Monday, February 24, 2014

Kita Malaysia!

Its been a while since I last wrote an article. The fact is, that I got so many things to say but I just cant find that inspiration. Well today I lift my lazy arse up and decided to write something as my first article for the year. 

Have you looked at what is going on in our country lately? Everyone is so jumpy and edgy about almost every issue. Its like a balloon that is being blown too much and at any moment its going to go *BOOM*. Looking at the news everyday, there is always something or someone talking "shit" about someone or something. And when someone talks "shit" and it goes on the media, another person will retort and at times threatens.  This will then sometimes be blown out of proportion by some of minions, cronies, groupies or "allegedly-groupie-supporter-but-want-to-look-smart-so-that-they-can-gain-some-brownie-points" followers. Then I will ask the question, "why??!".... "Why would this idiot of a person say/do something like this...." and "Why would this idiot, retort back or do something like this????!" or "Who are these bunch of people and why are they causing so much havoc?".

I have realised that a sector of our society has became too rigid and uptight. Everyone wants to teach but no one wants to educate. Everyone wants to complain, comment or blame but no one wants to sit and talk like the civil people we are. I always believe in finding a middle ground, finding a win-win situation and by doing so, some have to compromise and give in. Working in harmony and for the same cause. But then again, what is the whole reason that we became to rigid? How did we become so sensitive? How come racism are still at large at some place? How come the religious issue has became even more worse now?

I personally think is that we have somehow lost that bigger picture mentality and focused too much on the minute or insignificant issue. We have lost that sense of humor or that pride of being an intellectual man. We became lazy as we rely on the social media or the internet for information that may not even be right and be became so naive or easily convinced. With the emergence of Facebook, trigger happy or share happy people tend to sometimes share negative information/rumours or even gossip that might not even be true or  doesn't even exist in the first place and start a wave of nonsensical arguements, hatred, fights and threat. We even have some irresponsible leaders who have no filter or whatsoever when they speak, and at times blabbing something they "thought" up based on their observation or the gossip they heard without any proper or solid information to back their words. Have we come to this level?

I believe that at this age and this time, we as Malaysian should be able to act more maturely and civilized and work things out as the peace loving people we are. Instead of finding just finding problems, let us find a middle-ground where we can work out. Religiously and racially we should learn to understand further each other. Personally, I don't believe in the idea of religion. Religion is suppose to be a personal thing but in the current times, it is blown out of proportion. Religion has became some sort of a marketing battle, mine is better than yours, yours is not as good as mine. I have two suggestion.... 1. Keep it to yourself... 2. Stop criticizing other religion. Its that simple... respect others and others will respect you. Defend it with your faith and not your fist!

Racism, can also be lowered if we try to learn each others culture and history. What really annoys me is when I saw a status posted by a friend of mine. What he witnessed, is that during Chinese New Year when there is a lion dance going on... a kid asked her mom what are those... the mom said "itu Hantu Cina"..... how ignorant is that? We have been living with each other for the longest time. Since the "Kesultanan Melaka" times... we grew up together. We fought for the country's independence.... and yet this happens.... why? Ignorance...

How to solve it?

Learn, understand and respect. When I was growing up, my dad who has a nice variety of friends of different ethnic background. What he will do is bring me and my sister out to meet them during and festival and teach us about other cultures. He explained to us about the food, the religion and the culture of others. I was one of the fortunate ones where my father is not an ignorant man but a good Malaysian. He believes that we should understand and learn and be more cultured. Today, people are amazed by how much I know about Indian food (north and south), Malay food, Peranakan, Portuguese and of course... Chinese food. Because I was thought to learn and.... understand. Now, I am learning about our family from east Malaysia. I married to a Kadazan girl... and it is by far one interesting group of people that I have come across. But again, some people still can't differentiate the difference between an Iban and a Kadazan... WE HAVE BEEN TAUGHT ABOUT THIS SO MANY TIMES IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! But again, yes, although we are from different ethnic families but I don't like to differentiate people based on their ethnicity or their skin colour. Even people from the same race have different skin colour... so how do we differentiate them? skin-sism? bodoh! Respect the person for who they are and not where they come from...  RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT... something we have to relearn and rekindle again!

Now, lets just look at Democracy. So how can we be a democratic country when we don't even try to understand each other? How can we be a democratic country when we don't even understand democracy? Does democracy means that if one person don't support the supposedly "right" political party and that person is stupid even though they are famous? I have seen people criticize some personality for choosing to support what ever political party they support, just because they don't support your party, doesn't make them stupid. So, is this democracy? NO! this are just ignorant hypocrites. People have choice... same goes with what kind of fried chicken. Some love "Original" some love "Hot and Spicy"...

So what I can say is that, we need to relook again at the big picture. Rebuild our foundation as a understanding and loving people of Malaysia... re-respect each other... learn about each other and find the middle ground... if others don't do it... we do it... "If others can't show class.... that doesn't mean we have to drop down to their level...!"
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