here earning our so called 'hard earned' money which is not even enough. If we have not enough to spend then what about the farmers and fabricators? Isnt life unfair? its like totally tilted one side.

So whats our purpose in life? confusing? I believe so coz its just life. So complicated and confusing that no one can come out with an answer. Here I am sitting in my office writing this blog that I believe that one one will ever read and understand. I am waiting for my dreaded working life to continue. Facing my 'nice' yet extremely fussy and pushy boss, and worse of all the 'nice' but freaking nasty client. Continuing my no purpose working life. A life where I cant make any difference. So please who ever that reads this that can make a difference please do your part and make that difference!
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