Monday, October 30, 2006

Revelation not so revolution!

How bad can we get..!!! Went to the recharge revelation rave last saturday and after all the hype and hiatus with all the build up and shits... i was utterly dissapointed. Number one... the venue got further and further from the main selling place KL n PJ. Yea they sold it mostly in this two place and changed the venue from Port Dickson to A'farmosa resort melacca. Never mind that this is the worse part! it ended at 1am... cmon... even bangsar dont close so early!!!! Their excuse... local authorities gave an order! How bad can it get... after all the fabled stories i heard about ppl dancing till they cant feel their feet and party till u can barely move... or sweat till ur underwear is soaking ... i barely drench my underwear ..heck my shirt is barely wet..!!! they got a nice area coz its spacious and very airy... yea yea... i was there for only 3 hrs... or less... Well at least i had my fun... i really pity those real 'ravers' only arriving at 1230!!! worse i pity those that came at 1!!!! hahaha. come here to go back!!! Imagine... ppl actually travelled all the way from KL just to attend for 30 mins??!!! OMG!!! farking ell'!!!! But i enjoyed my time there coz of the company i had... Thank u for being there!!! june n Shereen!!! haha.

I guess there wont be a rave anytime soon again... the music was nice but I still think they didnt really rock the dance floor just yet... dun get me wrong... the music is good... but not good enuff yet... didnt have that buzz that makes u wanna jump around.... jump jump jump!!! If they can actually do wut wyclef did in the forces of nature concert...or wut prodigy did in thet one hour jam in kl tower! i can tell u even if it is half n hour it will be well worth it!!!!! But i am still f*cking furious...!!!! and i am sure many others will feel the same way too!!!!! i can hear ppl shoutin' "kena tipu!!!!" how can this happen??!!!!! how?? imagine.. when the thing stopped at 1am... even the drinks store stopped selling drinks!!! how can!!! at least sell soft drinks la... can see so obvious there are boxes of drinks behind left!!! so dissapointing... SO DISSAPOINTING!!!!!

There are also certain funny part during the rave also... i manage to witness an uncle having a mohawk... such weird sight!!! and gals tat dont know how to dress up! showing off her curves!!! and i mean alot of curves... in one small area!!!! and the shufflers pants looks like its from outer space... okok honestly some of them looks really hideous! it looks like cloths taken from the police or fireman's overcoats with the reflectors!!! but some looks ok on the wearer!

But luckily i had my enjoyable time at melacca town. had nice food... satay celup, wantan mee, chee cheong fun and CENDOL!!!! woohoo... hehee.. at least la... made up for my trip down to the historical town!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006


It is just so special feeling. Tat feeling is so different. Every morning thinking about her is like a breath of fresh air. Makes you wanna stand up and get ready for the day yet makes you wan to lie down on the bed and listen to her voice. When the phone rings, the first person tat comes to mind is her.Her voice bringhtens up the day. If a sms arrives on the phone you are eager to see is it her sms or not, And if it is her sms you will just smile and your heart elevates to a higher level. When you hold her hand, static generates around the hand and the touch softens every heart. When you miss her, the whirling around the chest starts to occur. That whizzing feeling around the chest and guts. When you go out with her you hope that it will never end. And as if you got so many things to talk about even when there is nothing else to talk. When you look at her face and she smiles your heart melts and beats faster at the same time. You feel like sharing everything you have with her. Every special moment you want to celebrate with her. Every good things happens you want to let her enjoy it too. She is the light when there is darkness....... ahhh l'amour
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